First Night with Nikki

Oh I am trembling…. with overwhelming excitement … !!!
It is my very FIRST night here ALONE with Nikki…
I can’t wait to see where this goes. The fun we are going to have … this is only the beginning.
But I am feeling a little shy…
Come play with US help me break the ice…. Her lips …her hips…her BODY! oh Please!! yes.. Let’s have some fun.. I want her to take me.

5 comments to First Night with Nikki

  • Scott

    Maggie I think Nikki is beautiful. So let her enjoy your amazing body. I sure you two will get into each other. I would love to watch and then join in.

  • Maggie

    Scott you are such a tease!!
    And yes we have had soo much fun together… enjoyed each other maybe a little tooooo much …okay maybe not. You should defiantly come watch and join in on our dirty fun…

  • Amber

    I just know I damn well wanted to stay here last night and play too- was hard leaving two such pretty ladies!!

  • Nikki

    Oh Maggie, I get SO wet every time I think about what fun we had on our first night together. I cannot wait for more nights like that! Maybe Scott will join us? Ooooo, and Amber too!

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