you know you crave being told what to do.  From the moment you hear MY voice and MY commands, you know that control will no longer be yours.  I relish the thought of hearing you begging and pleading for release  – giving ME any personal information I request or desire,  doing naughty things that you never thought you would do, saying dirty things that I tell you to say, all to please ME.  I know there are many of you out there worried about taking the first step… think of all the things you might’ve missed out on in your life, had you not taken a small chance…



2 comments to slave…

  • sub4YourDesires

    Mistress Jordan, it was such a pleasure to speak to You the other day. i was under Your spell from the moment i heard Your voice, if the other Your Desires Girls are anything like You say they are, my dreams will have come true. XO piggy bank

  • sub4YourDesires

    Just had another amazing call with my Mistress Jordan – does anyone else feel the strain and pull She delivers? Are there any other subs out there that truly feel they NEED Her? Cant wait until i am allowed to call again. Thank You, Mistress Jordan for being amazing.

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