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Maggie’s Thoughts

I am always wanting more.
Always craving the next amazing encounter.
Anticipating, waiting in pure excitement.
Not knowing sometimes Who..?
or When…where? How?
I have so many idea’s.
So many erotic roles I want to play out.
I’ve been earning a lot about myself and what I like.
At times being shocked at the new things I learn…
Things I never thought I would like .
I now cant seem to get enough of.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this..
My mind is always racing and I find myself hornier then I have ever been

Bring on the Kink/Erotic Play/Role Play/ Any kind of play..
Plus learning about myself and others and different kinks I never knew…
is my favorite part about being a phone sex girl…

Let’s explore this wild world together.
You think you know my body.
You have convinced yourself that you are the master of pleasure.
I have just one question…
Who lied to you?
Who made you believe you could please anyone?
Who blew up your ego so much that you think any ANY woman..
…let alone ME….
…. would ever be pleasured by you?
Can you explain to me the one and only time you heard this lie?
What happened?
What could YOU have POSSIBLY done….hahaha
What was the situation?
Was she drunk?
A virgin?
To young and dumb to know the difference?
It is truly hilarious that you think you are a gift from the heavens to
pleasure women…
Tell me what you THINK you have..
I promise you.. you more then likely have the complete opposite.
You could never match my skills, my level of knowing how to please
someone… and the fact that you REALLY believe you can….
Comical .. truly …
Screaming out words I myself can’t even understand, Can’t comprehend…
This feeling I have, inside and out… I don’t want to understand it.
I just want to embrace it .. feel every moment of how he completely
ravishes my body.
Takes my body. My breath, my mind …all while he is fucking me.
I have never ever in my life felt so submissive to any man or woman.
Why does this one touch my every spot in the most amazing way.
…..finding spots I had no idea felt like he makes them feel .
I quiver, shake, shiver, and cry out for more EVERY single time.
My new addiction, my obsession, my craving, my drug…
Needing to taste it every chance I can have it ..
Let me cuddle in bed with you tonight Daddy..
It’s cold in my room and it’s dark.
My nightlight went out and I am scared Daddy..
I don’t want to get in trouble but I don’t want to lie either.
Um..uh. Daddy.. I had an accident in my bed.. and I feel yuckie..
Can we take a bath like we did last time Mommy was gone?

Daddy you are the best Daddy..
Everything I learn from you daddy… and the way you take care of me daddy…
Way more fun.. then Mommy..
Sometimes hurts… I think we play rough.. but I like it when you say I
did good.
I like being a good girl.. and even sometimes when your friends play with
Daddy. thank you.. for loving me..
I want to domme someone so damn bad. It’s insane.
But I want to direct you as you do what I say over cam..

If I want you on your knees and begging me to let you touch yourself..
well damn it. You better…
Or if I tell you you have to play J.O. games with me.. then you WILL agree
with ME!
Can anyone really do this?
Anyone brave enough?
Any little sissy bitches out there wanna get to know this Beauty?
Wanna dress up? Let me tell you if you look good or not?
Have you prance around and show off your girlishness?

Or maybe I can have you tie yourself up and well… hahaha that alone
could be fun in so many ways..
I guess I will have to wait and see if I have any takers…
I am so sick of all you little bitch boys telling me all these lies..
Oh I am a sub,
Oh I will worship you,
Oh I will do anything for you,
Oh I want to be YOUR slave and only YOURS
(I’m not dumb I know half the time it isn’t true but at least keep up
your end)
You say you want to be my bitch?
You claim to want to be MY little cock sucking slut?
It is soooo soo sooo rare that I actually find one that means it.
And I have yet to find one that is a long term committed sub/slave..
Don’t tell me you want one thing and mean another.
Tell me and be open and It will be an experience… I PROMISE
But ONLY I MEAN it ONLY if you are a good little bitch boy…
So snap to it.. No games…
I never knew I felt this way before. so open … so free…
Open minded with life and others and every thing in general..and especially
and Free wth myself with admitting I am a sexual being..
I love it..
I love sex..
Not in the simple term of I am a slut I want to fuck everyone…
…okay yea that’s nice …
.but I mean… I love all sexual concepts..all sexuality .. all sexual
aspects and spectrum’s…

Every part of me that I thought was shameful I now embrace.
Every part I use to hide..
I Love to show off…
I learn more and more every day and I want to continue to venture into
every single spark I find.
I dont judge..I’m not perfect..I won’t try to be..
I want to embrace all and have sensual sexual erotic fun…
bring it on world
Her body a ever flowing fountain of youth.
She has a consistent stream of undeniable wisdom …
Wisdom of my soul.. not only that but wisdom of my body..
How I work.. how I can achieve the highest point of sexual sensation..
…and gratification
Reaching this level is intense…mind twisting and fucking..
If I can get to where she is I will be able to cum and squirt gallons like
she does.
I will be able to completely relax and open my mind to all sorts of new
things and ways to satisfy myself in order to do this.

Tempting right? To have someone teach you the way?
She squirts like a fountain… Hell…
She is a fountain of youth.. but don’t tell anyone… her knowledge and cum
and moans and everything are priceless…
It takes time to learn this talent and I am gonna learn it..
I too will be a fountain of youth one day.
I always seem to be the polite, proper, and silent one.
Always watching and waiting for something to excite me.
I’m sick of being viewed as the “good girl”
I’m not a good girl..Don;t judge me based on my vocabulary, manners, and
overall ability to control myself..
Ha okay That’s a lie. I can’t control myself…
Yes, I am a slut, yes I am a whore, and yes you all are either jealous
because you aren’t ME or because you can’t fuck me.
Take your pick. . I know I am a bitch
I definitely am aware of the fact that I am spoiled brat and just want to
do whatever I WANT to DO.. or WHOEVER I want to do.

Snotty? Sure.. Stuck up, full of myself, and wanting it all! Yes I’ll
admit it. I’ll admit it because I Deserve it…
I’ll be a slut and fuck who I want,
I’ll flirt and push every button I know turns a person on.
What can I say… I have been spoiled in sex.. Maybe not always good sex
but always sexual experiences … I’ve learned a lot trying to only focus
on my pleasure.. I LOVE IT…
So if you are jealous or lusting …keep doing it… it turns me on… I
love to torture and play games.. Leading you on..
It all get’s me wet.. I guess that’s why I am a good dirty slut and a great
whore and an even better bitch..
Love it.
Sitting here.. thinking of how much bad sex I have had and how much great
sex I missed out on.
I am now on a mission..
A mission to finally only fuck for me..
I ALWAYS put forth that effort to please whoever I’m fucking in every way
possible,. ..
And yet here I am unsatisfied and not pleased at all..

I need to be fucked good… long… hard..
Over and over and over and over again. As much as I can handle…
I want to be fucked so fast and hard it brings me to tears..
I want to scream to the point of a sore throat because i just squirted all
over a big cock.. I want and need this…and even more..
Anyone up for the challenge?
I bet you will cum first. . .
I need a really good hard long fucking.
Not love making.. not even kissing..
Just SEX.. straight pleasure nothing more or less..
I worship your body.. craving what you have to offer me.
You completely just using me for what we both want…
You fuck me.. and ram my sweet pussy so hard I truly feel like a dirty
little slut just getting fucked and used over and over and cumming all
over you.
You pound me so hard I squirt everywhere.. it turns you on so much you
start to cum in me..quickly you pull out and cum right between my tits.
Squeezing my tits together and pushing up… I lick up all your cum..
Every drop. I suck out the last few drops… Looking up at you..
I say thank you for the good fuck and we part ways.
I have feelings too.
I have a soul… a heart..
A body that wants to be held..
Not just used, abused or stared at..
I need someone to touch me in a sensual AND sexual way.
I want to have what I see right in front of me with others…
Even if just for a little while..
I want a lover(s) to focus and love on me.. cherish me.
Show me I am not just another piece of ass.
Instead showing me they love and adore every part of my body.
Dive into me…
Let’s dive into this together.. let’s dive into each other.
We all want it.. right… Show me..
I want to show you if you let me.
Guide me into the world that you two have.. i”ll follow.
I love sex.
All kinds of sex.
Well at least all the kinds of sex i have had.
Not all of it was great.. people need to learn to GIVE more..
Especially when I”m giving so so much and so hard every time.
I fuck with full on 100% effort and focus on pleasure for both…
but mostly my partner(s) at that time.
I always expect more from people.. because I give more myself..

I’m currently trying out some new sexual desires of mine..
I opened my mind to a whole new world.
Submerging myself into something and someone(s) that have sparked…
Well sparked many different feelings a urges ..
I want to feel so much more then I do..but this situation is a big tease
and learning experience.
I know there are those out there who know when its time to truly ..
..embrace the endless possibilities.

I’m putting effort into this new interest of mine.. it’s complicated..
confusing.. most likely not what I think I want it to be..
Already hit some bumps but I will keep going with my new infatuation(s).
Hopefully I can have what I I want..
Not just with this.. but with anything sexual and sensual that crosses my

Call me . tell me YourDesires… maybe I’ll get interest and distracted
and have loads of fun.
On my mind lately…
What If I die tomorrow … and oh gosh..
What if I don’t get a chance to try, explore, and experience….
All the sexual adventures I have yet to wander into..
It’s a terrifying thought..Isn’t it?
I know right?
What if … Nope not happening to me.
I feel like going on a mission to have a sex bucket list ..
…and trying my hardest to complete every single one of them.
I almost went into a panic attacking thinking I might not ever have two
dicks in every hole…
or omg man what if I don’t get to crush balls with my heels..
Have you ever thought about it?
Scary right..
Let’s all go on a fuck frenzy.
Help me feel something. … anything..
I need to feel everything on my body.. all the emotions inside need to be
Let’s start with a little pain.. then end with a lot.
I want you to paddle me.. whip me,
and most of all I want and need to feel that flogger..
Then how about you tell me you actually care.. brainwash me..
Try to convince me I’m special. .. but you’re lying. . .
Teasing me with the painful sensation you know I need. The only thing that
takes me to a place I need to be.
I want you to admit I’m noting..
tie me up…
Finally unleash on me.. a riding crop… or how about that caning I’ve
Better yet.. I want that razor strap..
You know all you want is for me to be your pain toy. To hurt me to make
things better…
Let it happen.. it’s okay.
I already know I’m nothing… a sexual object..
Use me.. hurt me.. break me
Yes I am a fun sexual person. If you allow it.
I can often have the friend with benefits.
Or be the one to want to try new things.
I am very open minded and I am always wanting to learn and explore the
most in life and sexual experiences.

I only ask One little thing… don’t act like I am just a throw away sex
toy..don’t involve feelings..
It’s just play time.. “therapy”….whatever you wanna call it. It should
always be awesome and in some way or another please both.
I don’t mind pretending to be your sex toy “doll” …slave..domme.. and so
much more…
but let’s admit it… im just a whore to you.. nothing special.
Let’s keep it that way. No emotions… just sex.. or play..
I’m thankful for being awesome in bed..
I’m thankful for being one kinky ass bitch..
I’m thankful for my clit..
My pussy.. and how much I can squirt.
Oh and I’m thankful for all the awesome cocks out there..
Thank you for showing me how much I love to fuck and be fucked
Also I’m thankful for all the ladies.. here at YourDesires..
As well as all the sexy ladies who showed me how it feels to be with a woman.
I’m Thankful for learning so much about myself and learning so much about
others and wanting to embrace it all..
In general I Am THANKFUL for being horny and SEX!!!!

What are you Thankful for???
I know you miss my touch,
How I ran my fingers across your body..
…How I basked completely in you.
In every perfection and even more so in every flaw..
All the textures and and different flavors of your body.
You loved how I made you feel better then any other person in your life.
In every sense. I completed you.
You rub yourself and cum just to the memories of what we had.
What we explored and ventured into..together.
Each of our sexual needs being met.
Kissing.. touching. cumming together…needing each others comfort…
Yet now you crave me.. because you betrayed me..
When your alone at night thinking of my body next to yours…
You entering inside of me… feeling me…fucking me…making love to me…
Remember what could have been… but mostly remember my tight wet pussy..
cumming for you..all over you.. sucking on your most sensitive spots.
You’ll never forget my moans…not even in your sleep.
It would be nice if more men were open to watching their girlfriend or
wife or whatever getting fucked by someone else.
Or even being more open to having a threesome but not the typical 2 girls
and one guy because the guy is to(I dont know what) to open his mind in
sharing his girl.
Come on guys. You know it would be hot to watch your girl get tag teamed..
Then maybe you could just sit back and stroke yourself. Or maybe she has a
hot friend who is willing to suck your cock as you watch your girl get
The possibilities are endless…
Why are so many guys afraid of this? Scared she might like it to much?
Scared she will want it all the time?
How about we do this… hot phone sex maybe you me and your guy frind.. or
screw it I’ll take you and your wife on the phone and make you crave it
To those who don’t/can’t open their minds to this… Call me.. explain to
me. Then maybe we can play and I’ll convince you..convert you…
I’m ready
Are you…?
Let’s play…
I want to touch you
I want to feel you.
I want to know what its like to get to know all of YOU
I want to know your past, present, and your dreams for your future.
I want to understand you completely.
Let wander into a Wonderland together.
A land of pure bliss…almost ignorance.
Where you can be you
I can be me..
Where we all can be ourselves…free..
Freedom to love who and whatever we want to.
A place where I am free to get to know you
Get to understand you…
Get to grow because of you and with you.

Lets journey and find this place together.
You Belong to ME!!

You can fight it all you want.
Keep telling yourself you don’t want don’t need me.
Trying saying it over and over again that I am not hat you crave.
We both know the TRUTH ..we bother understand..
It’s just time that you accept it.
You need to remember. I am stronger because of your evil ways..
Now I’m stronger then you.. Get on your knees..
Keep trying to deny it… You know I will prevail ..
Now worship me.. accept me.. as your only way to happiness..
….Me…only… ONLY ME!
Let’s take it back. back to the basics…
Back to a time where no one cared what you were “categorized” as…
A time where we all lived in harmony and peace..
In a world of awesome fuckery.. you fucking fucking him and her and
you fucking them… all a “circle of Life” haha
Lets drift back. Remember when we didn’t get judged.
A world that slowly started to fade away.. But here we are..
YOURDESIRES.. Always standing tall. Against the odds.
We embrace it all here…
We love it all here…
We WANT IT ALL.. as much as we can take.. or better yet.. as much as YOU
can take..
Follow us.. Embrace us as we do ALL..
Here is the path..
Check out all our awesome ladies and dare to venture into our worlds..
Don’t be scared.. we don’t bite.. unless you want us to.

We are apart of every single one of Your Desires.. in some way or another.
We withstand the tale of time.
Let me venture into that place with you.
That world I know nothing of.
I try to understand.. I want to understand.. I find myself…
Needing to understand.
Not just that world.. but need to understand yu, wanting to.
Wanting to get to know you in every single way possible.
Yes, I’m scared.. I don’t know how to admit it or say it..
I don’t even know if I should. But oh damn do I want to.
Hundreds of random thoughts run through my mind… every day when we talk.
Wanting to know and understand you sexy hot life, soul, body,,heart..

Will I ever know.. Maybe one day… or never.. but I want to get to know
your world.. your mind.. your thoughts..
A Challenge…

I love a challenge.. a fight.
A Struggle…

First talking myself into it.
Telling myself that I KNOW 100% I can take all of it.
Yes..all of it. All 9, 10, 11+ inches…
Deep into my throat… My nice tight pussy.
Oh yea.. tight. No matter how hard I get fucked…I snap right back.
Or if I am feeling a little extra brave..I’ll try to take it in my ass.
That struggle and constant pushing trying to get it into all my holes..

MMmmm.. How I want to feel it… and try to take every inch..
Inch by inch.. Giving it my best effort…
Wanting it all.. begging for it all. shaking and aching for it all.
Needing it like an addict needs a drug… I want all of the cock I can
take..and I know I will take it well..
I’ll take it like a champ..

I know by the time I am broken in you will be begging me..
Wanting me to force myself to take it all.. all of your cum.. all over me.
You fucking me in every hole..
Asking and asking over and over again… if I will let you cum
When and in which hole…
Can you handle me ? Can YOU take it like a champ?
Are you a winner? Can you hold it til I say when?
Let’s find out.

I want you to give me a massage …
Not to fast.
Take your time.. Rub every part of my body…
Embrace every part of me..
My neck…rubbing slowly. Then getting a little harder.
Working your fingers around my neck to feel my heart racing.

You ease up just a little…moving your wrists and palms..
Tickling your way with your fingers to my shoulders.
Lightly squeezing. Moving each finger one by one …
Along my shoulders and up my neck..
Then back down. Adding more pressure this time.
You give my tense neck and shoulder are…
Lightly kissing. .. Gently licking. ..ten blowing.

Whispering in my ear as you lean in…
Telling me how soft my skin is.
You start to indulge yourself with every inch of my body.
Moving down you use your thumbs on my spin… spreading your fingers…
Reaching around me…Grasping a hold of my back …
Right under my squeeze. .then wrapping your hands around my
waist. Holding me tight. ..
You pull me up.. inhaling the essence of my pure, soft, sensual soul.
Sliding your hands down to my thighs. A gentle squeeze.
Then you quiet roughly grab both my ass cheeks. Squeezing Then rubbing.
Going from my lower back.. then again to my ass ..truly enjoying it.

Then you slowly and eagerly move to my legs.
Sliding off my thigh highs.
Overwhelming yourself with how perfectly soft my skin is entire body.
Head to toe. You close your eyes and start to rub each leg.
Becoming addicted to everything that is me.
Touching me in every part I let you..but me wanting more…
You continue to rub all the way down to my toes…
Kissing each and every single one…

Maybe I’ll make you stop here or perhaps I shall allow us to continue…
World Series Chicago Cubs 2016

Oh Yes, Here we go…
How I would love to take every single one of those Cubs players…
Show them how much I appreciate the heart and soul they put into the game.
I’ll take them all… everywhere. Anywhere..Anyway..
A historical moment for them has drove me into a sex craze..

I’ll bend over for all the pitchers and get on my knees for all the
batters…who all did their best and yes we won!
Strip me down to nothing but my Cubs jersey.. slap my ass..
Stick your bat and balls into my mouth..
I’ll open wide….

Oh it would be amazing to have every one of them cum on my face..
In my mouth… all over me…
If one drop gets on my jersey I’ll lick it up quick!
Yes my team can handle it all.. but can I handle them?
All ravishing my body…
My soaking wet pussy wanting to taste their victory..

Come on boys.. I’m ready.. I’m willing…
And man am I waiting!!

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