Sexy Little School Girl

It has been some time since I have last worn my sexy little plaid skirt, I have that, a tight black shirt and a pair of black framed glasses hugging the curves of my body today. Want to play teacher? I’ll be your sexy little school girl ;)


3 comments to Sexy Little School Girl

  • Amber

    Oh damn girl you better believe it… and I have got the outfit to match. black silk stalkings, tight black pencil skirt, white button down shirt, glasses on and hair up in a bun with naughty ringlets hanging down. Let’s play little girl- I am sure there are bad bad boys out there that would love to hear me spank you with my ruler!!!

  • Scott

    God Yes! I want to see you teach her a lesson. I am sure she has been a bad little school girl.

  • Kennedy

    Please! I need a lesson and I need it taught well. Come leave little red marks across my sweet little ass, I have been a very bad girl.

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