Oh how I love to hear from my Slavelings.  The need and desire in their tone and demeanor is quite intoxicating I must admit.  The thrill I receive handing out strict assignments – especially ones with time limits – knowing full well it will take My little slaves all their energy to complete, if they are even able to complete them!!!

Sometimes, when a slaveling has misbehaved, the Lock is administered, and believe Me when I say – it is a very effective reminder tool.


2 comments to Slave

  • slaveling

    My beloved Goddess Jordan takes Her lil slut down so very low so very quickly as Her perfect shadow moves over his cowering self in corner. i ache to perform Her every lil request, command, deed swiftly and obediently so as not to disappoint. She is simply MASTERFUL! i suffer continually under Her perfect hand only to be shaped for Her pleasure and Her pleasure alone.

  • slaveling

    Goddess Mistress Jordan RULES my WORLD!!!! So intoxicatingly seductive and dangerous…

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