Madison’s Thoughts

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Madison’s Thoughts

Thank you for training me, Sir. You asked me so many times if I knew what I was getting into and I agreed. I do want to be your girl. I know that
this collar makes me yours. I will wait patiently in my corner until you come back and give me further instructions. Every time I hear your keys in
the door I get so excited and dripping wet. I am grateful you are back but I have to remember not to be too eager. I remember the last time I was.
Now I am waiting. Maybe today will be the day you will let me cum.

I want to give you the best xxx phone sex call you have ever had! Stroke your cock for me and make my pussy dripping wet. Tell me how you want to
fuck me and every place you want to slide your dick into. Don’t be shy. I want to hear you! I want to know what gets you squirming and pushes you to
the very edge until you can’t handle it anymore and have to shoot that huge load of cum for me. Let me know right before you cum. I want to cum
with you! I can’t wait to be a dirty little phone whore for you!

Daddy caught me today. I saw him in the shower and just couldn’t help it. I started rubbing my pussy. Daddy asked me what I was doing. I got so shy
and bright red cheeks. I didn’t know what to say but he made it all better and sat me down to talk. Daddy said it was ok and showed me that I make
his dick get hard when he sees my in my cute little panties. Daddy started to tickle me and then showed me how to rub my pussy even better than I had been doing.

Guess what happened then? Daddy showed my how to play with him too! I was daddy’s good girl! Wanna find out how I learned how to play with daddy?
Pick up the phone for some xxx phone sex! Maybe you want my panties too so you can remember what a good girl I have been for you!

Save me! Feeling so horny and needing release. I can only play with my pussy alone so many times before I need help getting pushed right over the
edge! I know you can get me there.. Sex talk with you? Perfect! Pick up the phone so we can play and you can tell me exactly what I must do for
you.. Can we bring in one of my sexy friends? Or maybe you don’t want to let me cum. Bring that sexy girl into my room just to tease me. Or let me
play with her tight little pussy and suck on her nipples.. MMM you know how much I love my girl on girl action! Which girl will I get to play with
tonight? I just can’t choose by myself. They are all so sexy!

A New Year is coming up so soon! I better come up with my New Years Resolutions. Wanna help me out? Then you can help me stay on track too.
Sir told me I have been a greedy girl and need more training. Will you help me out with my training or will you make me a naughty girl and let me
cum over and over again with you? You know I will do as I am told and I am great at keeping our secrets!

Now that the holidays are over it is time to sit back and relax! Done with family get togethers, traveling and all of that planning… Now some time
for you! Get ready to pull out that cock and have some sex on the phone with me! Gift cards are the perfect present, right? You can use them here
with all of your HO HO wHOres to have the best time you’ve had all season!!! Looking forward to filling all of YourDesires tonight!

Have I been naughty or nice?? What will Santa bring me? Hmm I wonder if it will be a new toy, or maybe some hot sex on the phone, sexy outfits and heels..
Uh-oh. What if I am on the naughty list… I am always hearing what a naughty girl I am. I will be ready for my spankings if that is what Santa has in store for me!

Mmmm holidays are here!!! The best time of year for me to do all of my baking. Of course I am wearing nothing but my little apron. Ass shaking as I mix all of this tasty cookie dough.. Start talking dirty to me and maybe I will untie this apron and let it fall to the floor. Lick all of this frosting off of my nipples and fuck me. Right here in my kitchen…

I am grateful for all of the training you have given me, Sir. I know how you like me. How I can make you pleased with me. Two fingers in my pussy, two fingers out. Thumb on my clit. I am ready for you Sir. Waiting until you give me permission to start rubbing my thumb around my swollen clit and getting closer and closer… I will not go over. I will stop at whatever number you tell me. Will it be a seven? Maybe an eight or nine today. The way you start talking dirty to me and then we play out a fantasy that you know will make it almost unbearable for me. I know better though.

With Sundays and Mondays off now… I think I will start going to some sports bars to pick up on all those boys watching football! Not that I know anything about football. Just a horny girl on the hunt for a man who needs to wind down after an intense game. Take that stress out on me. You know I am a good girl, here to take whatever you throw my way. Beat my ass to help you feel better about the beating your team took. I’m Game!

Mmm with so many fuck buddies how do I choose which one for tonight? The huge cock? The one who bends me over the second I walk in the door and spanks my ass for making him wait? The one who will do anything to please me? Ohhh, please help me pick! Lets have some sex on the phone so you can see what kind of mood I am in. Or.. Maybe I won’t have to just pick one! Tell me what I should do. Or call me to tell me all about what you are going to do to me.

Starting to work evenings. I wonder who I might get to play with. What kind of new fun will I find? Ready for some hot sex on the phone with you! You can find me 2pm-10pm PST Tuesdays thru Saturdays. I am always up for finding new exciting fantasies I haven’t played out before..Maybe you need to find out what I like? Call me and share yours with me!

I am in for a surprise overnight visit!!! My mind is racing with all of the sexy fun I will be having! Keep your baby girl company tonight daddy? Let’s have some fun sex talk all night long while I play with my wet little pussy!! Tell me how I can thank you for giving me a load of hot cum!! It is Thanksgiving afterall and I am not a selfish girl tonight!

I think it is so adorable how excited you get when I start blowing up your balloons. I watch your eyes grow wider and wider the bigger and more round the balloon gets. My chest rises, taking in air so I can send another big breath into the ever expanding latex. I see you, your eyes dart from where my mouth meets the balloon, down to my chest. Naughty boy. I can feel you rubbing your hands and your hardening cock on my stockings. You are
getting so anxious! What am I going to do with these big, full balloons? Oh…you know what I am going to do, silly! I am going to POP them!
I had a call the other day that made me so wet! This man and his
girlfriend had been wanting to have a threesome for a long time. He calls
me regularly and tells me how much they have been wanting to do this, but
could never find a girl that really appealed to both of them. So we would
role-play that I was that girl. It was always really sexy, but this time
was different. He was so excited when he got a hold of me. He told me they
had finally met someone they both were really attracted to. The best part
was, she wasn’t even 20 yet, and still a virgin! He told me she was
petite, with blonde hair and small perky breasts. It was massively hot to
hear him tell me how they taught her how to eat pussy and suck cock. They
warmed her up fingering her and sucking on her tits and pussy. He said she
was not shy at all about taking this big step. Losing her virginity in a
threesome was quite the fantasy for this girl and she was eager for it! I
cannot wait to tell you all about it!
I can’t help but to drive myself wild with the thought of being bent over
the tailgate of your truck in a dim parking garage, panties down.
My pussy’s aching and oozing with desire, my bare ass exposed to the
chilled air, your rough hands sliding up the back of my thighs before
coming up and firmly squeezing each cheek.
I’m so eager to feel you push your way inside of me, but to my surprise I
feel a wet, warm tongue flicking my clit and massaging my hood. I shiver
and gasp, you suck my hard little knob into your mouth and slap my ass. I
can feel my thigh muscles start to quiver. I open my mouth and let out a
loud cry of pleasure, I can feel you smiling into my slippery wet cunt.
You pull back and I can feel the tip of your cock swirling round and
round, stretching my tight hole as your fingers tangle in my hair.
Suddenly, I feel it all slip in, smooth and hard as a rock. You pound me
hard and fast right there in that garage, and I lose control.
I was sad to hear you hurting your back. I like to think you had a good
time at the hospital, though!
My hand slips up my skirt when I think about how intimately the nurse
cares for you. At night when you’re lying back in bed she comes and makes
sure you’re comfortable. Always with a warm smile. I can see as her hand
slips into the covers as she leans over to kiss your cheek. Her skin so
soft against you, rubbing up and down on your rapidly stiffening cock.
I love to think about how good it must feel, and how wet she’s getting from
it. I feel myself getting wet when I think of you shooting a hot load all
over her hand while her tongue caresses yours. There wasn’t a moment you
were aware of the nurse from the front desk, leaning against the threshold
of the door squeezing her breasts and rubbing her mound against stiff
wood. Until of course her moans became too loud to ignore and the head
nurse stormed in to see what all the commotion was for!
I bought a dartboard over the weekend. I don’t know why, but I just felt
like it might be a bit of fun when the girls come over. Little did I know
how fun it would be when one of my guys come over. Usually, when a lover
comes to my house, I am so ready to get it on, we don’t bother with any
games that can’t be played laying down. Sunday night was different. He
came over, some beer in hand, I had just gotten home from work and was
needing to unwind a bit… I showed him my dartboard, letting him know
what a great aim I have. He raised his eyebrow and took it as a challenge.
Ha, he thought he could beat me so I immediately decided we would play a
game. The loser had to do anything the winner wanted. Needless to say I
won. Several times. Over and over until the sun was coming up and he was
late for work. I know you want to hear all about it.
I was stripping off my clothes before I even shut the front door, leaving
a trail behind me as I made my way into the bedroom. Work had been very
stressful, but it had not stopped Sir from using me early in the morning
and at lunch. He had, however, been distracted by a last minute conference
call just before his end of day rituals were to begin, so he sent me home
to prepare for him.

Naked now, I knelt in front of the full length mirror in the corner of the
master bedroom. As instructed, I placed my left thumb in my mouth. As I
gazed at myself in the mirror, I became flushed. Anticipation, desire,
embarrassment coursed through me. I was sucking my own thumb as if it were
Sir’s thick cock. He was not even here to check to make sure I was doing
it. I was doing it simply because the power of his will compelled me to be
good for him.

My other hand grazed down my naked body, briefly pausing on my erect
nipples before traveling down towards my already aching pussy. Sir likes
to keep me on edge all day, and today was no different. I have been
yearning for an orgasm for days now, he told me tonight would be the
night…if I was good.

I will be good, Sir! I am good, Sir!
I just love walking in to the phone ringing and a sexy man asking me for
some fun, dirty sex talk. What a better way to start off my morning than
to role play a hot fantasy with a stud who wants me to fuck his wife in
front of him. I knew I had his dick so hard he could barely contain
himself. He tried to hold off blowing his load as long as he could, but I
guess the idea of me sitting on his wife’s face while I sucked his cock
was just too much for him! He blew that fat load all over my slutty face
in no time! I am still so horny!
Part of the reason having phone sex is fun is getting to relive some of
the beginnings of my sexual experience again and again. The first time he
spanked me I wasn’t expecting it; we had been fucking pretty steadily for
about two weeks and things had gotten rougher and rougher….I was getting
used to coming out of sex a little banged up and with bruises blooming all
over for a couple days after. I liked it. He had laid me down and was
running his big, calloused hands from my naked shoulders down my spine and
then skipping my ass all together to rub from the tops of my thighs down
to my ankles. And then all sensation stopped. I sensed something
changing, and although I was afraid I could also feel my already dripping
pussy clench and wait for what I just knew was about to come.


The full force of his huge hand slamming onto my bare ass shook the entire
bed and I immediately felt my eyes fill with tears. But at the same time
I teared up there was also a shudder of desire sent through me that I had
never felt before. I wanted it again. I looked over my shoulder at him
and smiled, whispered “Thank you , Daddy…..”, and braced myself for what
would happen next.
So you want to start with some foreplay? Ok! It will be different every
time. Being so horny.. My needs and wants are constantly changing!
Sometimes I may want your soft kisses down my neck and to my hard nipples
while you give them a good sucking. Then other times, bend me over, push
my sexy panties to the side and ram that hard cock into my dripping little
pussy. Maybe I am looking for a tease or maybe I just want to get right to
the amazing orgasms!!

Are you looking to find out what makes me so wet? Is it you down in front
of me kissing my thighs and pushing a finger into me then sliding your
tongue all over my clit? Making me moan while I ride your face.. Or, is it
that throbbing cock? Me unzipping your pants and slobbering all over your
head then you ramming your dick down my throat. Getting ready for when you
finally pull me up and you and slide that huge cock right into my pussy.
Tell me all of the things you want to do to me! How bad you have been
yearning for my titties bouncing in your face and smothering you. How long
you are going to pound that cock into me. What about all of those
spankings? I love being your good little girl and doing what I am told.
Whatever pleases you!
You are sitting at the bar. I come and sit next to you and start flirting
a little. Then, out of no where I get up and walk out. So you come
walking out after me. I see you and start to run. You chase after me as I
duck down a dead end alley. You shove me up against the wall and reach up
under my skirt and rip my panties off. I try to push you away but you have
me pinned against that wall. You start to finger me then ram your dick
hard and deep into my wet pussy… My plan worked! HA and you thought you
were taking me against my wishes.. Silly little boy!
Standing in the kitchen washing dishes when you come home and see me in
my sexy little skirt and tank top… I have been waiting for you to take
me all day. Come up behind me kissing my neck, push my skirt up and start
rubbing my clit. I turn around and push you to your knees and shove your
face into my pussy. I love that long tongue, sitting on your face while
you lick my clit and tongue fuck my pussy! MMM you are so good with that
mouth! My pussy juice running down your chin. You get rock hard and so
close to blowing that load while eating me out… But you save it. Bend me
over the counter and fuck my tight little hole until I can’t take anymore!
Now it is my turn to be down on my knees. Tasting my pussy juice all over
your cock. YUM! I do taste good:) Blow that load and make a mess of me!!
My first camchat ever… There you are. Beautiful long legs, skirt,
pantyhose and sexy heels. Modeling and showing off those sexy legs. Give
me a twirl and show me that ass! You pull down those pink panties and let
me see that cock! Tied off with a pair of nylons. So red, huge. Ready to
blow a load! But you make me wait. When you come back all tied up and in a
sexy babydoll nighty. Using silky pantyhose as ties. Hooked to your heels
for control on how tight you pull on your throbbing dick. Tying them just
right so that movement creates even more pressure… It’s like you have
done this before. You are so good at breaking me in. Getting to watch the
beautiful show you put on for me. Doing what I tell you. Stroke that cock
for me. Cup those balls and give them a little squeeze. Slap that
throbbing cock! Putting on such a great show for me.. I can’t wait for
more to cum!!
I walk in on you jacking off. With all those guests out there… what are
you thinking?? Who are you thinking about?
WOW!! Your dick is huge. She tells me about it all the time. Those
poundings you give her, that tongue as you lick her clit and slide your
fingers in her pussy, her choking on your dick as you ram it in her her
mouth, that rock hard cock slamming into her wet pussy over and over,
those big hands cupping her tits.
I just had no idea.. She is so lucky. My jealousy is getting the best of me.
I can’t help myself. I come over and start stroking that cock for you. You
reach up my shirt and play with my hard nipples. I put my mouth around
your dick and start sucking it. Lucky I wore a skirt to this party! Push
my panties to the side while I sit on your lap and slide your cock into
Oh god, don’t let anyone walk in on us. I want your load of warm cum
dripping down my legs the rest of the night! Only me and you can know. Our
little secret. She is my best friend after all. Don’t want to be the cause
of her broken heart… Or do I??
I love laying poolside in your backyard! Nice fence for privacy, in my
bikini soaking up the sun. You rubbing oil alll over my body. I can hear
the neighbors outside.. Having a BBQ again.
You slowly start fucking me.. I’m moaning just loud enough to catch their
attention. We act like we don’t know.. But I can see them peeking over the
fence. It makes me sooo wet knowing they are watching me take that
throbbing cock! You start pounding me harder and deeper. Where will you
blow that huge load? My pussy? My Tits? Or maybe let me taste that cum as
you shoot it in my mouth!
Today is a day all about me. Just got done at the salon… Haven’t been to
the movies in a while. Sounds fun. I sit in the dark theater all the way
in the back. By myself. Then I see you walking back toward me and coming
down my row.. Of all these empty seats. But still you keep coming closer.
You sit down in the seat right by me. As the movie starts we don’t say a
word or look at each other. Suddenly I start to feel the soft caress of
your hand in my hair, then moving to my neck.. I put a hand on your knee
gripping just slightly. You move your hand down my shoulder. What is this
feeling. I am excited, but unsure. Do I lift the arm rest? How far do I
go. Will you move your hand down to my leg and slide my dress up? Call me
and help me finish my fantasy!!!!