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Kennedy’s Thoughts

Now that you have found Me I will make all your fantasies come true.

You never imagined that phone sex could be so addicting, but the second you heard My voice it just clicked.

Now you crave it like it is water and you have been lost in the desert for days. You will do anything for the smallest drop of My attention, beginning and pleading for the chance to get more and before you know it you are My phone sex slave.

I tease you mercilessly, laying on the bed in only a pair of panties and thigh highs. I tell you all the ways that I want your cock but as soon as you try to touch me I tell you no. I can see your rock hard cock bulging in your pants, erect from all of this sex talk. But what is the fun in giving in when I know I can have you on your knees begging for just one touch.

I love showing off my new little panties for you, pulling them out of that pink bag one by one and holding them up. But just showing them to you is never enough, you crave seeing them wrapped around my hips barely concealing my pussy and framing my ass. You order me to slide them on one by one so you can watch, knowing that as soon as I pull them up you’re going to rip them off me.

I’m glad that you know your place.

It is important for you to remember just how lucky you are to even get to be My pay pig.

I look forward to punishing you more and more and reminding you just how much you owe Me. you need to be in My good graces so remember that I deserve it all.

I love having you bent over for Me, your ass is up in the air, exposed. I trail my flogger down the length of your back caressing your skin with it taunting you. We both know what is going to come next and I can see your body tensing with anticipation.

Are you ready? I don’t care if you are or not you better brace yourself.

I know that you’re craving it, a little bit of one on one phone sex aren’t you? You called me once and got hooked, now I’m like your drug.

I’m on your mind until you get the chance to call me and as soon as you hear my voice your cock grows rock hard.

What are you waiting for? I know you need it.

Little fucking peasant.
You should be grateful to be in my presence.
Now get down on your knees and maybe your goddess will show you mercy.

You love my red stiletto heels, each step I take in the echos with a loud clack across the floor. I slowly walk towards you watching your cock grown with each one, your eyes locked on the curve of my foot and my toes peeking out of the end.

Tell me baby, how badly do you want a chance to touch them? I’m ready for you down on your knees worshipping them.

Tracing the lips of my pussy softly with your fingertips, tickling them through my mesh panties sends shivers up to my nipples. You drop your head down and place your lips around my nipple gently sucking and pulling. I arch my back up to you trying to get as close as possible as you pull away, leaving me gasping and wanting more.

You love when I surprise you, especially if it’s something extra naughty. Your favorite naughty surprise is when I do something where we can get caught. I always tease you with sex talk before I actually touch you, knowing it drives you wild. The adrenaline sets us both on edge making each taste, touch, and sound so much more intense.

I can be your milking mistresses, there is nothing quite like draining every last drop. I will tell you how to stroke your cock for me, nice and slow building it up. I will have your balls aching stretched to their max, painfully swollen and before you know it I will allow you a release.

One of my favorite things about Domming is when I get to break someone who is a challenge to break. I find one of these little phone sluts that wants to push back, to try and resist.

Before you know it I have her down on her knees, worshipping at my feet begging for one more touch.

Oh my little pet.

You know the time has come for you to fully surrender to Me. It feels so right, doesn’t it? My voice lulls you into a trance and you crave just one more word. I know you cant resist pleasing Me, it’s your purpose in life.

Such a good little pet, always wanting to do what makes Me happy just like you should.

Tight, pink and oh so sweet.

My wet little pussy is just begging you to take a little taste. You dip your head down lightly running your tongue along my lips to get your first taste of the sweet nectar dripping out.

You look up at me, eyes bright and hungry with a need that you are going to fulfill.

You are captivated by the water rushing down my body. The way it covers my dress like wildfire exposing what is hiding beneath. Each time the water engulfs a part of the white fabric it shows you one of my secrets, my hard nipples poke out through showing my whole aereola. The dress clings to my hips and ass giving you the outline of my body.

Press your body into mine while I grind against you, your hands gripping onto my hips to move my hips in time with yours. I can feel your cock getting harder with each brush of my ass, I know I’m driver you crazy with each movement. You press as hard against me as you can and we can’t tell where you end and I begin.

I love how you still ask me how I want you to fuck me tonight even though both of us know the answer. Nothing gets my pussy wet more than knowing I get to be your dirty little slut. I want you to slam that cock into me and make me yell fuck.

Choke me, gag me, make me spit on your cock, I love when you take control and make me your whore. Fuck my face, have me any way that you please because tonight my mouth is your fuck toy baby. Cum anywhere on me, in me, or both I just want to feel and taste every last drop.

I love making you worship Me.

There are so many ways that you can show your appreciation and devotion to Me, I want you down on your knees in front of Me ready to obey my every command.

I want you to take your time soaking My feet and rubbing them with lotion, kiss each toe when you’re done. Take that come fuck me red polish and glaze each nail taking your time because you know that its rare for you to get to touch Me for as long as this.

I know how much it turns you on. I can see you behind me in the mirror, watching me slide the cap off my lipstick. Your eyes following each movement as I swipe the red pigment along my slightly parted lips. I press them together and look back up at you, giving you a devilish smile.

I’m going to bend each one over for you, spread their little pussies apart and tease them.

You tell me exactly how you would like me to fuck each and every one of these little phone sluts.

You’re the master and I am your puppet, what desire shall we explore tonight?

Lets get you out of your comfort zone baby.

Relax and let me take you for a wild ride, I’m going to push your limits and show you all the fun that we can have.

Now take a breath for me and let all your hesitations drift away, I’m going to make you feel like you never have before.

I love it when you call Me, all breathless and needing my guidance.

Oh my little phone slut you are addicted to My voice, the way that it makes you submit to Me and cast away all your reservations. I push your limits and that thrills you, begging me for more, needing Me to say yes.
Your breasts drive me crazy.

Two perfect scoops of vanilla ice cream with cherry red nipples on top
just begging to be in my mouth.

Your nipples get hard the second that my tongue touches them and you let
out a soft moan.


You beg me as my hand slips into your panties grazing your wet pussy, I
look you right in the eye and with a sexy little smile I say “You can do
better than that, just how bad do you want it.”
You love that I play with the other little phone sluts. You get rock hard
when I talk about the way that I ran my tongue around their pussy. I
describe how I touched every inch of them from kissing their soft full
lips to sucking on their hard nipples. It drives you wild talking about it
and that turns me on, I love seeing the length of your cock straining
against your pants just begging to be let out the whole time knowing I’m
just going to leave you there wanting more, while I play with my sexy
I love knowing you have my panties with you.
That you can take them out and savor how sweet I am.
It brings you right back to that moment that you made them soaking wet.
Just thinking about it right now I can feel my panties starting to get wet
all over again.
Want a taste?
Daddy has been having his fun with me and wants to do something a little
Ever since I started doing phone sex he has loved sending me in all worked
up and wet. So Daddy decided that the next time I come in he wants me to
wear a pair of panties filled with his cum! I can’t wait, I know all of
these phone sluts are going to get horny when I tell them about my sexy
little secret. Maybe Daddy will just fill me up with cum and wont let me
wear any panties so I can feel his cum dripping out of me onto my thighs!
We’ll see, I can’t wait to find out.
I’ve been having a whole lot of fun with Daddy lately,
I drive him crazy with all the sex talk I do.
He has been wanting to play with me non stop!
I love how Daddy teases my pussy until its all wet,
then He licks me and tells me how good I taste.
My favorite part is when Daddy fucks me with his tongue!
He always knows just how to make me cum.
I’ve been a very bad girl Daddy.
I know you will teach me a lesson.
Sometimes I get in trouble just so I can feel that sweet sting of your
hand against my ass.
Leave hand prints of my tight little ass, I know you can make me a good girl.
Please punish me Daddy it makes my pussy so wet.
I gather the fabric between my thumbs and slip it over my toes, sliding it
up the length of my leg and straightening the lace at my thigh. I run my
hands up and down savoring the way that the fabric feels rubbing against
my smooth skin. My pussy instantly gets wet from the sensation.

I know the fabric of my thigh highs would feel just as good with my feet
sliding up and down your cock, why don’t you come and find out?

I will help satisfy each and every one of your sexual desires give my
phone sex line a ring and I’ll show you just how good you can feel.
All of you little phone sluts can’t resist.

I know your clittys get so hard when you hear my voice come across the
phone sex line.

You beg and plead for the smallest amount of attention, anything you can
get from Mistress is a privilege.

You love being a whore for me, taking cocks when I want, wherever I want.

I know that you would never disappoint me, because you know that if you
did the consequences would be harsh.

Now what are you waiting for? You don’t want to keep Mistress waiting.
Get down on your knees.

I want to see those eyes looking up at me, begging me for just a little more.

Trail kisses all the way across my thighs, caressing them with your
fingers and then grabbing them. Move your lips to my ass and give it a
soft little bite and kiss it. You love to worship is as much as I love
watching you. Seeing the hunger in your eyes makes me wet, I can see your
cock growing with the anticipation and lust building inside of you with
each touch you get
My little pink friend.

Two speeds of pure ecstasy.
I can tease myself or I can climax almost immediately, the little scoop on
the tip perfectly cradled my love button. The vibrations send shivers up
my body and my nipples grow erect. My little pink friend knows just how to
stroke my clit to make my back arch, my toes curl and my pussy get
dripping wet.
Lets play a game.

I want to see just how long you can last, lets tease you until you’re at
the point of climax and pull away. Your goal is to make me cum as many
times as you can. Lets see if you can help me set a new record of orgasm
while you must wait.

I know it is going to drive you completely mad that I get to cum time and
time again while I make you squirm with desire.
Worship Me.

I want to see the need in your eyes, begging Me to let you have the
smallest touch.

You crave every bit of Me, every time that you touch Me I can feel you
drinking every last bit of it. Savoring the moment and capturing it in
your mind forever.

Lets see just how much you can show Me your devotion, if you’re a good
phone sex slave I might let you taste.
I love that sharp sting.
The moment skin makes contact with skin.
The satisfying sound that resonates through the room.
My hand burning like a thousand pin pricks all the way up my fingers.

Oh but most of all I love that bright red mark that I leave imprinted on
your smooth skin standing out like a cherry on a vanilla milkshake.
I want you down on your knees, begging Me.

You look innocent and ripe for the taking gazing up at Me.

So pathetic sniveling begging Me to let you pay Me and be My little phone
sex slave.

You can’t resist it, you need Me to take all of it. You need Me to drain
your bank accounts so you can have those few precious moments with Me.

Without Me you are nothing, you can’t think for yourself. You need Me.
Perfectly smooth skin that you can kiss, following the arch down to the
tip of her toe.

Beautiful red polish, perfectly spread over each nail, a nice contrast
against her milky skin.

Kiss every inch, appreciating just how lucky you are to get to relish in
their beauty.

Suck on each toe and run your tongue along the soles, savoring every taste.

Ignite your senses with the smallest touch.
I love the feeling of cumming with your cock buried deeply inside of me,
the head pushed against my G spot and your fingers teasing my clit. My
pussy contracts and tightens around your rock hard shaft and my entire
body shivers. I arch my back while wave after wave of pleasure crash over
me screaming out in ecstasy.
There is nothing quite like the feeling of cumming with you inside of me,
it makes me crave more each time.
I see the way that you look at me.
Your eyes roam up and down my body every chance you get, you wait for your
wife to turn away or leave the room.
After taking care of the kids and putting them in bed you drive me home, I
can see just how hard you are trying to keep your eyes off my breasts.
Your cock is straining against your pants and a drop of pre cum is
staining the fabric.
I know that as soon as you drop me off your hand is going to be wrapped
around your cock and your mind wandering. Your thoughts enraptured in me,
until you can’t hold back anymore and explode all over yourself.
There are some that shy away from taking what they deserve.

But when you know you’re a princess who deserves to be spoiled it just
comes naturally.

I want you to stroke your cock while you listen to me telling you just how
much each stroke is costing you my little phone sex slave.

I want you to BEG me to pay more just for the chance to hear my voice.

You know I’m worth every single penny, I deserve it, don’t you agree?
I know you love it just as much as I do.

I see the hunger and need in your eyes as you want my hands trail up and
down my naked body. You bite your lip when I roll my nipple between my
finger tips making it grow hard and erect. Your eyes follow my other hand
as it makes it way down my body and to my pussy, your lips part and you
let out a moan as you watch me slide a finger slowly inside of myself.
You watch enraptured, you get as much pleasure watching me as I do playing
with myself. It makes my pussy drip seeing your desire for me and knowing
just how much this is teasing you.
I love how every day I get to explore something so new and unique, I get
so excited every time I hear the phone ring and know I am going to have
fun and exciting experience. One of the hottest things is hearing all
about your phone fantasies and just how we are going to make them a
reality. Every one that I get the pleasure of fulfilling makes my body
tingle and my pussy wet.

So what are you waiting for, I’m ready to play!
Nothing is quite as thrilling as your first time.

You never quite forget it, the purr of her voice when she answers the
phone, all wet and ready to play.

Your cock gets hard the second that you hear her and your balls just ache
for that release, you need it.

Each girl is different so every time you try someone new its like your
first time all over again.

The aching, the thrill, its all so sweet and addicting that you can’t get
enough and before you know it you are a phone sex slave.

So why don’t you give us a try, just a little taste and you will see just
how wonderful it can be, cum now baby all of us phone sluts are waiting.
I know that sometimes you’re a little bit afraid to express your sexual

You are always shy when it comes to sex talk, and that is okay, sometimes.

When I tell you I want you to tell me all of your deepest desires than you
need to, don’t hesitate and second guess yourself.

Nothing is hotter to me than hearing all of the things you want to do to
me, and all of the things you’re aching for me to do to you.

Tell me the fetishes, kinks, dirtiest secrets you want to explore and make
my pussy get dripping wet.

Cum for me baby, I can’t wait to talk about them.
Oh how you missed me.
I can practically taste your need for me.
I know you have missed me with every fiber of your being and now you are
so close.
But I think I will make you wait even longer, now that I am just out of
your grasp its so fun to tease you about it.
You’re craving just the slightest amount of attention, which I may give
you a little, but you must beg for more.
I love mixing things up when I get to play, even if it is something that I
have done before. One of my most favorite things is whipped cream, the
soft texture on my nipples mixed with the chill is quite exciting. Your
hot mouth covers the dollop of whipped cream on my nipple, tasting the
sweet cream as your tongue swirls licking off every bit of it. I’ll make a
trail of whipped cream down my stomach for your mouth to follow, all the
way down to my wet pussy.
Oh my pet, it seems like things are going so well with us don’t they?

I have found some of the most sensitive parts of your life and I am
picking them apart one by one.

It makes you feel weak doesn’t it?

Exposing yourself like that and giving Me all the power to do with it what
I will.
Soon, maybe even sooner than you expect, you will be completely under my
control. It is inevitable. I will know everything about you, maybe even
things I have planted that have now flourished to a point where you
believe them to be true. I will have you trapped, lost without my

Than you will know that all along this is what you wanted.
She has two perfect vanilla scoops of milky white ice cream topped with
ruby red cherries. All I want to do is grab that can of whipped cream and
spray a little on top. Lowering my mouth down and covering them, teasing
her nipples tasting the sugary sweet whipped cream. I can feel her nipple
growing hard against the tip of my wet tongue. I gently grasp it between
my teeth, lightly tugging on it. I know this makes her pussy grow wet,
maybe a little bit more teasing and she will be dripping.
You love the way those feel don’t you even though you know its wrong and
makes you a little sissy, you can’t resist the bliss of the fabric. You
love the way the silky texture caresses your cock, and the way it presses
tightly against your erection. The slightest touch like tracing your cocks
outline through the royal purple fabric sets you on edge. A bit of pre cum
leaks out the tip and blossoms in circle creating a dark spot on them. You
can hardly contain yourself, maybe I’ll let you have the honor if soiling
those cute little panties, if you earn it.
I see the way you look at me, trying to be so discreet and not get caught.
Every morning I come in for a cup of coffee and sit in the same exact
spot, a table in the back where I can have peace and quite while I read.
You have slowly moved closer and closer to me each day, changing where you
spend your mornings so you can get a closer look at me. You think I
haven’t noticed but I have, I can feel your eyes on me when I move. I can
feel the hunger radiating off you and I know that it is only a matter of
time until you want to feed it.
Oh my Pet, there are times when you fight what you know you really need.
Sometimes it is admitting to your past, the things that shaped you in to
who you are now. All of the things you know were wrong, but just felt so
right to you. Now you are finally opening up, telling me how you fantasize
about these things that you know were wrong. And it scares you to think
about them even, but you have to tell me because that is what I want. It
kind of frees you doesn’t it? You enjoy telling me even if you know you
shouldn’t, because you want me to have the power.

You want me to control you.
I know you watch me through my window, you have the perfect angle to and
honestly I don’t blame you. Sometimes I even do it on purpose, put on a
little show for you if you will. I like to leave my curtains open and
start off facing away from you and slide my shirt off over my head,
sliding my hands slowly up my back and unhooking my bra letting it fall
down to the floor. Hooking my fingers in my panties and sliding them down
my legs, giving you a great view of my ass and my tiny pink pussy peeking
out a little bit. I stand up and start to turn around, a loud knock sounds
at your door. So close to finally getting your chance to see my breasts in
full view is interrupted.
The sound of a moan is one of the most erotic that there is, each and
every pitch of it gets my juices flowing. When you hear a lustful moan
your mind starts to wander in to all of the best places in your mind,
imagining exactly what is happening. Each thought that slips through and
plays in your head excites you, crafting each character to how you imagine
them. The way they are intertwined and their bodies becoming one, taking
in every ounce of pleasure that they can take from the other one. Both
woman and men have their own unique moan to show just how excited that
they are, now why don’t you call one of us sexy little phone sluts and
find your favorite one?
All of your life you have been around such strong woman, and now that
seems to be what you seek every day. In order to find the one that
perfectly suits you and tells you exactly what to do. But you can’t fight
it anymore, now that you have found Me, you need to just let it all go. I
want you to expose all of your deepest and darkest desires and regrets. I
want to hear all about what made you this way and the things that scare
you into being so submissive that you are lost without Me. I need to know
all of these things because they are what make you so susceptible to me,
and I know that is exactly where you want to be even if at times you are
so afraid that you say the opposite.
With the weather being as chilly as it has been I know that we could warm
ourselves up a bit with some imagination, I’m thinking something that will
really get our blood pumping. I’m sure that cock of yours is just dying to
slip in to my hot wet pussy and hide away from all of the cold. And I know
that these sensitive nipples of mine can’t take much more of the chill,
they grow tight and hard the moment I slip out of the blankets in the
morning. Would you mind using the hot mouth of yours to warm them up,
maybe use your tongue to tease them? With all this excitement and teasing
I think our blood will be nice and hot, saving us from the cold.

What are you waiting for? Cum warm me up!
A nice set of nails can give just the right amount of pain and pleasure,
weather you’re giving it or receiving it both ways can take you places.
Running your nails along someones back while he pounds his rock hard cock
in to your pussy is quite exciting, it almost always seems to encourage
him to go even faster and harder than before. Oh and you cannot forget
when a man runs his nails down your back when he is fucking you from
behind, it gives away just how much he is enjoying it and it sets your
nerves on fire. It always gives me just the right amount of pain for it to
be pleasurable, and it reminds me just how good my pussy feels to him.
I love to make you my cute little follower.

I know you love to follow me around like a puppy, right at my heels always
so very obedient and ready for my orders. You look so cute with that
little collar of yours tightly wrapped around your neck, a lease loosely
clipped on to it and hanging from my hand. You love watching everything I
do, taking it all in so you know just how to hold yourself when you aren’t
obeying me. You want to be the prettiest little girl there ever was, you
want to be confident enough to show that off. So you follow me and hang on
each and every little thing I do so that you can try to imitate it, even
just a little, and be just like me.
I love things that are soft.

A nice soft blanket against your bare skin, the fabric tempting and
teasing your nerves sending pleasure everywhere. Maybe the soft touch of a
feather down your body, tickling while the soft fibers leaving a
tantalizing trail. It can make you realize that even the most simple
things can be the most erotic Or the sweet and sexy touch of a woman’s soft
skin, her fingers taunt all of your most sensitive places. Torturing you
when she takes them away, making you wish she would come back for just a
few more seconds of bliss.

Now why don’t you and I have a little fun with some sex talk, and you can
tell me all about the way you like to be touched.
I think it is so much fun to see how wasted I can get you, I can tell when
the alcohol is beginning to take effect and taking away all of your
inhibitions. Your words begin to slur and your eyelids droop a bit more
than usual. Your hand shakes whenever I tell you to pour another, and
another, until you can’t even lift the bottle and tip it in to your
waiting cup. I love to watch you sway back and forth more and more with
each sip, to the point where you almost can’t hold yourself up any more.
This is when you are the most vulnerable, and I love that. When you are
like this it is when you are the most truthful not only with me, but with
Oh Honey, it seems like you can never make a decision of what you really
want, I think that is charming at times but also quite annoying at others.
I know you have such a hard time accepting the facts, and honestly I don’t
always blame you. But you need to get over it, get past whatever is
stopping you in your head and accept it because I am done fighting you.

You need me.

You can’t make a single decision on your own, that is why you need me. You
need me to help you decide on ever aspect of your life from work, to what
you eat, to how much alcohol I would like you to consume.

Stop fighting me tooth and nail and just accept the reality, you are lost
without ME.
You worthless fucking pig.

Why are you so selfish? Why do you think it is okay to ask these things of
me when you wouldn’t dare ask anyone that you say you “respect”.

You need to learn how to act for me, if you want to be the little skanky
slut you say you do, than prove it. Get down on your fucking knees and beg
for my forgiveness. Beg me to teach you and show you how to be the
prettiest little slut ever. How to get all done up and ready to suck a
cock like a good little whore and get paid for it.

You know you need me, so stop fighting it.
I love the feeling of the chilly air blasting my skin, it tingles parts of
my body and excites me in ways I didn’t know were possible. The chill
creeps across my skin and through my clothing, gripping on to every inch
of me and sending chills making goosebumps blossom every where. My nipples
grow erect and hard to the point that you can see them poking through my

I love this time of year and all the excitement it holds, maybe you can
warm me up after we play in the cold?
I love the way that skin feels against skin, the raw pleasure of your
nerves touching someone elses. The way that it can smell a million
different ways and vary from each and every person you meet. The soft
caress of silky fingertips setting everything on edge waiting with
anticipation for where they will head to next. It seems like some of the
most pleasurable sensations are the ones that just barely scratch the
They come in all shapes and sizes, each one unique and beautiful. Some
people have even a fetish for them, the way that they curve, and fill out
clothing. Others love to watch an ass giggle, whether it is from a nice
spanking, or from the way that she walks. Others like a nice firm ass, not
big something nice small and tight. The colors range from light to dark
and everything in between. Now tell me baby, what might your favorite be?
I love to play with the senses, each one of them adds a little something
to any kind of play session. Have you ever rubbed an ice cube over a soft,
sensitive nipple? It works for both men and woman, but the way to really
make it something special is to replace that ice cube on the nipple with
your warm wet mouth, sucking and teasing it to warm it back up.

Want to try?
Oh my little pet.
How you struggle at times to give yourself to me, you fight it with every
ounce of your being.
But you never win.
Why is it that you are so afraid to be open? To be vulnerable? Maybe its
because of your past, someone made you regret it. Eventually you always
come back, after trying to fight what you know you need. And here I will
be, ready to show you that my desires are yours.
Hard or soft, maybe you like them long so you have a bit more play room.
There are so very many fun kinds of restraints. I love the way each fabric
feels, some of them are soft and can caress your skin while holding you in
place. Others are a bit rougher, they bite into your soft flesh when you
pull against them, but they tend to be a bit more secure and keep you held
on to and ready to play.
We all love to be bad in one way or another, some keep it a secret tucked
away for safe keeping until they are in the bedroom. Others let their
freak flag fly high and mighty for everyone to see, they let the world
know they like to be freaky. Weather it be a nice ass slapping or maybe
some restraints, each and every kink has its very own fun.

So tell me, what might be yours?
I think you love putting me where you think I belong.

Taking me down a notch and degrading me, you like to think that you are so
much better than me. Oh so high and mighty from your throne you look down
at me like I am nothing. You love me for all of the things that you hate
me for, you try and deny it but you know its true. I can be anything that
you like, but you love to hate me for being your dirty little whore. And
you know I am great at it, fulfilling each of your nasty desires while you
try and deny how good it feels.
Thigh Highs.

I love the way they fit me, the way the fabric hugs each and every curve
of my legs. When I put them on I gather them up and slide them up over my
pedicured feet, my pretty red toes slightly visible through them. The
fabric stretches over my foot and wraps around my ankle, and then sliding
it up my calf. I finish by adjusting them to sit smoothly on my thigh, the
fabric tight against my skin. I love the way that the fabric rubs, the
sensation of it on my skin is incredible and erotic.
Oh my nasty little pastor.

You like to do things that you know you are forbidden to do, it excites
you and gets your cute little clit hard. You want to be a dirty slut for
me, I know that you need me to teach you how to suck a cock right. You and
I are are going to take our time getting you all pretty, from your come
fuck me red lips to keeping that little ass of yours nice and tight ready
to be fucked at a moments notice.

Oh my little saint, you and I shall have our fun.
I went to the sex store the other day to a little bit of shopping, I
wanted to try some things that I would consider a bit vanilla but I had
yet to do. They have all kinds of fun toys like restraints, costumes and
dildos that look and feel like the real thing! I took my time choosing out
a nice smooth soy candle that will be dripped down my body while it burns.
I also found a yummy flavored lube that tastes like caramel, I love to
drip in down a nice hard cock and look you in the eyes as I lick it off.

Want to come try them with me?
I hate being all pent up and tense, it sets me on edge and I can’t seem to
get a second to just breathe. This is especially frustrating when I am
trying to sleep, my mind can’t seem to stay focused on one thing. Now you
might wonder, why am I talking about being stressed out? I have a magic
little wand that I can use to melt each and everyone of those bothersome
things away. I love taking a little bit of time when I’m feeling like this
before bed and bring myself to an explosive climax, nothing helps you
sleep like expressing your sexual desires.
Oh my little pet.

Sometimes you can get out of hand, disobeying me. But both you and I know
you always come back, you can’t live without me.

You hang on each and every word that comes out of my mouth, they’re like
water to a man that has been trapped in the desert for days. Without me
you are nothing, you don’t know what to do, how to feel.

There is no reason for you to do any of that on your own, now is there?

You not only want me to tell you what to do, say and feel, you need me to.
Without me you are lost, searching around trying to find someone who fits
the bill. But you never can and you always come back for a little bit of
phone chat, crawling and begging for my mercy and my forgiveness.
I love the feeling of fabric against the most sensitive parts of my skin,
the way that it pushes against me just right. The light feathery touch of
my shirt against my nipples drives me wild, it makes my nipples grow more
and more erect by the second. When I move it tugs and pulls my shirt
tightens and becomes more sheer, exposing the shape of my nipples. Each
movement is a tease to me, making my pussy get wetter by the second….
It can be an addiction.

But you know that you love it, the thrill that you might get caught doing
something that you know you’re not supposed to. I think that is part of
what keeps you coming back, I mean who can resist that oh so good feeling
of a climax? Sex on the phone can be one of the best experiences that
you have ever had, I’m here wet and waiting.

So why are you still sitting there with your hard cock in your hand?
I need some rest and relaxation, a little bit of time to be a pillow
princess. I want you to take your time with me, touching every single inch
of my body.

Teasing me while I squirm and shake, I want you to push me right to the
edge and then pull me away. I know you can do it baby, tease and deny me,
you know that you want to.

So why not give in? I know you want it too.

I’m waiting.
It seems that it is getting a bit chilly outside.

I know that winter is coming when I wake up in the morning and as soon as
I get out of bed my nipples are hard. I love how the cold air bites my

But you know what is even better than the cold air tickling me?

When I get to crawl back under the covers next to you, your hot body
warming up every single inch of my body. Your hands leave hot trails down
over my chest teasing my nipples to keep them erect.

Now tell me baby, what is your favorite part of these chilly mornings?

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