Surprise!!! Jordans working an extra overnight!

Guess what babes?!!! I get an extra overnight to work off all the delicious food I am going to be eating tomorrow!!!  Maybe in-between bites of turkey, I’ll gobble up some of Angies pussy too!!

Call me after your dinner and help me with dessert

Thursday 11/22 8pm-8am PST

3 comments to Surprise!!! Jordans working an extra overnight!

  • slut orbi

    Thank You Mistress Jordan! i sooo miss being used by You all night long.. Totally under Your control…. Ohh mistress, even today– i just said “hi” and ended up feeling You invade my slut-hole. **whine** s ever, Your slut, orbi.

  • GT

    So many things happen overnight
    when the stars and moon take flight
    the gentle winds softly whisper
    of mysterious events this winter
    and when the leaves have all disappeared
    so to have I~goodbye Jordan my dear

  • GT

    I find the enchanting beauty most things I see
    Such as a rose being caressed by a warm breeze
    I sometimes get lost in a moment of reflections
    Listening to nature speak of unanswered questions
    But when I get a glimpse of a promising spread
    I quietly imagine each second with you instead

    Thank you for leaving me with a smile

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