Under Control

As most of you know, I thoroughly enjoy using My boytoys to their fullest potential.

… Lately, however, Ive been craving a nice hard pounding like only someone forceful and strong can give me.

Ive been dreaming of being placed on display.  My arms tied over my head and dangling from a hook in the ceiling.  My legs anchored back slightly tied to bolts on the floor.

Turning my head I see all my boytoys sitting on the floor with their knees tucked up and under their chins watching as my master comes closer to me.

In my dream, I feel his strong fingers wrapping around my throat,savoring the quickening pulse in my neck.  Jumping at the sensation of his other hand sliding over my small body, exploring.  Feeling the silk scarf wrap tightly around my eyes, my last image before darkness is the bamboo cane in his fingers and the wide eyed expressions on my boytoys…

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