Kennedy’s Fantasies

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Kennedy’s Fantasies

I see you watching me everyday, sitting at your desk I can feel you staring. I’ll glance up and catch your gaze it’s a little game that we play.

Today I decided to play a new game with you, I want to see just how crazy I can drive you. It’s going to be so very fun seeing just how hot I can get you, I’m going to make your cock so hard that you can’t possibly hide it.

I arrive at the office and step through the doors, you’re sitting at your desk focused on some papers. The moment I enter the room I can see a shift in your posture, your head snaps up and your gaze locks with mine.

I slowly make my way to my desk watching you watching me, Your jaw drops as you take all of me and. You start at my red satin heels and make your way up my long legs. My dress begins at the middle of my thighs the tight black fabric hugging every single curve.

I sit down and look up at you giving you a sly smile and a wink. I see your breath catch in your throat and I can practically see your blood boiling.

You quickly stand up in knock your coffee over spilling it all down the front of your pants. I see that rock hard bulge protruding out the front of them before you quickly cover it up.

I like this new game maybe we will play it some more.


Why do you think its okay for you to pull something like that?

you know your place slave and I shouldn’t have to remind you.

How shall I punish you? I need to make sure it sticks.

I am your milking mistress, I will drain every last bit of cum out of your
body and make you beg me to destroy each orgasm.

Beg Me for My mercy and maybe I’ll go easy, but I think both you and I
know that wont be the case.

I want to be your sweet little girl tonight. Squirt that whip cream around my nipples and suck it off.

Drizzle chocolate syrup along my thighs and trace them with your tongue tasting that sweetness and making your way to my pussy.

Dip your tongue inside me and make me cum so that you can and taste that sweet nectar.

I promise tonight I’m going to make you feel just like a kid in a candy shop and make all your desires come true.

I bend you over the bench and clip your collar securely. Each of your wrists have been fastened to the legs keeping you firmly in place.

I grab my red red flogger and trace it slowly down your back, drawing a line with its beaded tips. I can see your breath catch when you feel it grazing across your ass knowing what comes next.

That first crack of the flogger whips your ass and makes a wonderful sound. You cry out in a mixture of pain and please as you jerk forward and then you sit back bracing for the next one.

Wonder what will happen next? Call me when you’re ready to admit you need to be my little phone sex slave. I know you need it.

Teasing you is the best, it doesn’t take much to get you all worked up. I can feel your eyes on me as I slowly get undressed. You watch as I lift my shirt up over my head and then unclasp my bra. I undo my pants and step out of them, hooking my thumbs into my waist band I slowly slide my panties down bending over and showing you my little pussy poking out between my legs.

Looking back at you I give you a sly little smile, you look at me like you’re in a trance. I give my ass a little shake and watch your cock get harder with each swing of my hips.

Now that I’ve gotten you all worked up I have to decide if I’m going to give in or just tease you. What shall it be?

Spoil Me.

“Tonight you are my pillow princess and I am going to make you cum until you can’t see straight.”

I want to lay back and close my eyes, you grip onto my panties and slide them down my legs. Parting my legs you get your first glimpse of my shimmering pussy, wet and begging to be touched.

Your hands grip onto my thighs and lift me up a little so you can place my legs up on your shoulders. Lowering your head down you bring your mouth to my pussy and slide your tongue down my slit and gently parting my lips. You love that first taste and it always makes you slide your tongue into my tight little opening getting every bit of sweetness that tries to escape.

You slide your tongue back up to my hard little clit and do little circles around it and then gently sucking. I feel a finger slide into me while you tease that sensitive little button. You know just the right way to taste and tease me to bring me brimming with ecstasy ready to spill over again and again.

I get so excited when we get to play with candles.

Shivers run down my spine when I hear the flick of the lighter and see the spark ignite, the flame engulfs the wick and starts to melt the wax. You lie me down exposing my stomach and chest looking down at the canvas that you are about to paint, your eyes sparkling in the candle light and your cock growing hard with excitement.

While we wait for enough wax to turn to liquid you bend down taking my nipple into your mouth gently sucking while using your teeth to tug at them a little. Your tongue does little circles bringing them fully erect inside of your mouth. Pulling away you give me a devious smile and I know why when I glance over at the candle, its time.

You grab the candle from beside the bed holding it above me ready to tip with the slight movement of your wrist. I close my eyes and get ready for the sweet release of it hitting m y skin, bracing for the pain it brings. I feel the hot wax dribble onto my stomach the moment of sharp pain when it connects easing into the wonderful burn of it sending an electric shock down between my thighs…

You love showering me with everything I deserve.

You know that I spend your money better than you do, every penny given to me is put to good use. I’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life, your cock gets hard when you hand me all of your hard earned money knowing that you will get to see me all dressed up. Your favorite thing to do with me is watch me shop, trying on outfit after outfit while you trail behind me carrying all of my bags . I always give you a sly little smile when I choose the most expensive pair of shoes to try on knowing that you have no choice but to say yes.

Each beep of an item being rung up sends a jolt down your balls because you know this is what you need and when you swipe your card you get so close to that release you’re aching for. You crave more aching for me to give it to you, wishing that I would take it all.

Your eyes trail down my body following the streams of water coursing down all of its curves. I press my breasts together and lather up my loofah running it across them covering each nipple with suds.

I give you a little smile seeing how turned on you are getting, your cock growing with each swipe. I wet the loofah a little and squeeze it across my breasts making the bubbles drop and stream down following my hips bones. The stream traces the little v of my pussy and follows it down my thighs. I see you lick your lips watching it wishing your tongue was the thing tracing my body.

I turn around giving you a little shake of my ass, letting the water run over my shoulder and cascade down my back. Using the sudsy loofah I paint my ass in bubbles and let the water wash them down my legs. I squeeze it letting them drip onto the cheeks covering them with cascades of white.

Wanna get all hot and sudsy with me? I would love to make every one of your phone fantasies cum true. I’m ready for you!

I straddle you and I can feel my thighs pressed against yours keeping my pussy mere centimeters from the bulge growing in your boxers. My long red fingernails gently trace up your arm, leaving goosebumps in their wake. I lean forward and gently press my lips on your neck giving you a little nip with my teeth.

Your hands slowly slide my thighs and grip onto my ass, your fingers pressing deeply into it. I grip onto your writs and bring them above your head my nails digging in just a little and I lean forward whispering in in your ear.

“Tonight I am in control, you don’t get to touch me, taste me, or touch me where you want to until I give you permission.”

You let out a slight groan knowing what you’re in for, knowing just how badly you’re going to ache. But a part of you craves this, being teased and edged until you cant take it anymore but having no choice.

Want to see how this plays out? I now you’re dying to. Give my phone sex line a ring and lets see how long you can take it before you’re begging for just one taste.

I love the pain and you know it, I beg you to stop but we both know it isn’t very convincing. I’ll tell you how much it hurts and beg you not to do it again, but when you spread my legs open and see my pussy dripping I can’t deny it any more.

With me bent over I am at your mercy, my ass already blushing from your hand. I feel you gently caress it before pulling back and connecting with the cheek again. I let out a cry that is mixed with a moan and you slide a finger into me, gently at first and then with each passing moment you get rougher. You enjoy fucking me with your fingers making me scream and then taking it away so you can connect your hand with my ass again and again repeating this cycle until it is cherry red.

“you disgusting little slut. Get down on your fucking knees and beg Me to touch you.”

you need Me to tell you that its okay to want Me, to need Me. you don’t know how to do anything without Me telling you how. I think its so funny how you try to resist Me, but before you know it you’re sucked back in.

“Tell me how bad you want it, how bad you fucking need it. I know that you do, and so do you. So do it, beg Me to let you have just a little touch from Me, prove to Me that you’re worthy. Oh how I love teasing you my little phone sex slave, I know that you’d be so lost without Me.

Your hand connects with the bare skin of my ass and I feel a satisfying sting, your hand lingers and you grasp my ass for a moment before slapping it again. I can feel your cock growing with each connection, and with each one you hit just a little bit harder.

You slide your hand between my thighs and you part my pussy lips teasing me just a little before sliding one in. You play with me like that for just a moment before pulling it out and giving me another nice slap on the ass.

“You’re such a little tease, getting me all worked up yesterday with a bunch of sex talk and then not letting me cum.”

Another slap on the ass.

“Its getting nice and pink now, I love watching that perfect round little ass getting all colored up for me.”

With each time your hand connects with my ass I let out a moan, my pussy gets wet from the wonderful sting of pain. I’m never sure when the next one is going to come so the anticipation builds until I am about to burst and then I get that sweet release of pleasure and pain combined into one.

I know that when I have been a bad girl I get punished, but how can I be good when I love it such much?

I bite my lip and you know that I want you, you’ve been watching me since
I got out of the shower. The water is still dripping down my body when you
come up to me.

Our lips meet and our tongues do a dance to music only we can hear.

I slide my hand up your soft skin that leaves a trail of fire and you let
out a little moan. You push me against the wall and pin my wrists above my
hear leaving kisses down my neck before gently sucking on my breast. I
arch my back to get my nipple as close to you as possible and tilt my head

You release one wrist and quickly grasp both in one hand, you trail your
fingers down my neck and circle my nipple before slipping one of them
between my wet lips and playing with my clit. My whole body tenses up and
I let out a moan. The sensations are driving me wild and I’m already about
to cum, you slip a finger inside of me and it sends me over the edge. I
moan and I can feel my pussy tightening around your finger over and over
again. You pull away and look me right in the eye and slowly lick my cum
off of your finger with a little smile.

“My perfect little Slut.”
My pussy is already getting wet.

I’m sitting here with my legs crossed so that it doesn’t drip down my thighs.

I wanted to be naughty for you today, not wearing any panties. Its a
little surprise for you since I know how much you love being bad with me.

Its our little secret isn’t it? I know your fingers are itching to find
their way up my skirt and touch that little pink pussy. If you’re sneaky
enough you can slip one finger between the lips and tease my clit, getting
your finger wet and looking at me as you slowly slide it into your mouth.

Your cock is rock hard just thinking about it, I can see it straining
against your pants just begging to break free. It looks like we might just
have to sneak away, if we don’t I know you’re going to find a way to slip
a finger inside me right here at the dinner table. I know that if you get
that chance, I won’t be able to hold myself together.

So where shall we go darling? The bathroom perhaps? Or maybe you want to
add a little more excitement to it and offer to go get dessert ready so
you can bend me over the counter. Either way my pussy is tingling with

I’m lying next to you, thinking about how bad I want to fuck you.
I roll over and climb on top of you, your hands go straight to my thighs,
you look up and me with desire.
“What’s this?”

I press my lips against yours and start to rub myself against you, I feel
a bulge starting to grow in your pants and sit back up. I pull my shirt up
over my head and throw it to the floor exposing my bare chest. Your hands
grasp my breasts and your fingers brush against my nipples. I grab your
wrists and pin them down pressing my lips to yours again. This is driving
you wild already, your hips are thrusting and you start fighting my hold
on your wrists. I allow it long enough to take off your shirt and pull
your boxers down to your ankles.

Standing up I leave you on the bed, sliding my panties down and off of me
and placing them on the pillow next to you. I climb back on top and pin
your wrists on either side of your head and slowly slide down to the base
of your cock. I start to slide up and down slowly teasing you and getting
your cock nice and wet. I am already so worked up and horny I can’t help
myself and start to ride you faster, bouncing up and down the length of
your cock and moaning. I’ve already got rock hard and wanting to explode.

“Slow down baby, you’re driving me crazy”

I let go of one of your wrists and grab my panties from next to you and
shove them in your mouth and pin it back down. I give you a little devious
smile while I start to ride you again. I can feel your cock throbbing
inside of me and I see you tense up, I feel that first stream of cum
explode out of you. I slide the length of your cock a few more times and
you finish cumming and release your wrists.

I love when I get to drive you wild.
I love the way the water feels slipping over our bodies.

The bathroom is steamy from us just letting it run, you place your hands
on my waist and push me up against the wall and your lips find mine in the
mist and do a wonderful dance of their own while our bodies intertwine.
Your hands run up and down me and find my ass, gripping it tightly you
press your rock hard cock against me. I lightly bite your bottom lip and
then push you back. I see the hunger in your eyes and know just how badly
you want me.

I just love working you up and teasing you just like I do when I tease you
with sex talk, painting a picture of all the ways I want to play with your

You grab a loofah and get it all sudsy, then you run it over my breast
leaving a trail of bubbles in its wake. Your eyes follow as your hand
moves it down over my stomach and stopping right at my hip. Your hands
grasp on to me and turn me around, you move the loofah in circles around
my ass and lean down biting my neck. I arch my back and press my ass
against you. I feel your cock slipping across it and then you press it
right between my ass cheeks. One hand reaches around and grasps my breast
while the other is firmly grasping my hip. You gently suck and bite my

I know you’re getting to the point where you’re going to go crazy so I
turn back around pushing you against the wall, I drop down on to my knees
and I look right up at you as I wrap my hand around your cock. I give you
a little smile and then wrap my lips around the head. I start sliding my
hand up and down the length in time with my hand and while looking you
right in the eyes I slide your entire cock down my throat and hold it

I know you’re close to cumming, I can see it in the way your hips move
with my mouth and your hands are gripping my head helping slide your cock
as far in as possible. I feel the first shot of cum shoot out the tip of
your cock and pull away, quickly stroking it while you spray it all over
my face. I lick the last bit of cum off the head of your cock and smile up
at you.

I do love taking showers with you.
Oh my little slut.
you love it when I get you all dressed up, especially if it is something
nice and tight. you love running your hands up and down your body and feel
the fabric rubbing against your skin.

you just love to be used, I get you all cute for My Friends and fuck you
making sure you know that you are My whore. Then when I think you are just
horny enough I send you off to one of my milking Mistresses to have Her
way with you. We all take turns milking you and bringing you right to the
edge. I love watching you quiver with lust, anticipation not knowing what
will happen next. Maybe We will take our time with you, each of Us fucking
you with our cocks. Get you on your knees and watch you deep throat the
cock all the way down to the balls. We all know just how much you love
chocking and gagging on it.

The thrill of getting passed from one to the next drives you insanse, and
you know that We are far from done with you. We are all going to make you
wait until each and every one is done using you like a slut. Only than if
We are feeling generous We will allow you to cum. But just because We let
you cum does not mean you get to enjoy it, oh how We just love ruining
your orgasms.
Its so perfect.
I have never felt something so silky soft but so rough and rock hard at
the same time, I could spend hours on end staring at it and still feel

like I need more. Your cock entices the deepest primal needs I have, I
can’t help but salivate at the thought of the smallest taste. I love the
way that your cock looks when it starts to grow, my slender fingers wrap
around the girth of it and start to slide up and down. Your cock expands
pushing my fingers farther apart and my eyes grow wide in amazement, It
makes me so fucking wet seeing just how hard you get for me. I keep
stroking up and down and see a little bead of pre cum swelling right at
the tip so I slowly slide my fingertip across it using it to shine up the
head of your cock. My other hand slides up your thigh and grips on to your
balls, gently massaging them in my hand and feeling just how full they

I look up at you so innocently while biting my lip and our eyes connect,
you let out a soft moan and your cock jumps. You can hardly help yourself
as your fingers slide through my hair and get a nice grip on it. You pull
my mouth towards your cock and slip it into my mouth, that sends you over
the edge and you push your cock the rest of the way into my mouth sliding
it all the way down my throat and holding it there. I can hear you moaning
as I take it all in, my lips touching the base while my hand massages your
balls. I pull back and wrap my hand back around your slick and shiny cock.
I give you a little devious smile, lick my lips and stand up.

You let out a moan and reach for my hand, I give your cock a few more
strokes and then walk away. I love teasing the fuck out of you, it makes
me dripping wet.
I love watching your fingers gather up the fabric of the pantyhose, you
touch them so delicately. The hair on your arms is standing up and I can
see goosebumps spreading across your skin, The mere sight of pantyhose
gets you excited, but getting to touch mine has driven you completely mad.
Every brush of the silky fabric against your fingertips drives a jolt of
electricity up your arm and directly down into your cock. Those sweet,
innocent eyes of yours look up at me just begging me to let you touch
yourself with them, but with a sly little smile and the slow shake of my
head you obey and nod your head in understanding.

You bow your head and bring the gathered fabric up to my foot and begin to
slide it over my toes. The pantyhose stretch around the arch of my foot
and around my my heel. Your hands shake a bit as you pull them up over my
ankle, your fingertips brush against my skin and you let out a soft moan.

You lift your eyes to me and barely raise your head “Please Mistress, let
me rub against them.” You whimper

“It is not time yet, when you have earned that privilege to do so I will
grant you permission.”

Bowing your head and continuing your way up you whisper “Yes, Mistress.”

Your hands continue to shake as they stretch the silky fabric around my
knee, you bring it the rest of the way up my thigh and pull it tightly.
Your fingers fumble with the strap of my garter belt before you get a good
grip on it. Fastening the clasp on either side you move on the the next
strap, I lift my leg up and place it on your shoulder and you let out a
moan seeing my spread open like that and the pantyhose rubbing against
your cheek. You can barely focus long enough to fasten the other strap
securely to the fabric.

Want to see how the rest of this plays out? Give my phone sex line a call
and you and I can do it together.
You love to watch.

The way she moves is an erotic dance that has been perfected, but still so
effortless. Her legs so long and perfectly toned, the skin smooth and
vibrant. The curvature of her back is a beautiful even slope leading to
two perfectly round and plump ass cheeks so juicy that you could take a
bite out of them. Her hips sweep up into a perfect hour glass shape that
you want to slide your hands along and worship. Two voluptuous breasts
burst from her chest with perfect round pink nipples begging to have your
mouth on them.

She has been teasing you all day, telling you what she wants you to do to
her. After all of that sex talk you are on edge, just begging for that
sweet release that you know you will have to work very hard for. You plan
on fulfilling her every desire no matter how long it takes, you know she
is worth every second plus some that you spend on her. You worship the
ground that she walks on and all that makes her, her. You want to kiss
over every inch of her body, taking your time to soak the beautiful glow
in. You’re going to run your tongue, tasting how sweet and perfect her
skin is. Your hands will explore all of her most sensitive places, taking
in the soft texture that is her.

You live for this, pleasing her and doing whatever she wishes.
The candle light flickers creating dancing shadows around the room and
reflecting off of the oil spread across your skin. My fingers glide over
it gently leaving sick trails in their wake as I move them to your
shoulders. I knead the tense muscles a bit and slide my hands down your
chest, my breasts brush against your face and your cock jumps.

“I’m so sorry about that” You say to me and I reply with a sly smile.

“Its alright, its actually quite natural.” You look a bit skeptical but
quite relieved since I don’t seem upset “You’re relaxed and comfortable
and I’m sure the massage feels quite nice, it actually happens more than
you think.”

I move a bit farther down and begin to massage your thigh, my fingers
massaging the firm muscle. My fingers lightly brush against the side of
your cock.

“That feels really nice” You practically moan

I slide my hands a bit father on to your inner thigh, my fingers skimming
your balls. This makes your cock jump again and I feel the desire to tease
you a bit.

“It seems like someone is a bit tense, when is the last time you got the
chance to have a sweet release?”

You let out a little laugh and say “It has been a while, and I just can’t
help but get a bit aroused with a beautiful woman like you helping me
relax like this.”

“A handsome man like you? I’d expect you to have woman throwing themselves
at you.” I say letting out a light laugh.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were coming on to me, all this
sex talk is a bit of a tease.”

I squirt a little bit of warm oil on to my hand and slide my hand around
your cock slowly sliding it up to the tip using my fingers to polish the
tip and make it shine. “Does this give you a hint on just what it is that
I had on my mind?” I slide my hand all the way back down to the base
keeping a nice firm grip as I go down. You let out a loud groan and your
hips start to move in time with my hand, I see a stream of pre cum start
to come out of your cock. I can tell that you’re getting close by the way
that your balls are tight and full so I start to stroke faster working my
hand along the length of your rock hard shaft. The first stream of cum
explodes out of the tip landing on my hand and stream of stream follows
with each contraction. I move my hand up to my lips and lick off a bit of
your cum.

“Mmm tasty.”
You know just what my body needs.

I can feel your lips slightly part on my neck as you kiss a trail down to
my collar bone, you lightly suck on it making me let out a moan. I feel
one of your hands sliding down my body feeling all of my curves and your
fingers slip in to my panties. I feel your fingertips lightly brushing the
top of my pussy as one of them slides between the lips and starts doing
small circles on my clit. I arch my back a bit and let out a soft moan of
pleasure encouraging you to slide your fingers down and in to me. I move
my hips in time with your hand, your fingers sliding in and out of me
making me grow wetter.

You slide one of your hands up my stomach and under my bra pushing it up
and off of my breast. Your mouth covers my nipple and you start to suck on
it. Your teeth lightly bite and tease sending shivers of pleasure down to
my pussy where your fingers are still working in and out of me. I can feel
an orgasm building and you know its close by the way my breathing picks up
and my teeth digging in to my bottom lip. Your lips trail down my stomach
and I can feel your tongue tracing a line all the way down to my clit.
Your tongue does a couple of circles on my clit and then you kiss it
before sucking it in to your mouth. Your lips and tongue work their magic
on my little button while your fingers slide in and out hitting my G spot.
I slide my fingers in to your hair and grip on to your head holding you to
me. I arch my back as my orgasm crashes over me, wave after wave of pure
pleasure pulsate throughout my body. I gasp and moan through each wave as
they hit me savoring every bit of it.

I look down as your pull your fingers out of me and slide them in to your
mouth looking me in the eye as you suck my cum off of them. You lower your
head back down keeping eye contact as you use your tongue to lick up every
drop of my cum.
I know you want this, it has been on your mind and now its going to
happen. You quiver with anticipation as you position yourself on your
hands and knees, those pretty little purple panties wrapped around your
plump ass.

I grab a bottle of lube and squirt out a good amount in to my hand and
slide it up and down my strap on , the lube makes each little vein pop
against its dark background. I make sure to get every bit, watching the
way the light reflects off of all nine inches. You are holding your ass up
in the air eager for me to pound it.

I grip on to your panties and slide them to the side exposing your ass and
leaving a little shiny trail of lube across it. I grip on to the base of
the strap on and push the head against your asshole as you let out a moan.
You push back against my cock and take the entire head in letting out
another moan. I push in to you a couple more inches stretching your ass
nice and slowly, I move both of my hands down gripping tightly on to your
ass cheeks digging my nails in to the soft skin. I pull out a few inches
so that only the head is inside you and you brace yourself knowing what is
to come. I slam every bit of my cock in you, burying all 9 inches inside
of your ass. You let out a long and loud moan as I push in to you as you
bury your face in the pillow. I slowly pull my cock out and begin to pump
it in and out of you, going nice and slowly burying it inside of you over
and over again. I start to pick up the pace slamming in to you and making
you scream out in ecstasy, your hands digging in to the blankets. You can
hardly contain yourself and can’t hold off any longer, you start to cum as
all 9 inches slam in to you and stay buried, milking out every last drop.

Does this sound fun? I know we have some of the best milking mistresses
around that will blow your mind. Give us a call, let us make your fantasy
a reality.
I think its so funny that you come to me and ask me to make you my whore.
You need guidance on how to be a good one, I understand that. But you want
my permission to say its okay to LOVE sucking cock. honestly I think you
know deep down inside that you have found your place, you can try and deny
it all that you please but there is nothing quite like that thrill of
being my little slut.

You love watching them hand me their money and seeing my sly little smirk,
you know I love selling you just as much as you love watching me do it.
You know you are being a good little slut for me when you do as I ask, and
all you seek from it is my approval. It is what you crave want and need,
you are lost until you know that you have made me happy.

You love when I put you in your place, it gives you a thrill that makes
your cock hard and your mouth salivate ready for a cock to slide in to it.
When I am feeling very giving I will help guide your mouth on to a cock,
pushing your head down on to it and making it slide down your throat. I
love hearing you choke and gag on it.

I love making you my little whore.

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