My Voice

I was just told that my voice is like a drug. Why don’t you call me and get addicted? ;)

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    Drugs a fella has a CHANCE to say ‘no’. You’re more like the siren’s song, Laura! Once a man hears it, even if he’s lashed to the mast like Odysseus, he’ll NEVER be free of You again!

  • Josh

    Have u ever been in a porno

  • slutOrbi

    Ohh my YES! Your voice, Mistress Laura, is addictive. There have been times in the past when i had TRIED to disobey, but Your voice reappeared in my head and prevented it. **whine*

  • Hi I would love to get hooked on you bb

  • gt


    I have often quietly gazed into your eyes
    Like the countless stars of a midnight sky
    Longed to hear your sweet intoxicating voice
    Weave its way into my heart filling deep voids
    I have yet to quench the thirst of my parched lips
    And have long desired to express erotic eurythmics
    I yearn to gently glide my hands across your soft skin
    As my eyes slowly fill with hunger from deep within
    Each movement methodical, each moment hypnotical
    As bodies blend together as one beneath candle lights
    Exposing silhouettes and muffled breaths long into the night

  • gt

    The Still of Night

    Like glowing embers in the still of night
    Your eyes penetrate my soul and incite
    The words of my heart to touch your lips
    I have waited patiently for what is to come
    And the more I see the sooner I succumb
    Oh how the filtered light exposes your beauty
    Much the way darkness enhance the stars I see

  • gt

    Your Voice

    Wrapped up by the radiant light of a midnight moon
    I find the soft blue glow enhances every part of you
    The gentle winds quietly carry your perfumed scent
    Much like blooming flowers that were heaven sent
    I can see twin peaks rising beneath translucent veils
    Like mountains emerging from endless vapor trails
    Each moment last forever and plays over in my mind
    Much like the memories we will uncover in due time
    With every step you take my breath seems to escape
    Leaving me breathless embracing your tender gaze
    Oh how my desires will be fulfilled beneath your touch
    Knowing the sound of your voice will never be enough

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