A Fantasy… Angry Wall Sex

Angry Wall Sex

Ever since I heard someone use that phrase, Angry Wall Sex, I've been
incredibly turned on whenever I thought of it. I never thought it would
happen to me though... until it did.

A friend of mine and her husband were giving a party in their huge new
home, and she invited me. I told her I'd come, of course, although I
really didn't feel like it. I wasn't seeing anyone at the moment, so I
wouldn't have a date, and work had been a drag lately, so I was tired. But
I did the good friend thing and bought a new dress and went.

Lots of people there, and the house looked gorgeous as did the hostess. I
talked to quite a few people there, had a few drinks, (I probably
shouldn't have had any), and decided to get away from the crowd for a bit
and check out the rest of the house. I'm looking around when all of a
sudden I hear footsteps behind me! I whirl around to check it out and
there he is - my ex!!!
"Oh great!" I mutter to myself, "Just what I needed!"

"I knew it was you!" he said.
"Oh hell no!" I said back to him and turned and walked away. He grabbed my
arm and spun me around.
"Come on baby," he said, looking deeply into my eyes.
I pulled away and started to walk further down the hall. "No fucking way,
Chad! I turned around and tried to keep my voice lower and said "How my
times did you cheat on me? Too many to remember right? Go to hell!"
"That was years ago baby, I've grown since then."
"Yeah right!" And then he did the worst thing that he could do, he pulled
me towards him and he kissed me! That was always my Kryptonite! He pushed
me against the hall wall and held my hands up over my head as he kissed me
deeply. I could feel how soaking wet my pussy was getting. All I could
think about was how badly I wanted him to fuck me!

He pulled me over to this little alcove so we could be alone, but by that
time I didn't care if anyone saw us. I started to unzip his pants while he
pulled up my skirt and pushed my panties aside. "I hate you" I whispered
into his ear.
"I know" he said as he shoved his cock deep inside me. He fucked me so
hard and so long right there in the alcove, against the wall, and it was

When we were done we walked back downstairs and rejoined the party. We
were both walking a little wobbly and I could feel some of his cum
dribbling down my leg. I didn't care. I had one more drink and then said
my goodbyes, telling the hostess that I'd had a wonderful time.

I got home fine and Chad was right behind me, so to speak. Needless to
say, our evening hadn't ended yet.

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