Sluts, Slaves, & Surrender

… the idea of your balls in your hand and My voice guiding you to the edge over and over would make for such a good night

Im waiting for you, slaveling

Overnight PST:

Friday 10pm-10am Sat
Saturday 10pm– 8am Sun
Sunday 10pm-10am Mon
Tuesday 10pm– 8am Wed

4 comments to Sluts, Slaves, & Surrender

  • carlschris

    Hi Jordan.still up? Wisconsin.

  • YourDesiresslut

    Mistress Jordan, Thank You for allowing me to return to sissy slut training with You. This last few weeks has been exxxciting, “hard”, and at times left me a little nervous about what was gonna happen. You have properly retrained me after a long time off. i am Your slut, use me as You see fit. You have reminded me that “beds are for fucking and sluts love to fuck.” Thank You Mistress for sucking me and for fucking with me — orbi

  • So good to see Our little slut is still being passed around for all of Our pleasure. you have always served well, slut…. and entertained Me to no end many a nights!

  • YourDesiresslut

    Ohh Yes Mz. Asia, indeed i have been well used and somehow just DO certain things.. like i am trained or sumthin..

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