Can you believe Ive been making you slaves pay for your naughty ways for 4 years now? All the amazing things Ive heard and done to you.. I am definitely looking forward to more years of your servitude!

Its been amazing, and I want more. Want to cum celebrate with Me? Call Me !!!!


2 comments to xoJ

  • YourDesiresslut

    **whine** oh my Mistress has it been that long ?? *ulp*

  • soul slave

    Thank YOU for turning me into a soul slave. Thanks to YOUR training, i live to worship all of the amazing women of color in the world. i feel beneath ALL women because of YOUR training of me, but looking up at a glorious pink pussy beneath magnificent black skin makes my soul slave parts quiver. i live to worship women of color and to become the best soul slave that i can be.

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