Maggie’s Fantasies

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Maggie’s Fantasies

Who is this person standing before me.
Claiming all these emotions I know nothing about.
I want to feel it.
I don’t like the coldness that most of the time runs through me.
That same coldness that forces me to push everyone away ..
I want to feel this soul touching me…inside me…
I need the release.. I need the stimulation. .
I need the love.
In in this moment… I am learning to trust and I am finally being
trusted the way I deserve to be.. the way I have proven to be,
yet no one cares to try.
This feeling and urge to let go takes over my body.. my entire mind.
I want to feel it to my bones…

So, I open up… I spread my legs and allow this force to ease into me.
Into my soul.
Each thrust inches deeper inside me…
Into the depths of me.
Each moan I cry out ..
Tells of my wanting and needing of this very moment.

I long for it.. I search for it… I am in a trance of love and desires…
Willing to do anything and all things at any moment for this
very feeling.
I hope i get to stay intranced in this sexual galexy… forever.
His Touch

His touch makes me tingle. Very inch of my body. Vibrating.
Taking me places I have never been before.
His eyes captivate me…so much so that I get lost in them for so long.
When he slides himself into me I feel every inch, every curve and every
single grove of his big dick deep inside of me.

Every moment I spend with him tangled up in emotional, intense sex takes
me to another world. A world of nothing but orgasms and bliss.
It”s like a drug. I’m like an addict.
I crave the time he spends between my legs. even if I cant express it in

My body is always sending off signals to him… but like all boys/ men ..
he rarely notices. I’m walking around giving little touches and being
flirty and most the time he doesn’t notice. but that’s all okay.
He somewhat makes up for it when he slides his head in between my legs and
slips his tongue into my soaking wet pussy.
Making me cum in that manner has never happened. He does it though and oh
so very very well.

An itch i cant seem to scratch has taken over… every sexual sensor in my
mind and body.
Deep Throat

Believe it or not.
I think about sucking huge fat cock quite often.
I actually completely love it.
Licking it.. teasing it.. flicking it with my tongue.
Sometimes if it’s too big I will lick and try to wrap my tongue around it
from the side.
I ESPECIALLY Love it when the guy takes control.. grabbing my hair,
shoving my face further onto his cock.
Pushing his huge dick deeper into my mouth..
Then he starts to control my head by moving pulling my hair..moving my
head back and forth. I love it when a guy takes control or coaches me
along the way while giving him head. Even though I know I am the best cock
sucker he ever had.
I absolutely enjoy when a man totally fucks my face and doesn’t care if I
gag or spit… In fact he wants me to. He wants to watch me struggle as I
am gasping for air needing to take just one breath. Also I think it’s so
erotic when a guy laughs at me for loving it so much that I continue to
allow the rough face fucking..
So many ways to go about it.
Sucking a nice fat cock…
Fast, slow, eagerly, passionate,

I love when they are rock hard, I love when they make me work for it.
I just genuinely love and enjoy sucking dick, oral sex in general …so
hot. And the cum…. mmmmmhmmmmm… that’s for another time.

Laying here in bed.. waiting for you to show up ..
Or at least give me a call..text.. something. Let me know anything at all…
The truth.. On why you aren’t doing things the way you should be…
On the lies… On the misconceptions and fake love/fucking we have been
having and creating for some time now.

It’s amazing the truth I have given you. I opened up my soul and body..
I admitted my love for sex in so many ways..
You told me things…
We agreed that my enjoyment for fucking other men…more well endowed
men.. would be just fine..

Waiting and waiting… I see and understand now…

Then I get a text… A video message…
of this girl.. smiling.. laughing.. giggling.. Oh so funny…
Until I realized she was laughing because she was recording herself sucking
your dick and another man’s bug huge dick at the same time..
Then you..
You… sat back and watched her.. just like you have done with me…

I’m not asking a lot.. just honesty and fuck… why couldn’t I join in…
His big huge dick looked so yummy and te way she took it…and HER oh WOW
she was so so so sexy! So hot… so wet. I would have licked her clean..
and you well..
For lying you can just sit there all day and think… you could have
licked her clean with me. .. what a shame.

To bad you cant and wont be apart of what I have in mind for her and I.
You might get pictures and videos… but we need to talk first..
I’m not mad.. I just wanted to try him too damn it. …
A Treat for Me.. or Him?

You absolutely drive me insane.
The way you talk…
..The way I understand you..
How I can get into anything you bring up because you make every aspect of
every subject in every position …
..Sound absolutely Amazing?

It would be nice to be sitting next to you.. watching you watch me as I
get frustrated. I start to rub my legs together.. feeling my moist pussy
starting to wet my panties…
Makes me wonder.. Just how hard you really are..
I can se you throbbing in your pants… Getting harder for me.

It’s not enough though.
I stand in front of you..
Slowly i start to do a soft and very hands on strip tease.
Turning around grinding my soft ass on your had dick tats trapped in your
I slip off my tiny shorts.. and you see my see through panties..
I sit on your lap pouncing up and down.. still your pants on and you
I unhook my bra.. and take it off… I push my tits in your face..
Then I pull off your shirt.. rubbing my hard nipples and tits all over
your chest and face and you licking them.

Before I know it… I am on my knees.. Your hard dick is out and pants
pulled down…
I start to stroke it. Licking it..
Getting it all wet all over..
Pushing on every inch of that dick of yours.
I suck it and then you suddenly pick me up flip me on my back then on my
side and lift one leg up.
You start to go slow at first.. fucking me…
then harder..
….Harder and faster.. hmmmmmmmmhmhmmmm
Yes.. I love it..
I squirt all over your huge throbbing dick… I feel you getting harder..
I slide right onto the floor.. wanting you to cum all over my tits and my
I want to feel all your hot cum on me. Please…

I’m waiting.. I cant wait to have you.
I Promise

I knew it as soon as I opened the door.
Walking in from school that day … I already knew I had messed up.
I Made a big mistake. Not only did I cheat on a test but I lied and kept
trying to hide it.
I knew I was possible safe ..til I saw you.
.. My older step sister.. so mean.. so cruel..

She tells me.. “I know what you did” giggling..
“I might just tell mom n dad”
Right away I know where she is going with this. She has done this for year
and years and years..
She always seems to find a way to make me let her hurt me. …in a few ways.

She laughs and says she has a new thing she wants to use..and if i don’t
let her she is going to call them right now.
So i un to the room.
She giggled something out of her bag.
Its a wooden brush..but this one has gaps in it.. She says…it will hurt
just a little more.. but the smile on her face says something way more.

She orders me to lay on the bed. Right away I start to cry. She tells me to
stop and she pulls down my shorts.
…then my panties..and before I can brace myself she wacks my behind 2
times on each side. So painful. I scream.
Over and and over and over. It felt like million but she says it was only 30.
Shaking. crying.. my butt burns and stings.
I beg her to stop.. she hits me several more times telling me to promise I
will be a good girl…
I say it while crying and she leans up against the wall and watches me..
Stairs at me…
Grins and starts putting her hand up her skirt and asking me how I feel.
I shiver but I know I need to answer.. and when I do she tells me to look
in her eyes for the first time.
..Then she just walks away.. leaving me there… to think about what I did
and what just happened..
Daddy’s Little Princess

Let me cuddle in bed with you tonight Daddy..
It’s cold in my room and it’s dark.
I’m scared to be alone Daddy, but I want to be a big girl.
I want to show you how much I can do..
How much I am learning at school and with all my friends, and even …

Well even some of their Daddies.
But Daddy YOU are the best Daddy ever..
You brush my hair..
You get me undressed… You give me a bath.. You wash my whole entire body.
Every inch. Even the icky parts Daddy.
You always tell me that Daddy Loves his Beautiful Clean little Girl..
Oh and I love when you pick out my night dresses and my princess panties ..

Then …then…then…Daddy… When you pick me up like a beautiful Bride
and carry me to your bed and kiss tuck me in and kiss me…
Daddy..I feel like a PRINCESS! and when I told my friends daddy this… he
touched my face.. and told me it was because I AM a Princess Daddy…
I am yours.
That’s why you hold me at night Daddy and don’t let me get scared. and you
let me hold on to my Princess Magic Wand and we rock back and forth til I
fall asleep.
I love all the new things you teach me Daddy.. what can I learn next.. ??

I thought I would write a little something that maybe you didn’t know
Remember when we had that great night out on the town? You, me, her, your
Remember how crazy it was when we all got back from being out nearly all
night? We were walking up the stairs and we saw that man off in the
corner. He was stroking his dick…Her and I acted like we didn’t see but
oh man did we see. I know you did too. His dick, how big and thick it was.
When we got upstairs I forgot about him for a little while. But I am
assuming you know she didn’t forget about him.
After we were all asleep (or so I thought).. I heard the front door open
and close.

I new right then that she (the love of your life the woman you just
married 2 months ago) had gone on a hunt for that mystery big huge dick. I
mean I’ve known for some time now what a size queen she was. But to go out
after a stranger like that. I was worried.
So I followed her. I bet you know what I saw.
Yes, she had found that mystery monster dick….and she was pressed up
against him stroking his big throbbing dick for him.

She slowly slide down to her knees..and she started to lick right on the
tip. Examining the enormous dick in front of her. Thinking how she could
take it and fit it in her mouth. She licked all up and down and all around
it. stroking it and getting it all wet. Sucking on the tip. Craving his

It turned me on so much I couldn’t help but start touching myself a little
and when I moaned and she heard me.. she got up and grabbed me by my hand.
Guiding me over to his nearly ready to burst huge dick. She got on her
knees and told me to join her. Telling me this was a two woman job.
I know it hurts you to hear that I too was apart of this and didn’t tell
you sooner what your wife did.. but we loved it and I didn’t want to hurt

We both at the same time licked and sucked on his throbbing shaft.
He started thrusting fucking both of our mouths with his big huge dick.
I took my tongue and licked adding pressure to his big throbbing veins,
feeling the rush of his blood and cum as she sucked on the tip of his huge
dickhead. Craving his cum we both took turns sucking on the very tip and
stroking him together. Right when we felt him about to burst we both
cupped out tongues and he blew all his hot warm cum in our mouths.

He loved it. licking all of him clean. and then just getting up and going
back to the apartment. Not even saying a word about it to each other…and
surely not telling you. Til Now.
Both Holes..

Coming home from a night out..with the girls.
At least that’s what he thought.

I walk through the door and wonder if he has any idea..
Running through my mind …the thoughts of that big dick I just had burred
deep inside of me..
…and the thought of him finding out..somewhat excites me.

He notices my walk.. a little different… scattered ..
He very calmly asks me how my night went. …
I reply with a simple “Fine ..thank you”
Not noticing til later how Off my voice and tone sounded.
I’m sure that’s when he knew for sure….
He must have know I had been with another man.. so entertaining that I was
home 4 hours late.

I go up to our room. I start to change and I hear him coming up the stairs.
MY heart racing and nervous I quickly change into something comfortable
and short and I am still feeling overwhelmed by the fact I just had a big
huge dick in me.
I can feel my secret’s cum dripping from my pussy ..down my legs..
Even though I hear His footsteps following me,
The feeling of this other man’s cum drives me crazy getting me wet and
horny in an instant.
Of in a lala land… he approaches me.. and stands right in front of me.
Picking me up he pushes me onto the bed.. gets in between my legs and runs
his hand up my thigh .

He feels the cum right away.. removes his hand from my thigh and looks at it
then me..
Suddenly he rams two fingers inside of me..
Moving them in and out… turning them… twisting. ..feeling how full I
was of cum that wasn’t his..
Looking at me he says quietly “Did yo have fun?”
I kept myself silent but nodded yes.
As he is hitting my g spot about to make me cum he tells me that no one
will ever be able to please me like he does because he knows my spots…
my body. Yet in all reality… I had just squirted all over someone elses
He starts to fuck my pussy harder.. Forcing some of the cum out of me.

He stops and moves down.. licking my clit..
Running his tongue up and down and along my whole pussy.
Then I fel him slide his tongue into me. Moving it around nad around.
Tasting this other man’s cum …
He continues to lick and tongue fuck me.. getting nearly all of the cum
out me. ..
Cleaning me up..
Then he flips me over and fucks me… hard.. fast..
Then Pushes himself into my ass. ..
As he is thrusting himself in and out of me.. he repeats…
“You’re a dirty whore and you love cocks and cum..You’re a slut who needs
it in both holes..You want it in both ..You want both filled with
different cum.. Don’t YOU??”

I push myself onto him fingering myself feeling the last bit of the cum
that was filling me.. and with my wet fingers I rub my clit nad start to
finger myself..
Instantly I feel my ass stretch a little more..His dick stiffens.. he rams
his entire cock into my ass and holds me there..
As I start to cum on my fingers… He pulls himself nearly all the way out
and slams himself right back into my ass..
I feel him start to cum…filling my ass.. saying “A dirty slut deserves
her holes filled”

He pulls himself out for a final time and says… only
“I’m glad you had a good night….”
I lay back and feel numb and tingles in both my pussy and ass.
Not knowing what to think…
Oh You Thought …

Let’s see what can I do to try and get you off?
How about I cum all on your dick and then I lick it off?
Sucking your big huge dick.
It throbbing my my mouth.
I taste your pre cum and I want to taste more cum.
I start licking it all over and flicking with my tongue.
Running it up and down taking my lips and sucking on every [part when I
kiss it.

Tasting my self and your precum has gotten me sooo sooo wet …
..I start rubbing my clit.
Still sucking your big dick…
…. I start to finger myself.
I slide one finger in and start rubbing my oh so special spot.
I feel myself wanting to cum…and you can completely tell. ..
It makes you even harder. .. you start thrusting and I know that now is
the time.

You slide out of my mouth.. So rock hard.
I lay back.. and you climb in between my legs.
I Look at you and say “Oh come on now… you should taste how wet I am”
You grin at me and chuckle slowly as you move down …
Kissing and licking with the tip of your tongue on my nipples and down the
middle of my stomach. …It tingles.
You start licking and pushing on my already sensitive clit..
Using the tip of your tongue you glide up and down and all around on my
clit working your way down and sliding your tongue into my pussy.

I make you work for it…
Having you use your tongue to fuck me… then having you lick my clit and
finger fuck me.
I look down at you.. you face buried.
I shove it down more… and right away I start to cum all over your face..
I watch you stroke your engorged huge dick.
I start to giggle a little… and you eagerly start to pull yourself up
and try getting between my legs. …

I tell you that this isn’t how it goes… and that you need to go sit on
the couch for instructions…

…… be continued. ..
Who cares.

We both know how it is.. the realistic point of things.
She doesn’t know about me.
He doesn’t know about you.
We are both adults.
We made it clear from the beginning that we had other obligations.
We both had commitments.
And yet we both chose to dive into this.

I leave and find time away so I can feel your presence.
I make up lies to be around you.. touch you… kiss you.
So innocent at first.
Just a simple friendship. Then things grew to this.
This lust.. this need.. this urge that we cant help.

We try to stop it.
Try to hold back and just talk..
Yet when we stop and look in each others eyes… we both know.
We know that it is inevitable ..
Our sexual attraction.. our bodies yearning for one another.
You hard as a rock.. Me wet as a waterfall.

Before we know it.. your dick is out nad in my mouth.. your hand reaching
and fingering me from behind… you making me cum and I make you explode.
We both know it will lead to more.. I think next time we will be fucking..
having true honest no bullshit sex.
Your hard throbbing huge dick inside of me.. you pulling my hair..
…me begging for more.. wanting to take all of you.. want to feel you deep..
Let’s stop with this game and fuck…whenever we want… who cares. No one

It’s our first get together..We both decided that a long hike into the
woods would be something we both could enjoy and really really get to know
each other.
We start our hike just after 3pm .. We lose track of time and before we
know it, its getting darker. Our phones are dead.. we have no light. .. no
map or way to find our way back to the trail. All we have is a blanket.

We wander around and find a ride.
Over joyed that eventually a car would come by and we would be just fine. .
We spread the blanket on the side of the rode.. we start making out..
touching feeling.. really getting to know one another..
As I’m kissing you a small car pulls up..

We continue on hoping if we give whoever it is a little show maybe we can
get a ride.
A man steps out.. smiling.
Looks at us and asks if we would like a ride.
We jump up and adjust ourselves.
Walking over closer to the car we realize it;s only a two seat with a
small truck.
Of course neither of us wanted to stay behind.
The driver pops the trunk and says “hey man you’re not gonna let the lady
sit in there are you?” He laughs and carelessly he gets in the trunk.
He the driver closes it and tells me he is running late and to hurry up.
Startled by the slam I listen quickly.
After about 15 minutes the guy looks over at me.. still a little revealing
.. he runs his hand up my leg. I tell him to knock it off…
He speeds up faster .looking right at me ..
He says.. “If you don’t spread those legs your little boy toy won’t ever be
getting out…he wont be able to breath ”

I start to panic inside but worried for my own life and sure the guy in
the trunk I willingly open my legs wide..
He starts to drive again. touching my pussy…
I start to get wet… he sticks a finger in and I moan just a little.
He pulls over into some brush covered area…

Commands me to get out.. and go to the back of te car..
I walk over.. scared once again that something will go wrong.

He spins me around so I’m facing the trunk..
He aggressively pushes me over.. bend me over the trunk pushing my face
down onto it.
He spreads my legs.. sticks two fingers in and asks if I like it. I
whisper “yes” not wanting this guy to hear me fucking for my life and his
The man tells me to say it louder.. so I do..
He pulls my skirt up my panties down..
He takes his dick out… starts rubbing it on my pussy..
He can tell I am wet and actually wanting to feel his seemly huge cock.

He laughs.. and pounds on the trunk…
“Hey your girl is wet for me.. and I’m about to fuck her right here”
My “date” begs no but I look back and beg YES!!
He plows his cock into.. fucking me hard..
Wanting me to hurt and I did.. His cock nearly tearing me open it was so
I feel him getting ready to cum and he blows his load all inside of me.

Laughing he pulls up his pants… unlocks the trunk and tell us to kep
Maybe someone else will come along..
I think to myself on the long walk home ..
How exciting and scary it was..
Mommy Knows Best!!

My sweet sweet boy…
Time after time you make the same mistake.
You seem to not learn.
you know very well my sweet boy that Mommy knows whats best for you.
you know that I can show your the RIGHT path in life..
I will guide you step by step.
I Know its scary…. but do you like upsetting Mommy?
Pour your Mommy a drink like a good boy should for his Mother.
Listen to me while you do that…

I AM very disappointed that you didn’t follow Mommy’s very SIMPLE rules.
Your competence on how you should treat your Mommy is lacking tremendously.
Honestly child.. did you think it would be different this time?
You know I don’t like it at all and yet you still DON’T LISTEN.
.. Go sit down over there.. look at ME son.

you know I don’t like getting so upset.
Why do you continue to try to test me.. push my buttons.
I do everything for you, I KNOW everything for you!
Do you think I like this. Getting mad…no..
Learn to obey me my sweet sweet boy…
No more contradicting ME,
Absolutely no more arguing over petty things and no more whining.

Follow Mommy.. watch I’ll show you how easy it is to listen to ME!
My little cock sucker..

I want to train you my little slave..
Train for what you ask? Oh my silly little fag…
You are going to train for cock sucking…
Yes, you are going to be the best faggot cock sucking bitch in my kingdom.
It will take time and lots of practice..
Tons of practice with all different kinds of cocks.

You want to be MY best cock sucking bitch don’t you..?
Yes.. that’s right.
You’re going to enjoy every moment of it.

First rule… I WILL never demonstrate. I will however instruct you.
You will follow my steps every single time.
Remember not every cock is the same so sometimes my instructions will
change. Every time no matter what you WILL do what I say!
Listening to directions and detail are key in being a good cock sucker, my
little faggot.
Okay that was pretty much the main rule…

Other key points..I will have you drop to your knees every time a cock
comes into the room. Each time time you will remain silent unless I say
You will always give your full attention and effort while I am directing
you. Don’t complain..
Soon my little bitch will be the best cock sucking bitch…

Let me tell you a little thought I have been having lately.
It’s a little well… awesome…
Here goes..
I want to hurt your balls.. your cock too…
Kick you in your balls… make you fall to your knees..
I want to take my heel and push you in the chest so you fall completely down.
That Way I have full access to your poor throbbing balls..
I take my peep toe heels and and walk around you..
Commanding you to pull down your pants and underwear ..
..hoping I will go easy on you, you do as i command.
I laugh and instantly press the tip of my heel right between your balls.
Crushing them.
Painful? Good… take it… love it… want it..
I inch my heel up.. crushing your slightly hard dick.. stepping on it and
moving the tip of my heel side to side …
Now my actual pointed 4 inch heel is directly between your nuts.
I Slide it over to the left and push down… You moaning in pain..
Can’t handle it… So I kick you right between you dick and balls..
You nearly jumping up but knowing better not to.
Again I take my heel and push firmly down on each ball…
Then with my heel lifting you entire sore ball sack.
Exposing you ass ..
I take my other heel and slip it off… making you lick and kiss my pretty
Distracting you as I slowly start to slide my heel into your tight ass…
You groan.. and your dick grows..
I tell you that you can only grab the base of your dick and squeeze…
Squeezing and pumping your hand.. around your hard dick… NO STROKING…
I start to slide my heel in and out of your ass.
In a matter of minutes you cum all over yourself.. Even getting some on my
I make you lick it off…
I kick you one last time… and I leave…

hahahaha yes..
You love it…want it.. and crave for more.
Haha Cuckold..

Let’s have a little fun.
Let’s find each others secret special spots.
Can you even find mine? Maybe not.
Your cock is a little (and I mean a lot) to to tiny for me to even feel it.
Can you find other ways to pleasure me?

Perhaps not.
Maybe I will venture into finding another cock bigger and better and more
willing to try things with me.
Maybe you could learn a few things. Watching me get fucked by a huge dick..
Me moaning nad screaming and begging for more..
While every so often glaceing at you. Watching you watch me get pleased in
a way that you never could. Oh I know you wish you could do this to me…
but you can’t
You know you will never be able to. Not like a big huge cock and a man
with an open mind..

You should watch me get bent over… keep watching..
Then I look at you and before I know it you are slowly stroking yourself.
I laugh…
That is all you can do…You know I’m getting everything I need right now
with this huge dick thrusting and pounding into me.
You watch me squirt all over his dick and then you watch him as he cum all
inside and all over my pussy.
The only thing you can do is crawl over and lick my pussy clean.. from
both his cum and my own…
Stroking your cock you taste him and I and in a matter of maybe 2 minutes
you blow your load.
So maybe now you can learn… attention …but still never
fuck me again.. not after I have as many big hard cocks as I can.

Watch..and wish..
Foreplay for Me.

I have been thinking a lot lately about all the bad sex I have had in
life. So sad.but very true.
Not many men really know how to fuck …
….let alone make love in any way.

See me…I love to make love to every part of the body.
On a man …when I am sucking his cock I take my time. I show that cock
that I want it in every way.
I Work for that cum to explode all over me. I take my tongue licking and
then flicking and then I start to kiss it..
Kissing the cock from the base all the way up to the tip and twirling my
tongue around the entire head and right under it..
Oh I love getting every taste and texture …the difference on on the tip
of my tongue… it is truly amazing.
Every cock tastes different …every cock has its own pleasure spots..
Every cock deserves special attention given only by my mouth first. ..
then follows the indulgence in each others pure and completely naked

Oh and a woman’s body. So different.
So soft. So sensual. So smooth…
Altogether just sexual in every way.
All the ways a woman’s body can move. All the curves..
All the groves. …and all my sense’s come alive.. Kissing her slowly.
Kissing every inch of her body. Loving every perfection and imperfection.
Making her tremble and beg for me to lick her clit…
Licking her clit.. mmm soo amazing. Then sliding my tongue inside to taste
her. Making her cum and squirt all over my tongue and fingers and even my
The feeling and taste is so heavenly.
And to think. this is just my foreplay.. Just imagine the possibilities
Arrogant…(Part 1)

You poor pathetic lost mind and soul..So young so dumb so naive so…
Full of yourself, arrogant and pretentious.
So much life ahead of you..and yet you know nothing of our beautiful world.
Taking it for granted and wasting away your days with a undeserved sense
of entitlement .
Oh but my dear ..hush…I wil guide you..I’l show you the right way. You
will learn humility.
Follow me as I lead you downstairs. I blindfold you.
Wanting you to be blind now as you are blind to others and life.

I can sense the fear you have building. Yet you try to keep a cold stone
face, trying to be brave but you’re already shaking.
You can’t see anything. . .just darkness..
I take your hands..bind them tightly together and then around a post.
You on your knees..blindfolded and nothing but your underwear.
NOW you start to cry.. scared…shivering.. not knowing what I have planned.

I lean over and whisper in your ear… “I think you need a good lashing
and then to sit and ponder your choices and ways….Then I will come back
and see is your narcissistic mindset has changed..”
You look up at me… telling me you are sorry and that you have already
learned. But Oh no. I won’t let you off that easy.
You NEED to be punished. You are this self absorbed hypocrite because you
never got spanked. Either your mommy was there or your daddy but one of
them just let you run wild.. Now I need to fix this.

I grab the rope around her wrists and pull it down.. forcing you on your
elbows..preventing you from sitting up but instead leaning forward.
Your backside completely exposed.

Lets see how far we can take this…

to be continued.
Explore, Experience, and Adventure..

To scared to really be commuted..
So instead I find many ways to .. well entertain myself.
So many options, so many new things to try.
I want and absolutely need to explore not only my own body..
..but I want to explore all kinds of bodies..

I want to learn what really makes people squirm in the best way possible.
I want the knowledge of every individual’s unique and powerful body.
Every curve and every inch, every single type of body movement.
I want to feel it all, experience it all. Embrace it all with no fears.

I would love to explore another man and another woman together at the same
time. Feeling their emotions… their movements ..the passion we all
create together in that moment. Completely indulging in each other.

Or to have two women to explore and play with.
Being sensual and soft. All of us completely naked.
The smooth and sexy groves and curves..our sweet soft skin grazing across
each others. Kissing licking, tasting and even little bites and nibbles.
Enjoying and pleasuring each other in a pure form.

Perhaps I could wander into the world of slight bdsm..
I would love to spank someone..or whip..or…
I would certainly enjoy being the one getting a punishment.
I would love to not only give that pain but also RECEIVE it
A whip, a flogger, a riding crop.. a belt.
I know I want to take it. Give it…Watch it.

I have so much to venture much to learn. ..
I have this urge to just go on a sex fuck exploration of life and people…
It’s a step I’m going to take.. Soon…
Let’s see what kinks yo have that you can open my mind to..
You might be shocked. I might share a few thing with you.
Let’s Play

Well well well
Let’s play this game.
I promise I will win. I will rule.
Or maybe you will completely take over.
Overwhelm my entire my mind…my world.
Making me question myself. ..

Wondering what if. how .why?
I know you want me.. you crave me.
You think to yourself… “If I can’t have her ..No one can.”
Attempting to make me see everyone’s flaws but your own…
Yet still I am drawn to you..

Letting you take over every part of me.
Letting you consume every ounce of my heart,,my soul…
You take over my whole world. more then I ever thought possible.
Lurking in the corners. Behind every person I trust…
You take it all..
And I love it.
I embrace it..
Taking the little that you give me.
I adore it. ..I myself, am craving your ways…
Your trickery . . . I love it. I want to learn..
Take me.. all of me.. Leave me with nothing but You!!
I want to invoke it all. Show me your ways.. Your path.
I’ll follow you into your wonderland.

Show me the path.. lead me … I’ll follow.

It’s meaningful to me in some strange way.
The way I feel…even though I know it’s not forever and it’s not real.
Everyday I learn more and more.
About You ..about me… about our Dreams.
What I thought they were.. I planned forever. branded in scars.

And even thought I know you don’t want me.. I still embrace you.
I know you keep me around.. just to do what needs to be done.
What you want. P Leasing you…then you wanting me to please all of them.
What do I do? I take it…
I learn to love even this. Taking so much from all these friends of yours..
Cock after cock.. and having to please them all…
Wanting to…loving it..feeling everything and anything you tell me to
Anything that You allow me to feel..

I’ll be Your slave.. I’ll love it all.. Take it all..Desire it all…
Always looking down knowing what I am to all you..and mostly to You.
Give me all of it.. and more.

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