Strip Clubs….

One of My very special clients reminded Me how much fun a strip club can be!!!  The dancing, the girls, the back rooms, the hard cocks, all this in one place!  Now think how hot it would be if I was in HER ear telling her exactly what I want her to do to you…… now THAT would be fun.

3 comments to Strip Clubs….

  • YourDeisresslut

    Ohh Mistress, that truly would be devious! Only You and She would know i was dressed, wrapped, and tied up as a slut under my clothes… and Her teasing would be doubling that produced by Your plug in my slut-hole. Ohh my! True evil– to be teased over and over, and ale to do nothing about it until You allow it.. if You do… **whine** Your slut


  • AutumnsVictim

    I love strip clubs because of the erotic teasing and torture they can cause. I liked it when Autumn made me go to a strip club while wearing a chastity belt. Its was painful and humiliating when the stripper would notice it while giving me a lap dance.

  • JW

    Mmmmmmm I would defiantly be willing to try that out, Just to see how fun it would be. And yes i know you would tell her just what to do. Mmmmmmm

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