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Kennedy’s Fantasies

I eat men like you for breakfast.

You think you’re what every woman wants with your perfect hair and
straight white teeth, rock hard abs and icy blue eyes. You hold your head
up high when you walk, your gait is one of a man that is confidant, maybe
even cocky. There is something about you that seems to just attract all of
these girls that can’t see the real you.

It is your eyes that give you away, the look you get in them when you see
a woman is almost predatory. You enjoy them begging you to stop, to leave
them alone, it is all part of your game. I think it might be time that you
learn what domination really is, even if I have to trick you in to it.

I sit at the bar with a drink, twirling the straw around the glass and
keeping an eye on my surroundings. I know this is where you enjoy hanging
out and picking up girls, and I know that the little outfit I have on will
catch your eye. I have figured out that you enjoy a woman that looks like
she is upper class with killer body, maybe she is a little shy when you
first approach her. I’ve watched these woman that you take from here, they
look like lost little puppies, and today I am going to be the one you

I see the door open and you step inside, immediately your eyes begin to
search for your next target of the night. Stepping up to the bar you see a
few of your friends and great them, all of you saying how good it is to
see each other and you order a drink. While you all talk I angle myself
more towards your group, adjusting my skin tight black dress and crossing
one leg over the other. I take a sip of my drink and I catch your eye, you
had just glanced up over your friends shoulder and my glass reflected the
light and caught your attention. You give me a slight smile that anyone
else would most likely swoon over, but I can see the underlying mischief
hidden in that crooked grin.

You grab your drink and say something to your friends that I can’t quite
catch and make your way over to me. You sit at the bar stool next to me
and I pretend that I have yet to notice you. I hear you clear your throat
and turn my face towards you, just barely looking at you as my hair
slightly falls across my face. This encourages you even more so because
you now feel like you have the upper hand, little do you know I’m playing

“Hey there Sweetheart my name is-”

“I know what it is, but I’m not looking to get to know anyone.” I say to
him, maybe a little too harshly but I know this will tempt him even more.

“Well now it doesn’t seem very fair to me that you know my name and I
don’t know yours.” You say as you lifts his drink to your lips and takes a
sip, smiling at me and waiting for my response.

“Why do you want to know my name?” I snap, trying to get you even more
worked up and wanting a challenge so we can quickly make our exit.

“Now there is no need to be so stand offish, can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure.” I say as I slam back the last of mine “My name is Kennedy by the

“Well that isn’t a name that you hear quite often, but I like it, it fits
you quite well.” You say while your mouth curls up even more on the sides.

You lean forward and place a hand on my knee and I have to stop myself
from slapping it away, later you will know that you do not get the
privilege of touching me without permission. I give you a tight smile and
lean forward so our faces are only inches apart, I place my hand on your
knee and slowly slide my hand up your thigh. I can see your breath quicken
a little and I know now is the time to make my move.

“What do you say we go back to my place?” I purr knowing just how to look
at you, I could probably convince you to do anything I wanted right now.
Your eyes go kind of big and your mouth is sightly open because you were
expecting more of a fight. I just lightly laugh and lean forward a few
more inches, closing your mouth with a hot kiss. My tongue lightly
brushing against your lips before touching mine to them, grasping your
lower lip in between my teeth and lightly tugging.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” You say back on your game and trying to play
the big man.

We both finish our drinks and stand up, you open the door for me and we
both step out in to the chilly night. You stop for a moment and take all
of me in, really appreciating my body and the way my nipples are now
poking out through the fabric of my dress. You just smile and then turn
away, walking towards your car and I follow you. Once inside I begin to
direct you where to go until we pull up to my place, we pull over and get
out giving your keys to the valet. It is now time for me to focus, because
your world is about to be rocked.

We make our way in to the building and in to the elevators, as soon as the
door closes you push me against the wall and start to kiss me. Our tongues
intertwining and your hands start to creep up the hem of my dress. It
doesn’t take long for us to reach my floor and when the doors open you
pull away and I lead you to my door, opening it you follow me inside.
Things are dimly lit and that is how I want to keep them, I lead you to my
bedroom and have you sit down on the bed.

“I will be right back give me just a moment to freshen up” I say and make
my way in to the bathroom.

I want to make you squirm a little so I take my time, I change out of my
tiny black dress in to a tight black leather corset and a little skirt.
Sliding thigh highs up over my legs and place a pair of strappy heels on
to my feet. I can hear you moving around a little no doubt going through
my things, I come out of the bathroom and your eyes go wide. This isn’t
quite what you were expecting, little do you know that tonight things are
going to be much different than you are expecting.

“Take all of your clothes off.” I snap

You immediately do as you’re told, which surprises me a little, but I
don’t let that stop me.

“Good now I want you to get on the floor on your hands and knees.” You
look at me kind of weird but somewhat reluctantly get on the floor and in
to position.

I move behind you out of your view and pull a box out from under my bed, I
open it and you can hear some metal clinking. You immediately stand up and
turn towards me, I knew this was going to come and I am prepared for it.

“What do you think you’re doing?” You say as you start to walk towards me,
your cock already erect from just the site of me.

I ignore your question and place something behind my back and out of site,
I move closer to you and place on of my hands on your cock slowly stroking
it. Your eyes close and I see my opportunity, I move your hands behind
your back and place a pair of hand cuffs on you. This startles you and you
jump back from me, falling down with a hard thump. I lightly giggle
enjoying your sock, and I move so I am standing over top of you.

“I’ve watched you for a little while now, I know you enjoy taking those
innocent girls. You get off on making them submit to you, and tonight I’m
switching the roles on you.” I say as I reach down and place a chastity
device over your now semi hard cock. This makes it grow softer and easier
to lock the device in place, I now have the key to your freedom and you
aren’t going anywhere quite yet.

I look you dead in the eye and I can see some fear, mixed with a bit of
curiosity. I know you’re a mischievous little fuck, but I also know you
are very curious. You are always the one that is in control, the big man
with all of the power.

“Stand up, I know you can do it on your own even with your hands cuffed
behind your back.”

You obey standing up in front of me, this big strong man is now going to
learn what it is like being on the other side of things. I think in the
end you will enjoy it, submitting and not having to think, letting someone
else guide the way.

“Do you know why I’m doing this? Why I brought you here and now have you
at my mercy?”

You hesitate for a second and I grab my crop, this seems to give you the
motivation you need to speak. I place is lightly on your hips, walking
around behind you trailing the crop with me.

“I’m n-n-not sure why you are doing this Kennedy.” You choke out

I use my crop and hit your bare ass, making a nice sound and leaving a
pink spot on it. You whimper in pain unsure of why I did that, and you
look at me confused and little angry. This is how I will teach you, the
proper way to treat me, the way you treat your Dom.

“You are to address me as Mistress, and I think you know why you are here.
All of those girls that you brought home with you and that you forced to
submit to you, they didn’t do it willingly, so neither will you.”

“Yes Mistress.” You respond

It seems like I might have already broken you, so easily too, I was hoping
it would be a bit more of a challenge. But I think you always knew deep
down inside that the reason you were so dominate is because you needed
someone to come along and show you where you are meant to be, to put you
in your place. I place my hand on your shoulder and lower you back down to
your knees, showing you where your place is when you’re around me. I
slowly walk around you, trailing my crop up your chest and over your
shoulder. You can feel the crop sliding down your back and are shaking a
little, I lean down next to your ear and you can feel my hot breath
against it.

“I’m here to show you that this is your place right here, and that you
will never do what you have been doing again.”

I place my heel against your back and push, you fall forward so your head
is resting against the floor. I trail my crop down your back and flick my
wrist, a cracking sound radiates across the room when it makes contact
with the skin on your back.

“Now tell me, are you going to ever do these things again?”

“No Mistress.”

“I don’t know if I believe you, now don’t make a noise.”

I crack my crop against your ass a few more times leaving bright red marks
wherever it hits, almost to the point of bleeding. You cry out in pain, I
grab a ball gag and slip in between your lips and fasten it behind your
head. Silencing those cries until you learn to stay quiet when you are
told to be. It is going to be a learning process, with lots of discipline.

This is going to take some time, and I am going to enjoy it.
I can see the need in your eyes.

The hunger is radiating off of you and I know you can’t contain it much
longer, I love teasing you like this. My hand reaches out towards you and
slides in to your pants, my fingertips gently caressing the head of your
cock. Your eyes close and you let out a soft moan, savoring the way my
fingers feel teasing just the tip. I wrap my hand around your cock and
slowly stroke it down, pulling the skin nice and tightly as my other hand
reaches for your balls. I gently squeeze your balls lightly in my hand and
roll them around a little while my hand makes its way back up for shaft.
Your cock is rock hard and ready to go, but I think I need to tease you a
bit more.

I grasp on to your shirt and pull you towards me, you position yourself
between my legs and our lips meet. Your teeth gently tug on my bottom lip
and your hand slides up my shirt, your hand grasps on to my breast and
your fingers gently pinch my nipple rolling it between them. You pull back
and slowly kiss down the length of my body hooking your fingertips in to
the hem of my panties and sliding them down my legs and off of me. You
grasp on to my thighs and spread my legs apart, your lips gently kiss my
clit before starting to suck on it. Your hands tightly grip on to my
thighs as your tongue traces my pussy lips, enjoying the way that it
tastes so sweet.

You lips trail back up my body and cover my nipple lightly sucking on it,
I feel your fingers slowly slide in to me making my pussy tighten around
them. You start to slide them in and out quickly hitting all of the right
places and making me moan. I can feel my orgasm building with each stoke
in to me and you can tell, I start to crash over that ledge and scream out
in ecstasy.

You pull your fingers out of me and slam your cock in to me up to the
base, I cry out again with the feeling of you filling me up. The way your
cock feels sliding in and out of me puts me in pure bliss, my pussy
squeezes your cock as I feel another orgasm building. I am right at the
edge and I tell you that I am about to cum, you slam your cock in to me
faster and that does it. I moan as the waves of pleasure crash in to me,
grasping on to each one of them as tightly as my fingers are on your arms.
You slide your arms underneath me to get a better grip so you can be even
rougher, your fingers grasping on to my shoulder and in my hair. You slam
your cock in to me over and over again pounding my pussy as hard as you
please. My head tips back and your lips meet my neck, I hear your moans in
my ear and can feel your hot breath on my skin. I know you’re close to
cumming so I wrap my legs tightly around you and moan out “Cum in me
baby”. This sets you off and you let out a deep moan of ecstasy as you
pump stream after stream of cum in to me, your fingers gripping tightly on
to me as your finish cumming. You slide out of me and collapse on to the
bed, and you and I drift off into blissful sleep.
I know you love me, I know you hate me.

Each day you change your mind about me, but you know that you can never
forget me.

There is something special about each of us ladies that you can’t quite
put your finger on can you? Maybe its the way that we talk, so sultry and
enticing. Like a cupcake sitting on the counter that you were told you
couldn’t have, but you take a bite anyway and are instantly mesmerized by
its sweet flavor.

It could be anything, for each person it is different than the rest. For
you it could be her delicious body, something that you would love to run
your tongue over every single inch of. You want to touch her silky skin
with your fingertips and explore every on of your deepest desires.

I know you will never forget a single one of them, each of these phone
sluts are delectably unique. So cum sample all the flavors they are sure
to make you weak ;)
I love to watch the way that you move, without purpose just the way that
you naturally walk.

People always say that men admire a nice ass, and that is very true. But
what about us woman?

I love it when you’re wearing that nice tight pair of boxers, your cock
strains against the fabric ready to explode. The boxers stretch nice and
tightly over your firm ass, curving in just the right way. when you walk I
can see the muscles moving just beneath the surface, clenching and
releasing with each and every foots step that you take. I swear my pussy
gets soaking wet the second I catch a glimpse of that perfect ass, because
I know later my fingertips will be digging in to it while you slam that
thick cock of yours in to me.
The sun is shining and all you want to do is relax on a beach, sipping on
something sweet with a kick. Laying down on some soft sand and lathering
oil across my skin, enjoying the sun soaking in and tanning my skin. I can
feel the sweat beading up on the back of my neck and in between my

But I can’t, I have so much work to get done and a whole lot of studying
to do. I make my way up the stairs to the library, lugging along a few
books and a backpack full of supplies. As I open the big doors a blast of
air conditioning hits me, goosebumps blossom across my skin and my nipples
grow hard. I make my way to one of the more secluded parts of the library,
the far back corner that has only one other person sitting at the table.
He looks to be about my age, a bit taller than me with chocolate brown
hair and eyes so deep you could get lost in them.

I sit down across from him since the table only has four chairs and set my
bag down next to me. I open it up pulling out various supplies and setting
them down in front of me, I see out of the corner of my eye that he is
looking at me. I use my hand to brush the hair away from my face and get
busy opening up my book, but I can still feel his eyes on me. I peek up a
little bit and catch him staring at my chest, he notices that I am looking
at him and quickly glances back down. I shift a little bit so I am leaned
forward, testing my theory that his eyes were roving where they shouldn’t
be. Placing the eraser of my pencil against my lips I look back down
waiting to see what he does, and after a moment he lifts his head. His
eyes go big as he now sees so much more of my breasts, I lightly laugh and
he realizes I am still looking at him.

“It seems someone has a wandering eye” I purr lightly biting on the eraser
“You know someone might think the wrong thing when you look at them with
eyes that big.”

His face flushes red but I can see a hunger in his eyes and it sparks a
flame in me. I want to tease this boy, make him wish he had never looked
at me and want me like a man lost in the desert needs a refreshing drink
of water. I slip one of my shoes off under the table and lightly run my
foot up his leg, caressing it up and down. This gets his attention even
more but he doesn’t pull away, it seems my theory is playing out exactly
how I expected it to.

I want to see how far you are willing to let me go, I slide my foot up a
little higher so that it is lightly pressed against the inside of your
knee. Pushing lightly you resist a little, but with a bit more pressure
your legs open up to me. I look you right in the eyes as I move up
farther, my foot caressing your thigh. I can feel an erection already
straining against the fabric and I haven’t even touched your cock.I laugh
a little loudly and a few people in the library look towards us, your face
is burning red but that only fuels my fire.

“Whats wrong?” I say but your lips stay tightly closed “Cat got your tongue?”

Your hand goes under the table to push my foot away and I let you,
focusing back on my work. I keep looking up at you every minute or so and
see that even with that denial your eyes continue to wander back to my
breasts. I push my chair back and your head snaps up, your eyes roving my
body when I stand up. I know you’re taking in the curve of my hips and my
tight round ass. I pull out the chair next to yours and take a seat,
leaning in closely to you and looking directly in to your eyes. I bite my
lip lightly and smile when I see your breath quickening, I find this quite
amusing. With just the lightest touch I have you squirming in your seat
trying to fight what you want, but not fully being able to.

I move my lips to your ear “You know you want it, so why fight it?” I

You attempt to say something but you can’t seem to push it out, you’re too
tongue tied to even tell me your name. I lean away and lick my lips,
knowing that the view of my wet pink tongue will make your mind wander.
This is just how I want you, so helpless and wanting to just give in, I
place my hand on your thigh. My fingertips lightly brush against your
erection, I feel it twitch slightly at my touch. My hand slides down so it
is sitting right between your legs and start to rub your cock through your
pants, you let out a slight moan and your hands are clenched in two tight
fists. I use my other hand to grab one of your and slide it up my skirt,
letting your fingers blossom open and lightly graze my pussy. You can feel
how wet I am and that I am not wearing any panties. Your hand immediately
goes to work, sliding a finger in between my pussy lips teasing my clit. I
unbutton your pants and pull your cock out, stroking it up and down under
the table out of everyone’s view. You add another finger in to my pussy,
sliding them in and out in time with my hand on your cock. I take my time
when I stroke up to the head, sliding my fingers over it and smearing your
pre cum.

I lean back in and whisper “Why don’t you follow me.”

I push my chair back and stand up, abandoning his hard cock and all of my
belongings. I disappear between two shelves of books and hear his chair
sliding back after a moment. I smile to myself, today was going to be such
a boring one but now i have something to play with.
I walk to the middle of the shelves and turn around, I see you walking up
to me with your erection now concealed back in your pants. The hunger has
now taken you over, almost like a primal instinct that you need satisfied.
You reach me and push me against one of the shelves, your lips touch mine
as your hand roams up my shirt. You quickly have my bra unhooked and your
hand cupping my breast, teasing my nipple with your finger tips. Your
tongue is in a battle with mine, intertwining them and tasting each other.

I reach down and un button your pants and pull them down, I sink down to
my knees and wrap my hand around your cock. I love the way your cock feels
in my hand, I can feel all of the veins straining when my hand slides up
and down it. I wrap my pretty pink lips around the head and work the base
with my hand, you slid your fingers in to my hair getting a good grip. I
can tell you’re getting really in to things and I look up at you, your
eyes lock with mine as I slide my mouth down to the base of your cock. I
choke and gag a little bit but keep your cock buried in my mouth, enjoying
the way it fills my entire throat. I slowly pull back and see that I have
your cock all nice and wet, it shines even in the dim lighting.

I stand back up and slide my skirt up, your hands reach behind my and
grasp on to my ass. You lift me up and press me back against the shelf, I
use one of my hands to guide your cock up to my pussy. I place just the
head inside of me and wrap my hands behind your neck, you slam your cock
all of the way inside of me. I let out a loud gasp and quickly bury my
face in your shoulder as you pound in to me, your cock sliding in and out
causing shivers throughout my body. I let my head go back and slid my
hands down a bit, my fingers dig in to your skin as I try to contain

I feel myself getting close to cumming, your cock is hitting all of the
right places. I bite my lip as I feel myself about to cross that
threshold, the orgasm coming over me in spasms. One right after another
the waves of pleasure spread through my body, and my pussy tightens around
your cock. I know you’re getting close to and want to end this the right

You set me back down on the ground and I sink back down to my knees, my
hand starts to stroke up and down your rock hard cock. I wrap my mouth
back around it tasting your pre cum mixed with my sweet honey, this
excites you even more watching me lick my cum off of your cock. I feel
your orgasm building and bring my hand up to cup your balls feeling how
tight they are. This sets you over the edge, I feel the first stream of
your cum hit the back of my throat, and pump up and down with my mouth and
hand even faster. Each spasm of your balls releases another stream of cum
in to my mouth, filling it up. After the last one you pull out and I
swallow the cum in my mouth. I lick the last few drops off of the head of
your cock, and then pull your pants back up.

I turn away from you and walk back to the table, sitting down in the chair
I started in. I begin to study my book and I feel you sit down across from
me, I look up and you and you are just staring at me. I just smile at you,
place my pencil eraser back in my mouth and get back to work without a
single word.
It has been such a long day, I am beyond ready to relax and let all of my
cares just drift away. I get home and open the door, I am greeted by two
cute little fluff balls. I set my bags down and give them each some
attention so they don’t think I am ignoring them before making my way down
the hallway and in to my room. I immediately start to undress from my day,
slipping my shoes off I toss them aside into the bottom of my closet. I
then reach down sliding my socks off one at a time, exposing my perfectly
manicured toes before discarding them on the floor. My hands grasp on to
the hem of my shirt and I pull it up over my full breasts and head,
dropping it on top of the socks. My fingers work on the button on my pants
undoing it and then pulling the zipper down, exposing my baby blue lace
panties. I slide them down my legs and into a puddle at my feet, kicking
them in to the pile of my clothes and discarding them all inside of the

I make my way in to the bathroom wearing only my lacy bra and panties and
turn on the bath water, watching as it explodes from the faucet and begins
to fill up the tub. A few droplets escape and land across my exposed
breasts and I brush them away. I stand up and go to the cabinet digging
around a little until I find a bottle of bubble bath, I make my way back
over to the tub and sit on the edge, unscrewing the cap and tipping it in
to the stream of water. It immediately begins to form bubbles, growing
more and more when the water crashes in to the tub and disturbs the soap.
I stand up and stretch, lifting my arms up above me and standing up on my
tip toes. Reaching back in to the cabinet I find some rose petals and
scatter them across the bubbles in the tub. I go around the room once
more, lighting a few candles and turning off the lights, making a soft
golden glow on my skin. I dip my fingers in to the water to test it,
feeling the perfectly hot water I know it is time to get in. I turn the
knobs on the faucet, cutting off the water and making the room go quiet.

Reaching up behind me I unhook my bra, letting my milky breasts free. The
cold of the room makes them causes my nipples to grow tight and erect. I
slip my fingers in to my panties and slide them down my legs, stepping out
of them and throwing them in to a pile with my bra. I stand in front of
the mirror admiring myself, the way my nipples look so pink on my pale
breasts. My bare pussy, the pink lips peaking out just a little bit. I run
my hands across my breasts and lightly pinch my nipples, the down my body.
My hands stop at my hips and I bring them around to grasp on to my own
ass, savoring the way it fills them. Then bringing my hands back around
from and slipping a finger between my pussy lips lightly stroking my
little clit. My pussy is already growing wet and I am about ready to
With one last glance at myself in the mirror I make my way back to the
bath tub, testing the water one more time with my fingers and it is
perfect. I step one foot in after the other, grasping on to the sides of
the tub and lowering myself slowly in to the water. I feel the warm water
teasing my pussy as I get situated, the water flowing over it. It is like
a gentle teasing touch, lightly stroking my pussy lips. I sink a bit
farther in to the water so that it creeps up my stomach and splashes
against my nipples. I love the way the bubbles feel against my skin, each
time one of them pops against my nipples it gives me chills.

I lift my hand out of the water, the water drips off of my skin in
droplets. Grabbing my best smelling body wash and a soft loofah I squeeze
a swirl of the body wash on to it. Using my hands I massage it in and
cause more bubbles to form, running the loofah across my chest leaving a
trail of bubbles. I grasp onto one of my breasts and soap up my nipple,
making it shiny and slick before moving on to the other one.

I sit up a bit and run the loofah down my chest, leaving a slick trail
down to my stomach. I cover my flat stomach with suds, savoring the way
that they feel sliding down my skin. I move my hand down even more and lay
back against the tub making slow circles on top of my pussy. Now I am
covered in suds, my whole body is shiny and slick reflecting the candle

I grasp the handle of the shower head and pull it towards me, turning the
faucet knobs releasing the pressure of the hot water explode from it. I
move it across my breasts, washing away all the soap and letting the water
stream down them. I move the head down between my legs, letting the water
spray against my clit. I love the way the hot water feels pulsating
against my clit, teasing and bringing myself to the edge of an orgasm and
then pulling away. I move my other hand up to my breast squeezing my
nipple making it erect and sending chills down my body. I let the water
crash against my clit again feeling myself get closer and closer to a
climax. I let out a loud moan as it crashes over me, making my muscles
clench and contract putting me in pure bliss.

I relax back in to the water and let the bubbles cover me back up, my
nipples just barely poking out of the water.
My muscles are sore from sitting at a desk all day, hunched forward over a
keyboard and staring at a monitor. I need some kind of relaxation to melt
all of this stress and tension away, and I know just how to do it. I
always enjoy a good massage, getting a chance to relax and let someone
else do all of the work. But my favorite thing to do is to get all oiled
up with a massage and have some fun afterwards, it makes the relaxation
perfect. With a little bit of practice, and a good amount of stamina you
can satisfy even the neediest of woman.

I come home after a long day ready for you to take care of me, as soon as
I walk through the front door you grasp my hand and lead me to the
bedroom. You help me get undressed after a day at work, taking your time
pulling each piece of clothing off of me. You fingers gripping on to my
shift and pulling it up over my head,and dropping it to the floor. Then
moving behind my back and unhooking my bra you let it drop to the floor, i
can immediately feel the chill and my nipples grow hard. You help me out
of my pants, unbuttoning them and sliding them down my legs, holding my
hand so I can step out of them. Your eyes burn in to me as you look me up
in down, taking in every inch of my body and savoring it.

Now that you have me completely naked you move me to the bed and lay me
face down, getting me comfortable and relaxed while you light a few
candles and gather some supplies. I feel you move on to the bed and sit
lightly on my ass. you lean over and grasp on to something and I hear a
jar opening. Your warm hands make contact with the skin on my back as you
place a bit of coconut oil on it. I can feel the chill of the semi solid
oil on my skin as it begins to melt and spread out in to a puddle.

You slide your hands up my back spreading the oil across it in an even
layer, working in across my skin. Your fingertips begin to knead the
muscles in the middle of my back and massage the oil in a bit more. I can
feel all of my worries melting away with each passing of your hands,
working their magic and making my mind go completely completely blank. I
know you love the way your hands feel gliding across my body, feeling all
of the curves. I can feel your cock beginning to grow and press between my
ass cheeks, the head of it trying to part them through your shorts. You
seem to be enjoying this and press in to my ass even more with each
passing of your hands across my back.

You dig your fingers in to my shoulders working the tense muscles and
relaxing them, then bringing them down the length of my back and your
hands grip on to my ass cheeks. You massage them with more coconut oil
making my ass all shiny and slick, you hands linger and grip tightly. Your
fingers dig in to the skin kneading, you’re enjoying your hands filled
with my voluptuous ass and want to spend a little bit of extra time
touching it.

You slide your hands down a little bit more and massage my thigh, sliding
them in between them and close to my now throbbing pussy. You know all of
the right places to move your hands and get me all worked up without
breaking a sweat. Your finger tips brush against my bare pussy, feeling
the growing wetness on them. This seems to excite and encourage you even
more, you slip one of your fingers between my pussy lips teasing my clit.
Then after you have that all nice and swollen they move up and you slip
one slowly inside of my pussy, I let out a soft moan as you do. You start
to slide your finger in and out of me before sliding a second one in with
it, you can feel that I am getting even wetter, almost ready for the

Your fingers slide out of me and you move both of your hands up so they
are gripping my hips, tugging on them you move me on to my hands and
knees. Your cock has made its way out of your pants in a matter of
seconds, already rock hard and ready for me. You tease my clit with the
head, enjoying getting it all slick and shiny. Then you move it up just a
little bit and start to slide the head in to me, taking your time burying
yourself inch by inch into my tight little pussy. It seems like you can
hardly help yourself, your cock is ready to found in to me and you don’t
have any reservations doing just that. You begin to slide your cock in and
out, picking up the pace rather quickly and pounding my tight little
pussy. I can feel your balls slapping against my slit and the head of your
cock hitting my G spot. I can feel my orgasm building, slow close to
cumming. Your cock is throbbing inside of me and I know that you are close
to, ready to explode inside of me and fill me with that hot cum of yours.
Your fingers tighten on my hips as my orgasm crashes over me, my pussy
tightening around your cock as I try to hold myself up. I can feel the
first stream of your cum release in to me, filling my pussy up with your
sticky and hot load.

After you finish cumming you pull out of me and appreciate your work, your
eyes scan over my quivering and dripping wet pussy. Whenever I move some
of your cum streams out of my little hold and glides down over my clit
before dripping in to a puddle just below me.
He sits up and positions himself between her legs, getting himself ready
to enter her. His hand wraps around his erect cock placing the head just
against the opening of her pussy. The excitement and the anticipation has
made her nice and wet, ready for him to slide in to her. They lock eyes as
he begins to push his cock in to her, trying to open her up and slide his
length in. She makes a face that is a mix of both pleasure and pain, you
can tell that she is loving the feeling of him entering her but the pain
of it is intense.

He lays back down on top of her, moving her hands up above her head and
intertwining their fingers. His breath is hot against her ear, he slides
his cock just a bit more into her. He can hear her breath catch in her
throat as she tries to relax a bit, and then sliding the rest of his cock
all of the way in to her. He holds himself there for a moment, savoring
how tight her pussy feels wrapped around his rock hard cock. Slowly
pulling out of her he can tell she is enjoying it now, so with a bit more
insistence he starts to go in and out, doing slow strokes in and out of
her pussy.

Her hands reach up around him, gripping on to his back and digging her
nails in. This encourages him even more so he starts to move his hips
faster, now slamming his cock harder into her. Her breath is quickening
and so is his, he can feel her pussy tightening even more around his cock.
She knows she is about to cum, so close to her first climax as a woman. As
the waves of her orgasm begin to crash over her, she drags her nails down
his back and shouts in ecstasy.

This is what does it for him, he can’t hold it in any longer and pulls out
of her pussy as soon as her orgasm finishes. His cock explodes all over
her stomach, shooting hot streams of cum all over. Some of it flies up and
lands on her lips, and he watches as she licks it off and strokes the last
few drops out of his cock.

Collapsing next to her he wraps her up in his arms, both exhausted and
drunk off of ecstasy from what they experienced.

“Wow.” She sighs as they both begin to drift to sleep.
Such a good little girl now wants to be bad, all of that time being so
perfect, an angel. She is ready to break free and become who she wants to
be, and to savor each second of it. After watching all of this time, her
sister having fun and being loose, she wants a taste of what it feels
like. Maybe not in the same way that she does things, she wants to be
better than that as to not completely give up everything that she has ever
known. Her fingers and her toy just aren’t doing it for her anymore, she
needs to feel the length and thickness of a man sliding in to her. She
needs that kind of pleasure, and now she will, she will get to know what a
man really feels like inside of her. She will break her vow of abstinence
and become a woman, and the man that is going to help her is the perfect

He seems like he knows exactly what she wants, his hands slide around her
waist as he kisses her deeply. his tongue slips between her lips and
intertwines with hers, dancing around one and another and tasting. His
hands gripping on to the hem of her shirt and slipping them up it, his
hand cups her breast for a moment and then pulls her shirt up over her
head. His hands then grasp on to his her waist and deepens the kiss,
sliding them up her back and unhooking her bra. She lets it fall down to
the floor and looks up at him, biting her lip as he cups her face in his
hands planting a soft kiss on her lips. She grasps on to his pants and
undoes them, sliding them down and off of him. He kisses her again, she
can taste the hunger on his lips, the intensity radiates off of him and
his cock is already rock hard and ready for her. He lays her down on the
bed being gentle and taking his time, kissing her from head to toe
savoring how soft her skin feels against his lips.

His fingers slip in to the edge of her panties tugging on them gently, his
lips brush lightly on her stomach just above his fingers. He starts to
slide her panties down, she lifts her hips up to make it easier for him to
pull them off. He slides his boxers down and off of himself and then lays
back down on top of her. His lips meet hers again, kissing and his teeth
gently tugging on the bottom one. His hands slide in to her hair and
deepens the kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth. He pulls away looking
her in the eyes, she knows what is about to happen and her breath
quickens. Her entire body feels like it is pulsating with electricity.

“Are you ready?”
You have been such a very good girl, always following the rules, never
talking out of turn or getting in any kind of trouble. You passed school
with straight A’s and you were so very popular. But there is something
that you have held so near and dear to yourself that you feel is slipping
away, your hormones have been raging and you don’t think you can fight the
feelings you have any more. You have been so good for so long and now it
might slip away, just like that, with a bit too much temptation and the
right boy.

This boy is driving you crazy, the way his eyes burn in to you, the way
his fingers tempt you with the way they feel against your skin. You know
you shouldn’t feel this way, you are saving yourself for marriage, but it
is just so hard. Your parents have raised you to be pure, and you have
always done everything that you could to keep their approval. It would be
so easy to just let yourself succumb to it, stop abstaining and have your
body take the control. You just need to quiet your mind, relax and let it
happen because it is what you really want.

Your sister has always been the rebel, the loose cannon, the one that has
always disappointing your parents in one way or another. You have seen her
sneaking guys in and out of her room, making out with a new guy every day
in the halls at school. A pregnancy scare or two but nothing ever
happened, she has always been so careless, but so very happy and always
having fun. There have been times that you have envied her and wished that
you could throw your cares to the wind and be the wild child like she has.
But you know better, you have to bee the good one, the one who goes places
and saves herself.
A woman’s body is a magical wonderful thing, it can be beautiful and
erotic is so many ways. The details are what I love the most, the way that
her hair shines in the light and falls down around her shoulders in a
curtain. She can hide behind it and be playful and seductive.

The soft curve of her chest with or without clothing is quite delightful,
especially when she is not wearing a bra. My favorite is when she has a
nice thin shirt on and no bra, maybe she gets a slight chill. Her nipples
are going to respond and grow hard, turning into hard little diamonds that
poke out against her top.

Oh and her hips! I love the way that she has a delicate curve to her
waist, it is a nice soft lead to her voluptuous hips. They flare out and
make it so they swing just the right way when she walks, and she knows she
looks good when she does.

And last but very not least her ass, it is nice and full like a beautiful
juicy peach that I want to take a bite out of. Her ass isn’t huge, and it
isn’t small, it is that perfect size that is perfect to slap and make
giggle. I love how my hand can grip onto it, my fingers sinking and
digging into the soft flesh, a nice full handful without feeling
I move on to the floor and get down on my knees, you position yourself in
front of my and stroke your cock up and down. I take one of my hands and
replace your hand on your cock, I slide it up and down keeping you nice
and hard. I lick the tip tasting a little bit of your pre cum mixed in
with the sweet honey from my pussy, swirling my tongue around the tip I
look up at you.

You take both of your hands and slide them into my hair, getting a good
grip on to me. I keep stroking your cock as you bring my mouth to it, all
done with the teasing and ready for your turn in the pleasure. You force
your cock all of the way in to my mouth and down my throat, making me
choke and gag on it. I try and pull away but you wont let me, you want to
savor the feeling of your cock all of the way inside of my mouth.

You finally allow me to pull away and off of your cock, it is now all nice
and slick with my spit. I slide my mouth along the length of your cock and
work the base with my hand. I keep eye contact with you the entire time,
your fingers still wrapped up in my hair you help me move at the pace you

I can feel your cock swelling, getting ready to explode at any second.
Moving my mouth up and down faster I have you moaning and grasping my
hair, you tilt your head back breaking eye contact and closing your eyes.
I know this means you are about to cum, you are ready to get that sweet
satisfaction after all of this pleasure and teasing.

I feel the first shot of your cum hit the back of my throat so I full my
mouth off of your cock. My hand keeps sliding up and down your erection as
stream after stream shoots all over my face. Your hips move in time with
my hand helping you get every ounce of pleasure as you finish your climax.
You slowly slide your cock out of me, taking your time to savor the
feeling of it leaving the tight wet warmth until only the tip is in me. I
feel your fingers tighten a bit more on to my hips before you slam your
cock back in to me. You start to slam in and out of my pussy not caring
how rough you are.

“Fuck!” You moan

I can tell how worked up you are, all of this teasing has been driving you
wild and it has been a little while since you last let yourself go. You
love not holding back and taking every ounce of pleasure you can get your
hands on to, so when you get the opportunity you go all out.

You let go of my hips with one of your hands and slap my ass, leaving a
nice stinging sensation in its wake. You seem to be even more encouraged
by the way I scream when your hand connects and do it again in the same
place, making it sting even more.

“I love the way that cute little ass of yours gets nice and pink when I
slap it.”

Giving me one last nice hard spanking on my ass you place your hand back
on to my hip, gripping on to it. You start to slide your cock back into
me, a bit slower this time. I love the way your cock fills me so I squeeze
nice and tightly around it, you get even more excited by this. It is
almost like an animalistic instinct takes over your body and you drive
your cock into me even hard, faster, than before.

You pound my pussy over and over again making me scream out in pleasure,
my fingers dig into the bed as I feel another climax building. I toss my
head back as the waves of pleasure begin to wash over me, I scream in
ecstasy and savor each wave. I can feel my cum coming out of my pussy on
to your cock and dripping down your balls, you slow down your movements
and slide out of me.

“Now get down on your knees.”
I should know you won’t stop after my first orgasm and have to try and
stay somewhat focused through the foggy bliss. You pull out of me and it
is the weirdest sensation, I feel almost empty. I let out a sad whimper
because I need more, you know this is why so you lean down and give me a
soft kiss. You grasp onto my hips and slightly lift me up and turn me
over, placing me on my hands and my knees.

“Play with yourself” You tell me as your hand begins to stroke your cock.

I slide one of my hands up and between my legs, one of my fingers getting
all slick as I slide it into myself a couple of times. Then placing two of
my fingers together I begin to gently massage my clit, doing small soft
little circles around it getting it all wet. You have my pussy dripping,
the honey is making its way down as I play with myself keeping my fingers
slick. I can feel your eyes on me as I’m doing this, the hunger of your
primal need to bury yourself in me is thick in the air. I can feel you
coming closer to me, you place your hands on my hips getting ready to
slide your cock in to me but I stop you. I slide my hand back and wrap it
around your cock, stroking it up and down and getting it wet with the
honey from my wet pussy and the pre cum that is collecting at the tip.

With my hand still wrapped around your rock hard slick cock I guide it to
my pussy, sliding it up and down. I love the feeling of the tip of your
cock against my clit, teasing myself is almost as good as teasing you. I
place the head of your cock barely inside of my pussy and your hands
tighten on my hips as you slowly slide in inch by inch. Your cock is as
hard and as swollen as possible, it completely fills my pussy. I let out a
moan when you are completely inside of me, my hands clench up and grip on
to the blankets preparing myself for you to be rough. You know I like it
when you take me, when you really pound into me and make me scream.
Our lips separate but your fingers stay wrapped inside of my hair, our
eyes lock on to each others as you pump your cock in and out of me. Your
pace begins to pick up, inch by inch you slide in and out of me.

“Oh fuck yes baby, pound my tight little pussy” I scream

My hands slide up your sides and around your back, my fingers gripping to
keep myself close to you. I love the way you fill me up and take control,
you always seem to know how to move your body and touch me to send
electricity through every single inch of my body.

My nails dig into the skin on your back, raking them down to get a better
grip on to you. I arch my back in pleasure, you have me so beyond riled up
and wet. I can feel my pussy dripping its sweet honey on to the blankets
and all over your cock making is slide in and out of me smoothly.

I can barely catch my breath, gasping and moaning trying to get a word out
“Oh yes baby! Just like that, your cock feels so fucking good!”

I can feel myself building up to the edge, so close to getting that sweet
release. Your cock is hitting all of the right places, sending shivers of
pleasure into me.

“I’m going to cum baby, don’t stop!”

My breath catches in my throat as I begin to hit that crest, my fingers
digging even deeper into your back I can feel a slight wetness but don’t
think anything of it. Your cock is sending waves of pleasure through me as
I cum, I let out a loud moan and my eyes roll back.

Pure bliss.
You slide your cock up and down my pussy getting it slick, pushing the
head of it into me. Slowly you slide an inch in and than pull back out,
sliding it back in you do this a couple times. Once you feel like your
cock is wet enough you drop your head down next to mine and you whisper in
my ear.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of your tight little pussy.”

You slam your cock all of the way into me until it is buried to the base.
I let out a scream and my entire body clenches up, the pain is there but
the pleasure of your cock filling me up is just so intense that the two
mingle and create pure bliss.

You slowly slide back out of my pussy until just the tip is still inside
of me, it makes it so much more intense not knowing when you will slide
all of you back inside of me.

You slide your cock slowly back inside of me, inch by inch you fill me
back up and I let out a long moan. Your body pressed up against mine sets
me on edge, everywhere our skin touches is electricity. You release my
wrists and wrap your fingers into my hair and lifting my face to yours.
Your lips meet mine and we share a deep kiss, your tongue explores mine
when they meet teasing and tasting each other. You gently suck my lower
lip in to your mouth, your teeth gripping on to it and lightly tugging….
Your hands release my hair and slide down my chest taking your time to
wrap your hands around them, your thumbs lightly grazing my nipples and
sending electricity down my body. You lightly trail your fingers down my
sides and grip on to my hips, you push me off of you and onto my back.
Your hands grip onto my wrists and pin them above my head, your fingers
digging in to them and holding them in place tightly.

You bend down kiss my neck and then bite it softly sending shivers down my
spine. I love a little bit of pain with my pleasure, and you seem to know
that a little too well. Your mouth makes it way back to my nipple, you
suck on it and lightly bite it. You spread my legs apart with your knee
and position yourself between them, and your erect cock presses against my
wet pussy.

I feel one of your hands slide down my body gripping your rock hard
erection and teasing my clit with the head. I arch my back and try to get
a little bit closer, to feel you just a bit more.

I think you like the power of having all of the control, choosing when I
touch you. You enjoy teasing me and then taking it away, the temptation
makes my pussy get dripping wet. You push me until my body almost can’t
take it, every nerve in my body is sensitive to the touch.
I grip on to your shoulders and roll you over on to your back, rolling on
top of you I bring my face down and plant a trail of soft kisses across
your neck. You can feel my hot breath tickling your ear as I use my teeth
to lightly bite it, my hands slide down your chest and my fingers wrap
your erect cock. I kiss down your chest and stomach, my tongue lightly
teasing on the way down.

My hand keeps a hold of your erect cock and point it so that it is
sticking straight up at attention, I press my lips lightly against the
tip. I can tell how excited you are by the pre cum that smears onto my
lips as I pull them away, my tongue slips between my lips as I lick it off
of my lips.

“I love the way you taste baby, I want more.”

I trace my tongue from the tip all the way down to the base of your cock,
keeping my eyes locked on yours the entire time. My tongue traces down
between your balls and I take one of them into my mouth, I begin to suck
on it as my hand strokes up and down your cock. I can tell how much you’re
loving this by the way your hips are moving in time with my hand and your
breath is quickening. Releasing your ball out of my mouth with a nice
little “Pop!” I suck the other softly between my soft lips.

I love the way that it makes you reach down and slide your fingers through
my hair, gripping it and pulling my mouth off of your ball you pull me up
to your cock. I wrap my lips around the head and begin to slide them down
the length and then back up, your fingers wrapped up in my hair give away
your urgency as they force me to move even faster. Your hands force my
mouth all the way down to the base of your cock, sliding it down my throat
making me choke and gag on it. After a few seconds you pull back on my
hair and off of your cock, looking me dead in the eye.

I smirk knowing that look “Are you ready to fuck me?”
You eyes burn into me, making my desire grow even more each time that your
fingers slide in and out of me. Your eyes stay locked with mine as you
move into another position, your fingers slide out of me as you lower your
lips and plant a soft kiss on my clit. Your hot breath teases me, making
me squirm wanting more of your touch.

“How bad do you want it?” You ask me

“Please stop teasing me, you’re going to drive me insane!” I gasp out

Your tongue snakes out of your lips and tastes me, drawing a small circle
around my clit savoring it. One of your hands grips onto my thigh as your
tongue draws a line down, teasing the opening of my pussy with your
tongue. You push a bit more of it into me, fucking me with your tongue and
tasting my honey.

“Oh fuck yes baby!” I moan

This seems to get you even more riled up, your other hand moves between my
legs as you slide two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. Your mouth
covers my clit, your tongue tracing it up and down and getting it wetter.
Your fingers begin to pump into me faster and your lips grip onto my
little love button, you start to suck and pull at it. My back arches and
my fingers slide into your hair, gripping on to it I hold your mouth to
me. Your hand that was gripping on to my thigh slides up my stomach and on
to my exposed breast, your fingers grasp on to my nipple. Your fingertips
roll and pinch my nipples making them grow hard while your tongue and
fingers work my honey pot.

You pull your mouth off of my pussy, your eyes still burning in to mine.
Your tongue circles your lips, making sure you get ever last drop of me
off of them.

“Fuck baby you taste so damn good.”
You take your hands off of my breasts and slide them down my stomach and
into the edge of my panties. Your fingertips brush lightly against the top
of my pussy making me shake with anticipation, they don’t stop there,
traveling down to my clit lightly touching it. You rub circles around,
getting me all worked up before going even farther. One of your fingers
slowly slides into my pussy, pushing it in and out, getting your finger
all slick and wet. You start to prod at my opening with a second finger,
slowly working it open more so it can slide in and out much easier.

“Oh fuck yes!” I moan “I have been thinking about this the entire time
that you have been gone.”

“Tell me how much you want it baby” You whisper into my ear, your lips
tugging and biting it.

Your fingers start to move faster, sliding in and out of me with more
urgency as your desire builds. I love how they feel against my soft, wet
petals, I can feel how slick your fingers are getting and I know that
turns you on. I can see how swollen your cock is getting, the outline of
it stands out against the fabric of your shorts. I can tell that it is
straining to to break free, ready to burst out at any second.

“I love how wet you are baby” You say as you slip your fingers out of me.

Putting one finger in your mouth at a time you lick my sweet honey off of
them, looking me in the eye as you do it.

“You taste so fucking good.”
Laying in bed in my panties I wait for your touch, I know that you will be
with me soon. I slide my hands up my stomach and around my breasts, my
fingers grip onto both of my nipples pinching them and sending tingles
down my body.

The bedroom door clicks as you turn the knob, I look over and see you
slipping inside the room. It takes you a moment before you notice me, when
you finally do I can see a an instant hunger in your eyes. You come
towards me ready to satisfy both of our needs, you sit down next to me on
the bed. Leaning down your lips touch mine and your tongue urgently pushes
my lips apart so you can taste me.

Your hands slide around my breasts replacing mine, your fingertips
grasping onto my nipples you roll them between them. My nipples start to
become erect as your fingers send electricity down my body so that my
pussy grows even more wet.

Your tongue and lips begin to become more insistent, the intensity of each
kiss and each touch growing. Your mouth against mine is what keeps me from
moaning, if I let out too much noise your friend may become suspicious of
what is taking you so long…..
You have been gone for the night, all that was on my mind was how badly I
wanted you. When you finally arrive you have a friend with you, my pussy
is soaking my panties more and more by the second. My body instantly
responds the minute that you’re close to me, all it wants is for you to
taste it, touch it.

I move towards you and your arms circle around my waist, you pull me
tightly against you and plant a soft kiss against my lips. My chest is
pressed against yours so that I can feel your heart beating quickly, I can
tell that when my tongue lightly tastes your lips it speeds up. Your hands
travel down and your hand cups my round ass, your fingertips digging in as
you press more tightly against me.

I have been wanting this so badly, when ever you’re gone I miss your
touch, your body. I pull away realizing how carried away we have gotten,
your friend is awkwardly sitting on the couch trying not to stare at us. I
smile politely at him and walk way, I can feel your gaze on my body as you
appreciate every inch of it. I know that you will come to me soon, you are
as tempted by my touch as I am by yours. SO now I will wait, not for long,
for you to come and make me feel like the woman I am.
We’ve been waiting for this, a nice relaxing night in a hotel. We pull up
to the entrance and a valet comes out to grab the keys, a gentleman opens
up the door as we walk in. My hand slides up around your arm while we
check in, making our way up the hallway and into the elevators. I can feel
your eyes on me, hungry and craving my soft sweet skin. The elevator
closes behind us and your hands immediately slip around my waist and you
pull me against you. Your fingertips brush against the little bit of skin
exposed on my hip, sending electricity through me.

“I want you so bad, I can’t wait until tonight.” You whisper in my ear

Your hands grip onto my hips as your face leans down and our breath
mingles, I can tell how much you want this, need this. Your hands slip
around and grasp onto my ass, your fingers digging in so that I am pressed
even harder against you. Your lips meet mine their soft skin pressing
against each other, your tongue starts to prod at them, parting them.

You push me back against the wall of the elevator, lifting my leg up so
that it is wrapped around you. One hand sliding up to cup my breast, your
tongue finds its way into my mouth and mine intertwines with it. Tasting
you, feeling you, I can feel my pussy getting more and more wet by the

The elevator dings and I push you away, the elevator doors open and I
realize that we are at our floor. I start on my way out, your hand
connects with my ass making a nice connection and I let out a slight

I look back at you, cracking a devious smile.

“Follow me baby, lets take our time enjoying this.”
I want you to touch me.

I want you to slide your hand up my skirt at the dinner table, drawing
circles on my thighs, teasing me. Using just the tip of your finger to
trace the little bit of my pussy lips that isn’t trapped between my legs.

I know that you can feel that I am already getting wet, the anticipation
of your touch can drive me wild. Slipping your fingertip in you lightly
play with my clit, getting the tip all wet. I start to squirm, I can
barely contain myself when you tease me like this. I know I need to keep a
straight face but I’m craving your touch, I need it.

One of our guests begins to talk to you, your hand doesn’t stray away,
continuing to play with me. You pull my legs apart a bit so you can get a
better angle as you slide a finger into me. I can feel myself ready to
explode, so close. It is such a tease when you know I’m getting close you
pull away, placing your hand back onto my thigh leaving me frustrated.

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