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Kimberly’s Thoughts

a poem from my slut ….

i carefully lift my face from the floor where my forehead has been
pressed inches from Her prefect feet from there i move straining onto
wobbly knees to a more upright position and then after a deep sigh i
crawl with eyes wandering trying to focus i seek out my clothes and begin
to dress still cold from the room’s frigid air

eventually i find my weight pulled onto weak and wobbly legs as i try to
get my bearings then slowly like a new born fawn it is as if i am walking
for the first time again one slow careful step after another until there
is momentum

i still feel Her presence and eyes upon me so i humbly walk with head bowed
letting Her know i am acutely aware of the power and control She and She
alone wields over me i seek out protein and hydration so that i may like a
devoted little fuck toy robot return to worship Her again

time passes ever so slowly and a minute amount of strength is regained
only for a brief time then it’s back to being stripped bare before Her
immanence back to the kneeling position, then face to the cold floor
ass pushed up high

this is where i return, to the lowly cold place before Her yet again
cock bound up tight in it’s device aching and raging against it’s confines
at times so owned, so weak, so low, and so very taken, fully and without
constraint possessed possessed by Her and Her alone my beloved supreme
young temptress Goddess, Goddess Kimberly

thank You my supreme Goddess for the temporary rest, re-energizing, and
hydration i am so utterly surrendered unto You at every turn, Your chattel
to do with whatsoever You desire Your lowly little slut, ever aching and
bound, resting perfectly still and surrendered at Your perfect feet
Did you know St. Patrick’s Day might just be my favorite holiday of all?
My favorite color is green. I like to come in here with all my sexy
friends wearing nothing but a green bow. boy do we have some fun. Want to
join in? You can always get two or more of us to play at the same time and
we will all have phone sex together. As for just you and me? How will your
luck pan out? Are you going to be presented with my hot little tight ass
topped with a green bow for you to do as you please? Or are you going to
be cowering at my feet wishing you had the luck of the Irish while I
redden your ass?
words from my lowly pet slut.
“Very rarely if EVER does a lowly submissive male sub stumble upon a “Dream
Mistress”, that perfect “Goddess” that knows just how to get into your
head with clever, subtle, intuitive control and allure. Mistress Kimberly
is quite simply put, the master of men! She has this way about Her of
crawling ever so gently at first into Your head until the time is just
right when She will strike with a fury wrapping you up tight with the
magical delight of Her allure before taking You down and keeping You there
like the lowly undeserving submissive You truly are. She delights in Her
self-referenced “sadistic bitch” that She states She has become. But know
it is a moniker rightly bestowed and earned for She is masterful in all
She does with Her subjects, toys, lowly little fucks, and minions. Goddess
Kimberly is a young, gorgeous, tease that NEVER holds back when unleashing
Her sadistic side. She will captivate You, entrance and ensnare You, but
more importantly She will keep You in Your rightful place – at Her perfect
feet of course. And you will NEVER know what hit You! Goddess Kimberly
loves, loves, loves to taunt and tease you caging Your cock while wielding
Her stinging whip! She most impressively will give You the mind fucking of
a lifetime as well and You will not be able to get enough. Don’t say You
haven’t been forewarned. For once You enter Her space and Your subspace,
there will be no turning back. Her grip is wickedly strong and even if
Your were to foolishly wriggle loose, ultimately She will have You
crawling back upon hands and knees begging and pleading for more of Her
elixir and deliciousness! Remember, You have been duly forewarned…now
get before Her where You belong, where You have so longed to be – at Her
perfect feet and let the games begin!”
When I first started here and became one of the girls of YourDesires. I
was rather innocent in a sexual nature. ;) don’t get me wrong I had some
experiences but I still had a lot to learn and a lot to experience. You
could say I was a little vanilla when I started here, a lot has changed. I
have turned into a dirty little whore that I aspired to be. I have come
into my dominance and still retained the respect of a submissive. I have
learned many new and exciting things. I want to thank each and every one
of you for helping me along the way to being the slut I am today. I need
to thank my dominant men and women for giving me the proper punishments
when I deserve them and turning my hot little ass a nice shade of red, and
showing me how to properly beg for release. I would like to send a well
done to all my little subbys for behaving as you should under my firm and
learning hand. allowing me to explore what it feels like to turn your
little ass red and make you beg for release that I may or may not allow.
and to everyone else for making me the cum guzzling cock whore that I am
today. There is nothing quite like feeling a cock explode into your mouth
while your tongue is dancing around it and your own finger is in your
cunt. I still have much to learn and much fun to have so dont hesitate to
call me and teach me something new or train me even more on something I
already know.

Your sexy slutty Kimberly.
As Valentines Day approaches it makes me thing of many things. The
colors… Red, the color of a nice hot ass after a good well deserved
spanking. Pink, the color of my tight wet pussy when I’m slipping my
finger inside. Purple, the color of the veins in your hard throbbing cock
that is just aching for release, also the color of those nice big balls
that are twitching and throbbing begging to release their cum into my
mouth or pussy. I think of finding my main squeeze for the night and then
I think of all the things I could squeeze, My tits, my nipples, my clitty,
your nice throbbing balls, your nipples, I could even squeeze my already
tight pussy even tighter around that engorged cock of yours while you fuck
me. This naughty phone girl loves valentines day! do you? call me and lets
talk about it.
I recently discovered a new side of myself… I discovered just how much
of a methodical sadistic bitch I can be…and you know what? I love it!
There is a significant difference between having a full blown pleasurable
orgasm and slowly painfully tortuously draining the balls. emptying the
balls in a slow drip by drip manner taking any and all pleasure out of it.
I have realized how much I LOVE to steal orgasms. and the best part is I’m
not only going to steal this one by making every drip as non-pleasurable
as possible, I’m going to drain your balls of cum so I take your next one
as well. There will be nothing left. You may think “no way” “who would
want that” or any number of other things…. but something in the back of
your mind is telling you to call this sadistic phone slut and find out
just what it is all about. mmmm that’s right you know you want too ;)
You come home from work to find me, there i am laying in bed napping
completely nude and looking so peaceful. you can see my pussy is
glistening from my dreams of you fucking me good and hard. you watch my
hand slide down in my sleep and start to rub myself. maybe i murmur out
your name in my slumber. are you hard yet? look a little closer and see
that my nipples are good and hard already. can you feel your balls twitch
at the sight of me rubbing my pussy thinking of you? your not just going
to let me sleep are you?? give this phone slut a call and tell me how you
plan to wake me up and what you want to do with me once I’m awake.
I have in my mind this image of sitting on your desk in front of you while
you sit in the chair. my legs bent and my feet up on the desk in my 3 inch
heels, spread wide so you can see directly up my skirt. letting you watch
my wet glistening pussy while I watch you stroke your cock in your chair!
maybe if your a good boy and beg just right, I slip off the desk and slide
my hot wet pussy right down onto your hard, long, manhood. Can you feel me
sliding up and down in your lap? your hands on my hot bare ass? can you
feel the warmth of my wet cunt surrounding your cock? squeezing your cock
while I ride you? mmm maybe I ride your hard dick for a while before you
lay me back on the desk squeezing my tits while you ram that hard cock
into me…why don’t you call this nasty phone slut and tell me where you
want to cum? lets play this out together! Remember I’m here and waiting
with my hand already on my wet pussy!
My birthday is rolling around again… much like i like to do between the
sheets! I just love getting things for my birthday! but you know what else
i love? i love giving things for my birthday! like giving a good hard
fuck! a nice sloppy blow job! and most of all.. My birthday spankings! i
love to share them with everyone! with the other girls here at Your
Desires, and with you! so call me and lets have an adult phone chat about
what YOU would like to receive for MY birthday!
Its fall now, and with fall comes early nights and cold mornings. Some
people turn to hot cocoa or a warm blanket, but i have a better idea! Why
don’t you call me and we can have a little adult phone conversation …
guarantee I will warm you up. That’s right, take those cold hands and
slide them right here… oh ya that’s the spot. mmm got something better
to put there?
Mistress Kimberly is a country girls that likes to get down and dirty, and
you are my sissy sex slave arn’t you? Today we are getting into my big ol
truck and going out to get dirty! ” WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You ride in the
back! also take your clothes off you can wear these!” I hand you a pink
lace thong and a pink cowgirls hat. Now pick up that phone and lets see
where else this goes and how dirty we can get.
I cant believe its been a whole year! a whole year of sucking big
throbbing cocks, licking tight wet pussies, teaching little sissy boys how
to dress up pretty and rub there tiny clitty for me,and punishing the bad
little slave boys. its been an entire year of fun, and boy does time fly
when your having fun. i can wait to have more new and exciting playtimes
with all of you! we can relive old favorites or come up with something
totally new!
Balls, they may just be one of my favorite things. they go by so many
names, Balls, testicles, nuts, nards, gonads, dangly bits, sac. so soft
and smooth, while i run my thumb and fingers over them, before i stick my
hot wet tongue out and slide it across them, i so love how they feel as
they slip so smoothly into my mouth, where i proceed to massage them with
my tongue. all the while i can feel them swelling and filling with that
hot load, while they suck up closer and closer to your body making my face
move in so that hot cock glides across my cheek. and the amazing feeling
of them as they release all that hot sticky cum, feeling them jerk and
Toy Box!
Looking through my toy box today deciding what to play with! lets see! I
have three dildos. a pink on about 7 inches long with a nice clitty
tickler attached, a life like one about 8 1/2 inches long, and a G-spot
stimulator ( its blue), i have a nice paddle, a few scarves, two clothes
pins, and a collar. what should i play with today? you decide what and you
decide how! also any recommendations for items i should have are always
I know you all have a dirty dark little secret that you have never told
anyone! we all do! here is your chance to get that off your chest! I want
to hear them all! every last one of them! and I have a plan to to make
your dreams come true. E-mail me at just a little
bit about your fantasy that you hold so close, then the next time you
call we can act it out together! and maybe ill add in my own little
surprise! lets have some xxx rated phone sex and see how I can make all of
your deepest fantasies come true! because this sexy phone slut is always
ready to talk to you!
a gardening tip!
may is the month of flowers..
but remember flowers need to be tended too and watered often! mine
included! shall i be a sweet and innocent daffodil? or a thorny rose?
maybe an exotic forbidden flower? remember boys you must tend your flowers
often to keep them blooming! call me to tend to my flower and let me be
your nighttime flirt!
Come here…a little closer so I can whisper my secret in your ear…
I portray this sweet, innocent and submissive girl…maybe a little bit of
a tease, with my appearance and my voice.

But guess what?! I have a DARK and DIRTY side!

I love inflicting torture on small and unsuspecting beings.

I just may tie you up so you cannot move and inflict increasing amounts of
pain while you writhe and squirm to get away.

I may make you tie a few rubber bands around your balls and then around
that pathetic thing you call a cock! To cut off the blood flow and make
you stroke it for me as I watch it get bigger and bigger…until it is
purple, bulging and ready to burst! Denying you of your sweet, sweet
release which brings me great pleasure.

I may decide to cut off your air supply…while I watch you change colors,
pink to red to purple…mmmm, for you to be unable to speak and have to
convey your desire to be released, to watch you beg me with tears
streaming down from your eyes!

I may or I may not allow you to have your hearts desire when you call me,
but that is part of the thrill…for you but especially for me!

CALL ME to find out if I am in the mood to give you what you want or deny
you so I may hear you BEG!!!

sounds can be an amazing thing …

the rustle of the sheets as you move across the bed,

the sound of lips meeting , kissing,

the sound of tongue intertwining

the sound of skin rubbing together

the sound my mouth makes as it slides up and down your cock

the sound it makes it is slides in my hot wet pussy

the sound our bodies make as your cock slides in and out of me

the sound of your balls slapping against me as you move faster

the sound of my name on your lips as you scream out release

see? sounds are wonderful aren’t they? why don’t you call me and we can share our sounds together
The holidays are coming up fast. It makes me think of all kinds of fun and
kinky things to act out and do. whipped cream is my favorite part of the
holidays it can be so much fun in bed, or the kitchen floor if we dont
make it to the bed. putting it on each other and licking it off … MMMM.
You know what i want for christmas? I want to find a hard cock waiting
under my tree for me to lick and suck and then ride to my hearts content.
mmmm wanna be my present?

Hey all you sexy guys and girls ;) Its my birthday this week. Would you like to do something special for me??? What i want for my birthday is to hear about all your fantasies… maybe I can add a few to my own fantasy list.. mmm so give this sexxxy phone slut a call and tell me your deepest desires.

I believe in astrology… here are a few words from my horoscope sign to describe me: Passion, power, hypnotic, passionate, resourceful, observant, intense, powerful, forceful, mysterious, Extreme, obsessive. I am a Scorpio and we can go from one extreme to the other and anything in between. A Scorpio rules the reproductive organs ;) meaning sex organs and are generally rock star freaky in bed. One of the reasons I love my job is I don’t get enough sex in my real time to satisfy my sexxxual hunger, that is why I love being a phone sex slut. I get to play out even more sex, and satisfy my nympho ways;)


Since I have started here at YD. I have discovered how much I like being a phone slut. I love our one on one phone sex, just as much as I love bringing in one of the other phone sluts here at YD. It turns me on to hear about all your phone fantasies.


I have always had a thing for motorcycles, the power of them, the vibrations, the rumble. Last week I had a fantasy come true. Angie knew how much I loved motorcycles so when she went to work on one last week she took me with her. Oh just looking at the chrome and thinking of the thrill of riding one got me hot and wet. So she was working on it and I was watching, sometimes she would have me sit on it and start it. Oh the rumble it made against my pussy was exhilarating. Of course when you are around a Harley you must wear leather so I wore my leather skirt and a leather vest with nothing under them, and leather thigh high boots. When I was sitting on it and revving it up I was so horny I kept pushing my pussy against the seat, loosing myself in the feeling. Before I knew it someone was climbing on behind me and wrapping his arms around me to grab my tits. I pressed myself up against that person to feel a hard cock pressed against my ass. Straddling the Harley had pushed my skirt up and he brought his hand down to rub my clit. As Angie was still working on it her face was right near my thigh and she brought her face over and started licking my pussy. Before long I was writhing with excitement. He lifted me up and slid me back down on his cock, which was vibrating from the Harley and started fucking me while Angie licked my pussy and revved the engine, changing the vibrations.


I’m new to my dominant side and absolutely loving it! I’m learning new things everyday that I could do to you. I want to make you earn putting your cock in my nice tight pussy. I have games to play and I absolutely LOVE tease and denial. I want to make you hard and throbbing and dripping with precum and so ready for release and then deny that pleasure until you have properly earned it. I want you to be my little sex toy to teach and train to my desires. If I see you have earned it i will reward you! So message me, e-mail me or call me and tell me what toys you have available and I will decide best how to train you!