Madison’s Fantasies

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Madison’s Fantasies

You and I are traveling together for work, and staying in separate rooms
at the best hotel in the city. You are the president of the company and I
am your relatively new assistant. I have an MBA so I am much more than a
secretary, more like you’re grooming me to be your right hand person. You
are known for rewarding the people who are loyal to you very handsomely,
and they go far in the company and have lots of opportunities.

I am wearing a nice, professional suit with a jacket, blouse and pencil
skirt, with some very nice lingerie underneath- I like to dress
professionally, but I know I have the kind of face and body that attracts
attention (which I don’t mind). You are in a dress shirt and tie.

When you answer the door to your hotel suite it’s me bringing you a new
draft of the report we have to finish tonight to present to the board
tomorrow. You sit down at the desk to read it; I lean in over your
shoulder just as you lean back in the chair and our bodies meet. Neither
one of us moves away, as we both have been wanting this… We pause a
moment, looking at each other in the mirror over the desk, and you ask if
I really want this…I tell you that I’ve wanted this since the day I met
you. I tell you I want everything, that I am giving my whole self to

You ask if I trust you and I say, “completely.” You stand up and walk
around behind me, and I bend my head back to kiss you – gently at first,
then more forcefully. I respond in kind, my breathing shallow. You turn
me around to face the full length mirror on the wall, with you behind me
looking over my shoulder at our reflection. You begin to kiss my neck and
run your hands over me. While you don’t know it, I like it to hurt, and I
want you to hurt me. You pull my jacket off my shoulders and lay it on the
chair, and then you unbutton your blouse, all the time rubbing my breasts.

I start to moan, and you pull my bra down and let my breasts fall free and
you begin to rub my nipples. You pinch one nipple just a bit and I jump,
and beg you to pinch more. You start to pinch harder, and I start to moan
louder, begging you to pinch harder and harder. I slip my hand inside my
skirt and into my panties and start to rub my clit, and I cum suddenly,
loudly. My knees buckle and you catch me, shocked at what you saw in the
mirror – me losing complete control of myself. You pull me upright against
you as I recover. You pick me up and set me on the desk as I catch my
breath. I start pulling you toward me, rubbing your cock through your
pants, and I start begging for your cock.

At every opportunity I beg you to fuck me hard, to hurt me, to make me yours.

Oh, how I want you to help me finish this fantasy…
He calls, she answers “hi how you doing” etc…it’s very nice and
friendly. She says she wants to please him and wants to take care of him.

Especially sexually. She is very sweet and complimentary, she calls him
Baby, sweetie, darling, and honey… He likes it when she does that. He
likes it when she says he’s a good boy.

He likes it when she talks nasty about all the sexy things she wants to do
with him.

She knows he likes blow jobs. Wet, sloppy, deep throat, eye contact, and

She asks what he’s wearing.

She tells him to touch himself through his clothes until he starts to get
aroused. She tells him to strip naked. She tells him to touch himself with
fingertips for a short time. She wants him to tell her when he is fully
aroused. He does. She tells him to put lube on with only fingertips. Then
she tells him she wants him to get himself to the edge of orgasm as
quickly as he can, and to tell her when he gets there. She keeps track of
the time in seconds. She encourages him and tells him to hurry. She talks
about how she wants him to come and describes different scenarios where
she makes him come. When he gets to the edge and has to stop she tells him
how good he is and to hold it and wait…then she takes over telling him
when to start and stop. She gives him about the same amount of time it
took him to get to the edge the first time. And then she gives him fewer
and fewer seconds each time. She is encouraging and sexy and sweet to him.
She takes over giving specific directions. Telling him different ways to
do it – use slow long strokes , bottom to the top-go faster -slow down-etc
stop for just a second etc- short fast strokes at the tip – speed up slow
down -twist – switch hands – turn your hand over- two hands etc.. She
changes what he’s doing frequently. She is very sexy and playful. When he
gets close he says “slow” or “please” if he has to slow down so he doesn’t
come. Or he says “stop” or “please” when he has to stop. He only has to stop
usually for just a second. And she tells him start back up slowly. Every
time he gets to the edge she tells him he is doing good says he is good
boy etc.
I first met Sir when I was interviewing for a position in his company. I
was not interviewing to be his personal secretary, but after my initial
interview within his HR department, he asked me for a personal meeting. He
told me that he liked my resume, my style and my seemingly unwavering
dedication to pleasing my employers. He had been searching for a very
special person to take over the position. He was very demanding, he told
me. I felt nervous, shy around him, but I needed this job desperately and
I just knew I would do anything he asked of me.

First, he told me, that I would dress exactly how he wanted me, every
single day. If this meant he would have a specific outfit sent to me by
courier, that is what it would be. He told me that should I fail to dress
in the manner he saw fit, I would be sent home and not paid for that day.
Not only that, I would be disappointing him. He often told me after a
direct order “Do not disappoint me, Madison.” I do not know what it was
about him, but I really never wanted to make him upset or disappointed. I
was going to try to be a very good secretary.

My first day of work, I awoke and found a package had been delivered late
the night before to my doorman. It was a large rectangle box, wrapped in
plain brown paper. No return address, not postage, just my name written
very neat in bold masculine print. I knew it must be from him. I laid the
package on my bed and went to take a shower. I could not stop thinking
about him. I had only met him once, of course, and he WAS to be my boss,
but he was so very handsome. So in control. Commanding. I found myself
soaping up my young lithe frame, hands running over my small pert breasts.
My breathing was coming quicker and I had to stop myself from masturbating
to orgasms right there under the steaming faucet. I did not want to be
late for my first day!

To be continued….
“Come on, I want that big cock of yours in me.” I beg. Instead, you push
your face in between my legs and find that wet spot on my panties. You
suck on my pussy with firm pressure through my thong. “Ohhhhh” I moan as
you tug my thong to the side and begin licking. Surprised you are going
down on me instead of bending me over and fucking. Your tongue parts my
wet pussy lips as you keep licking.
“Oh fuck! It’s so good.” I whimper as my legs begin to twitch. I gasp as
you move to my swollen clit and flick it with your tongue. Slither your
tongue back down my pussy lips and find my hole. My hands running through
your hair as you continue to get me revved up. Tongue fucking my pussy.
My breathing begins to increase, you being licking faster, which makes my
moans increase as well. I start gently pulling you deeper into my
delicious wetness.
Knowing I am close, You move to my clit and begin to quickly lick it while
simultaneously tugging it in between your lips. I pull you hard into my
cunt, legs stiffen and I scream “Fuck!!”
You keep the pressure. Then focus on lapping up my cum. Mmmmmmm I can tell
you love the taste of my pussy. My legs trembling around you.

You give me the most intense orgasm.

You find that unique trigger button every pussy has. I will have to keep
cumming back to you for more!! MMMMMM I love all this sex talk with you!
I love when you tell me all about how you pimp out your wife. You need a
Mistress to help and you chose me! You raking in the money for each cock
that goes into any one of those holes. Your wife tells you some of her
secret fantasies. One of them is being gang raped and taking one huge cock
after another. So we secretly set up a scenario for each fantasy she has
told you about. Very carefully picking out each of the men to be involved.
Setting the scene just perfectly.
It all takes place. Your wife never knowing it was all a set up. But,
funny thing. She never tells you she was cornered and took a pounding from
six huge cocks. Guess we did a good job picking each man! She must have
enjoyed it to be keeping this information from you.
Then, you set up one party after another and sit back and watch as I get
tied up and fingers and throbbing cocks go into my mouth, pussy and ass.
You stroke your dick with a smirk on your face. So proud of the work
you’ve done. Making me cum repeatedly while I take a pounding from all of
these strangers