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Layla’s Thoughts

[out for blood]

Blood sports can be such fun!
Nothing compares to riding a man hard and fast and then sliiiiiicing the
flesh on his chest and watching the blood run down onto your thighs.
Consensually, of course!
Lest forced is your fantasy :)
Would you rather that? Bound and helpless and being bled?
I’ll play with it, make you taste it, paint your body with it.
It’s best if you relax, let the endorphins do the talkin’…
Feel daring? I dare you to call.
What’s the worst that can happen?
[cum on a journey]

The use of imagination here is so great, there are so many other places we
may not have been able to go otherwise!
And, not to mention, things and people we could be.
There really isn’t any limit on what sort of wild sexual fantasy someone
can come up with, y’know?
And I just love the bizzare ones!
You should spin a fun tale with me, one as erotic and sexy as it is
strange and silly.
My interest’s always piqued when it comes to what gets you going, no
matter how funny it may be!
Call me soon and let’s have some fun!

Imagine yourself, encased in PVS and latex.
You can’t see. You can’t hear. The hood keeps your head and your body
On all fours, back straight and stable.
Be a good boy, hold still, little table!
I need a place to rest my glass, my feet, my ashtray.
I’ll make perfect use of you for that.
Or perhaps I need a seat, and how blessed you are to feel the weight of my
And you won’t budge an inch of course, for fear of punishment and my
In silent stature you serve me, obedience being your top priority.
You’re just an object, just a thing.
Crawl on over to my adult phone chat line, I’d love to put my feet up!

I went to a boutique recently to pick out some new intimates, and was
surprised to see a man working. He was so helpful though, he really knew
what he was doing!
The way he took my measurements, helped me find a good style, fucked me
silly in the dressing room and ate my pussy till I came…
Oh, yes, shall I mention that?
I loved every lacy, silky, netted moment with out bodies coiled together.
He just couldn’t help it I guess, the way I stood there modeling all the
sexy pieces for him, waving and posing my perfect juicy ass.
Mm, his cock was a real seam-ripper, and the strength of his tongue made
me cum so hard I’m still woozy from it.
Gimme a call and I’ll tell you it all :)

Know any sexy games?? Teach me!!
I wanna know what’s out there in regards to some hot fun that will make us
giggle and laugh too :)
I know one of you has to have something up your skirt for me, something
even I haven’t heard of?
Give me the scoop! I’m such a quick learner and I’d love to play them with
you!! Let’s have fun!
My line’s hot and waiting~
[floggy mornings]

You don’t have to misbehave for punishment. All you have to do is be a
pathetic boy! You’ll feel the wrath of my crops and prods, the raw rubbing
of bonds around your limbs. I’ll get you bleeding and bruised in ways
that’ll make your sorry little cock stiffen with the hope of a beautiful
But of course any orgasm you have will be painfully RUINED.
Oh I know you feel helpless when your bloody body’s wrapped up in plastic
wrap like a rotten piece of meat, my hitatchi pressed to your frenulum, a
wooden spoon savagely beating your member as your pearly, blood-stained cum
spurts from your nasty little slug.
I’m so happy every time I mop it up with my dirty panties and shove them
in your piggy little cock washer.
Cum have fun, if you dare?

Every time you describe your body to me I shiver like it’s the first time.
I see in my mind such an enticing vision, and my hands feel the need to
run themselves over it.
I love to follow every line of your body, my fingertips leaving a print of
desire behind.
Your skin so warm and welcoming, the tautness of your muscles and the hard
edges of masculinity.
I can feel my sex pulsating with creamy pink excitement.
I love it all, and I want it all.
To taste and savor your being is a pleasure I’m quite happy to
experience, whenever I can.
I can’t wait to speak again darling, always a pleasure.
[pussy magic]

Pussy is one of my very favorite things in the world :)
The way it feels, tastes, and smells. The way it reacts to my fingers and
I’d love to love on yours!
Phone sex isn’t just for the guys you know, we feminine things can get a
lot of fun and pleasure out of the wires too!
And you know a woman is going to now how to touch you.
I know my way around a vulva indeed, and am delighted to put my knowledge
to good use as I get to work on makin’ you quiver and shake and shout!
I’d love to lavish your body in my soft sensuality and make every curve
tingle with a caress. Of course, if you’re a subbie little lady or a domme
dame I’m just as eager to play with you.
Call me sweet girl, we can work out some fun for both of us!

Where do we keep out pets?
In cages! Cages that keep them in line, cages that keep them in order,
cages that keep them safe.
Why do you want to live outside of one? Everything you need can be
contained within it.
Your food bowl is always full, your water dish never empty.
And all you have to do is behave and satisfy Master!
Give me affection and keep me company, do tricks and follow commands.
And don’t forget, give Master orgasms when it’s called upon.
But you’re such a good, loving pet aren’t you?
I can tell by how readily you crawl into your cage and touch yourself as
you watch me move about the room.
Cum, pet! Cum!

Santa is cumming ya’ll!!
I’ve been getting myself ready for the holiday, when that BIG man slides
his way down my tight, tight chimney to leave me presents :)
I’ve been decking the halls alright…but tell me, will you deck my walls
with strings of your twinkling, pearly cum?
There’s tons of holly everywhere and the rug is looking so fluffy and comfy.
I’d love for you to plow my ass and give me a white Christmas, make me
suck on your candy cane and chug your eggnog….
I sure do love this holiday!!
Call me sweetheart, phone sex is becoming my favorite thing to heat
myself up with during this cold season, I’d love to share it with you.

Oh me oh my, what a bad girl am I!
I need you to teach me a very stern lesson, Professor.
I have been slacking off my homework, smoking on the side of the school
and giving boys hand jobs at lunch.
You won’t tell my parents though, no?
Oh no, You’ll never have to say a word to them.
The way you whipped my ass with that ruler, punishing me for being
naughty, getting my pussy so tingly and juicy for you.
Not a word.
I don’t know if I’ll ever forget you sliding your thick fingers over my
ass before plunging them inside me, moving in and out in and out with all
God, you fucked me so roughly like that, eventually slipping your thumb
into my ass and squeezing my breast beneath me. You went even faster and
harder and I nearly squirted all over, till you picked me up and laid me
on your desk.
I had never seen a cock so big or hard. It felt amazing inside of me, I
loved every moment of it gliding in and out of my dripping little pussy.
Thanks for making me cum so hard with my first orgasm, and thanks for
filling me up with wisdom till it came gushing out ;)

I always had my suspicion that you were into other men.
The way you talk about them and breathe heavily over their muscles.
You were so bashful, it was cute, when you told me.
“Layla I…I want a boy, I want a cock…I want to suck a cock…”
I was so thrilled! I was hoping for the opportunity to open you wiiiiiiide
for the love you so desperately wished to receive.
And what a good boy you were for finding your own, just like I specified :)
I wanted it to be real, you see, you had to pick a boy you desired
clothed, because we wanted absolutely no hesitation while he was nude.
But either way I don’t know that you’d hesitate.
And you did such a good job, taking that cock in your ass. Your pretty boy
face flushed and shimmering with sweat. So cute!
And the way you suck cock? Don’t tell me you never did it before!
Obviously, you had thought about it looooong and HARD before we initiated
you. Can’t wait to chat again sweetness!!

Where’s the boys who like to be brutalized?
When I can do WHATEVER I want with WHATEVER I want?
I’ve had a few of you and I know there’s more of you out there…
Are you scared? Maybe you should be! I have quite the vivid imagination
and a very deep sadistic streak.
But sweet boy, isn’t that what you want?
You want a strong woman to show you just how fragile you really are.
And I can do that for you honey. I’m always happy to knock a guy down a
few pegs!
It’s so fun and such a heart-pounding experience.
Don’t hesitate, just pick up the phone.

A good little houseboy is something I’m always looking to have!
I spend so much time here writhing and cumming that I have trouble keeping
up with my errands and chores!
But my good little houseboy always takes care of it :)
Always there to wipe my counters and wash my panties- collect my mail or
paint my nails.
My laundry is never with a spot, and my floors are never dirty with a
doting boy to work under my will!
But of course I always give him a treat, what kind of mistress would I be
if I didn’t?
You see, my fuck sessions are pretty intense and sometimes it just DRAINS
the energy from me.
And that’s why I love my little houseboy, to come lick and clean away all
the cum and sweat left behind by a real man.
You wanna be that boy?
[leching grey]

Gasp! You pervert!
Dirty old man, get your hands off my thighs!
Don’t you know a young girl like me can’t be caught with you?
Oh please, don’t tempt me, I know you must be so worldly but…
Eeek! Don’t touch me there!
You’re old enough to be my father! What, does that turn you on?
Old creep! Ah! Oh sir nobodies touched me there before, no!
Is this how you get your kicks? I must admit it feels so good but…girls
shouldn’t act this way!
Sir please, I want to be a good girl! Sir please…you’re making me such a
Mmm but I can’t help myself, you’re making my pussy so nice and wet…
Oh please sir, if you must…just please don’t tell my daddy!

Food is good in my body, or on it :)
I know you’ll love stroking your cock thinking about me smearing all sorts
of tasty treats on my tasty self. I look pretty good when I’m filthy.
What’s your favorite food? Where should I put it?
Shall I fuck myself with a carrot? Baguette? Eggplant?
And what should I smear all over my cute little titties or my pipin’ hot pie?
You want I destroy this pretty cake with MY pretty cakes?
Mmmmm and you wanna get that whipped cream running down my pretty stomach
don’t you.
I’m getting hungry, let’s meet for lunch?
Only a call away from a full stomach and empty balls!

I love the feeling of latex and vinyl on my skin, how good it makes my
body and how sensual it makes me feel.
A nice, tight shiny ass and thighs, mmmmmm.
And I’m sure you’d love to feel it on your skin as well.
A gloved hand exploring your body, squeezing here and there.
You love the look of it, I look as impenetrable and indestructible as a
steel wall, with all the bounce and firmness of a rubber bullet.
And it drives you wild.
Come enjoy my adult chat line with me, get you down to your bare skin as I
slip into a second one and take control.

We don’t have to have sex you know!
Sometimes a guy just wants to have someone to talk to, and I’m always open
for that!
Not everyone has a happenin’ social life, or someone they feel they can
confide in.
But it’s all good! Layla to the rescue!!
I’m a good listener, and I like to be good company.
I’d love to sweet-talk your blues into the shadows.
It’s not everyday you find a girl like me!
So if you’re feeling a little lonesome sweetheart, or like you need
someone to talk to- don’t be afraid to call!!
Sure! It’s a phone sex directory, but we can talk about whatever!
I’m always happy to help take a load off in more than one way.
Don’t be shy :)
[fast and furious]

Harder baby harder!
I want you to make me cum
Over and over again
I want to feel the power of your rod coursing through my body
Faster baby faster!
You’re gonna make me cum the way you’re thrusting
I wanna take you in as deep as you can go
And I want you to pound me like the naughty little slut I am
Baby please won’t you call?
I know you’re a skilled man
I know you have great stamina
I want you to destroy my pussy with a furious fucking!!

I have so many lacy underthings. They compliment my sleek little body so
But what about yours? Don’t you wanna model them for me?
I bet your cock and balls look so cute sitting snugly inside them.
Well, you’ll have to shave your bush so I can keep a clear view!
Awwww, you’re so darling! I love the way you look in my lacy intimates :)
Mmmmm,how about you rub a little special tribute out while you wear them,
for me?
I bet you’d like that, feeling so sexy and naughty.
How could you resist? I bet knowing that you’re wearing them while nobody
else could tell was such a turn-on.
Call me, let me put my panties on you!!

A messy bed is a good indication of a job well done.
Pillows on the floor, the sheets tangled with the comforter.
Maybe a few little feathers here and there.
And of course some nice big sloppy stains spattered all over!
A great little reminder of all the juicy, jizzy glory.
Mmmmm, I love it when it’s wild, don’t you?
Let’s loosen up these sheets and make stains of our own, what do you say
My super hot xxx phone sex line is waiting for you!

A nice hot bath is so relaxing. I love submerging my lithe, taut body in
soapy water and breathing away the day’s stress.
My body feels so light in the full tub, and my senses seem to heighten
when I close my eyes and sink till my ears are below the surface.
I sway my arms gently in the water and feel it’s ripples all over my
stomach and nipples, listen to the muffled sound of it rolling over my
limbs. I slide my hand down my torso till I find the tender little spot
between my legs. I rub and warm, pleasurable sensations flow down my
thighs and up into my belly. I quiver and heave, feeling the arousal and
pleasure become more and more intense with each rotation of my fingers.
Arching my back…the dry air on my breasts, water beading and running
down from my stiff nipples into the tub…I climax, my gasps and cries
echo off the tiles, accompanied by the sound of gentle splashing. There’s
a quiet, I relax back into the water and sigh deeply- a nice rosy glow on
my cheeks. I love cumming clean :)

I’ve gotten used to coming out of good, hard fucking sessions quite the mess.
My hair will be damp with sweat and cum, knots and tangles formed from
being grabbed by rough, hot hands.
My make-up will be smeared on my face- running mascara and smudged
eyeliner. Eye shadow and highlighter rubbed off, a missing earring, bruises
blooming all over my body.
But would the sex have been the same if it didn’t leave me like that?
I don’t think so! And I’m not about to trade it in for a clean appearance
Come have some one-on-one phone sex with a real phone girl baby, make a
mess of me.
[animal urges]

I’m open to some things people may get squeamish about.
But I think those people just need to be let off their leash.
I know it’s taboo baby but I’m not afraid.
Dogs, horses, donkeys…
What animal do you want to see me satisfy? Take your pick!
I’m not too shy, you don’t have to be either.
I love the feeling of anyone’s cock in my mouth and body, and anyone’s
tongue flicking my clit. Even if that someone is named Spot!
Sex is a rather instinctual thing, isn’t it?
Call me, let’s have some nasty sex talk!
[little dick bitch]

I love it when you pathetic bitches call me for some humiliation.
I’m sure every day waking up and looking down is a round of humiliation in
and of itself, but I know it’s being degraded by a gorgeous woman you’ll
never have or please that does it for you.
I mean, there’s not much more that little bud’s good for other than my
entertainment, right?
Hahah, it’s not like you could make me feel anything with it :)
But that’s okay, I’ll just have to make you suffer for where you fall
very, very short.
And I’m sure that won’t be too hard, such a little dick usually comes with
little balls and I’m sure that makes you feel just oh so tender!
Ring me up little dick bitch, I could use a laugh!
[double stuffed]

Mmmmm, what do you think should have a cock in it, my pussy or my ass?
Why not both?! I would love nothing more baby. I wanna be sandwiched
between you and another hot rod, the two of you sliding in and out of me
at the same time, the heads of your cocks almost rubbing themselves
together inside me. It’d feel so good babe, and I just melt thinking about
it. I love it so much when you destroy my pussy, pumping hard and fast
making my little titties jiggle and shake, while he slowly and firmly
thrusts in and out of my ass. Two speeds, an amazing combination of
sensations! A delicious finish would be me on all fours, streams of cum
running out of my pussy and ass…the two of you cleaning me with great
Call and let’s stuff me to the gills!!

Like group sex? I do too! The more the merrier of course!
It’s one thing to experience all the sucking and fucking, it’s another to
experience it as you see others experience it.
No worries about keeping it up or slick, there’s always quite the eyeful
to keep you going!
I love being passed around from cock to cock, pussy to pussy. Filling and
being filled, free love all around! I can’t get enough out of everyone in
the room, and that big finish when I’m panting in a messy, wet pile always
keeps me coming back for more.
You got any wild party memories yourself? We can swap stories then swap
some fluids, how’s that sound to you?
Aren’t you happy to have access to such an awesome phone sex directory?
I am!!!

Foot worship is a great way to let a Goddess know how important she is.
Rubbing and kissing and adorning what connects her to the Earth.
You must paint my nails nice and neat, and don’t you go being too rough!
I love seeing how much you appreciate them, kissing the bottom of my
arches and sucking on each of my toes. It’s so cute to watch and it feels
so good! And I know you get real pleasure out of it too, otherwise you
wouldn’t take knee so quickly when I removed my socks now would you?
If you’re a real good boy, I’ll let your slide your hard little prick
between them and make sweet, adoring love to them! That excite you? The
thought of your hot cum running down my pretty, pedicured feet?
Are you a foot worshiper? I hope you are!
Don’t hesitate to call me, I’ll walk all over you…you know you want me to!

I wanna be taken again like I was on that table.
Broken dishes, cutlery on the floor…my skirt hiked all the way up and
you happily shucking my wet little oyster.
Was it the wine that got you so uncorked or was it the way my ass looked
in my cocktail dress as I plated our food? Whatever it was you sure had an
The oven-roasted chicken breasts weren’t quite as hot as mine.
And the cream-filled pastries couldn’t hold a candle to my cream-filled
pussy! What excuse shall I give for the stains that will surely be visible
come my next dinner event?
Did it hit the spot? Fill you up just right? I can say so for myself!
I sat down so hungry and found myself absolutely STUFFED by the end of the
I’m satiated for now baby, but you know I’ll always be hungry again.
[if it fits]

You must fuck it!
Tell me about what you get yourself off with!
I’ve heard so many creative and unorthodox methods from you guys already I
just have to ask: what CAN’T you use and what is the CRAZIEST thing you’ve
ever used??
What did it feel like? Feel GOOD? Did you use it on someone else? Did you
borrow it and, gasp! Did you get in trouble? Don’t be embarrassed! I’m
only giggling because I’m so tickled pink by your ingenuity!
I wanna know!! I myself have used some pretty interesting things as toys
but I’m always curious about what MacGyveresque ideas you guys have!
So don’t be shy fellas, let me in on your dirty little secret and who
knows what I’ll do next time I’m in a pinch ;)
[bad girl]

Sometimes it’s ME who likes to be bent over and punished!
My round, plush bottom is the perfect receiver for your big hand to make
Have I been a bad girl? Do you wanna let me know it? I bet you could teach
me a lesson I’ll never forget! And you know I won’t!
My little body draped over your lap, frilly white intimates bright against
my brown skin. How could such a sweet thing be so naughty?
C’mon daddy make some noise! I want my bottom to be blushing bright and
stinging just right before you get any ideas about my dripping orifices.
Let’s have sex on the phone, and start it off with a smack!!

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