Oh baby.. it’s gettin crazy

Oh YES!! It’s getting crazy tonight!!
Sherry …and I… here in the house.. alone.. mmm.. the thoughts kep racing through my mind. . Making me wetter and wetter… Sherry keeps teasing.. me

I know she loves my heels.. but damn… she keps touching my thighs..

Come tempt us more.

3 comments to Oh baby.. it’s gettin crazy

  • Scott

    She should get to tease you tonight Maggie, after you doing it to her last night. As they payback is a bitch lol.

  • Sherry

    Mistress Maggie is putting it out there tonight- Yes, I did touch your legs Mags and I’ll keep it up all night long. I can hear your wonderful heals pumping and it’s getting so crazy. And Scott, you’re next!

  • Amber

    hummmm Our Scott. are you teasing the girls again? You know what happens when you tease.. we tease back….

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