Ready for My return?

Mmm all the naughty things I have been up to this past week!!! Rejuvenated and ready for a new year filled with new tricks!!


Overnight Pacific Times:
Friday 10pm-10am Sat
Saturday 10pm- 8am Sun
Sunday 10pm-10am Mon
Tuesday 7pm- 7am Wed

2 comments to Ready for My return?

  • gt

    Let me know if you miss my poetic words
    Because things have grown silent in my search
    For the pulsating reasons that plunge deeper inside
    The very deepest part of my subconscious mind

  • Horned_Gentleman

    You timed your return perfectly for my taste Lady Jordan; whether I let you take charge or want you as my sweet slut… “it is all good” as the saying goes! Until Next Climax CIAO BELLA!

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