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Nikki’s Fantasies

I love sharing fantasies with my phone slut. Here is a fantasy that my
slut started, and I continued.

Peeking between the curtains and the window, I watch as you get out of
your white Cadillac. Giggling to myself, I notice the faint traces of the
word “slut” still on the hood of the car. Apparently permanent markers
aren’t that permanent. I return my focus to my mirror, putting on my mint
lip gloss. My house boy appears in the doorway and kneels silently.
Checking that everything is in order, I confirm that my house boy will
have my dungeon furniture arranged upon my return.

“You have your instructions for tonight.”

His eyes lower in acknowledgement. I get up and walk past him, letting my
fingers graze his cheek tenderly as I pass by. At the parlor, he opens the
door for me and again kneels. I let my hand caress his cheek as I pass by
him, but my eyes are on you. I smile as you nervously extend the red roses
towards me, your eyes unable to leave my breasts. Taking the flowers, I
snap for my house boy, and he is kneeling at my side instantly.


He stands, and I hand him the bouquet of long stem red roses. As I
instruct him how I would like the flowers arranged, I pull out a very long
and very thick stick of peppermint candy from among the flowers. Smiling
innocently at you, I slide the candy stick into my house boy’s pants
pocket and stroke it gently. I let the tip of my tongue dance around my
lips as my hands stroke the phallic candy in my house boy’s pocket.

“And this goes on the table with the rest of my toys for tonight.”

I dismiss my house boy, and turn towards you with a smile.

“Mr. Di’Ass, I am looking forward to our evening together.”

You nervously reply, “Madam, it is my honor.”

I move closer to you, and whisper jokingly, “Relax, Cann, I won’t bite
till later.”

I see your body relax slightly, and I hold my hand out for you. You lead
me to the door and place my wrap on my shoulders. As you relax into your
chivalry, I give you a peek as I get into the passenger seat of your car.
I see your eyes widen ever so slightly as you notice that I am wearing my
thigh high leather boots under my floor length lace gown. You slowly walk
around the car and climb into the driver’s seat.

I reach over and let my left hand rest on the middle of your right thigh.
Noticing your quickening breaths, I think about what fun I will have
teasing you under the table at dinner.

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I love sharing fantasies with my phone slut. Here is a fantasy that my
slut started, and I continued.

I park my white Cadillac in front of her house, dressed to the nines
because I have a special date with an incredibly hot, classy lady. I take
a couple deep breaths and grab the dozen long stemmed red roses resting
gently on the passenger seat. Hidden among the flower stems is a very long
and thick stick of peppermint candy.

Continuing my deep breathing, I walk up the pathway and ring the doorbell.
I’m greeted by her house boy, who is unusually dressed tonight in black
slacks, shoes, and a black bowtie. His short hair is perfectly groomed,
and his clean shaven face welcomes me with a smile. My eyes are drawn to
his tan chest and the silver nipple rings that are connected by a thin
chain and a small medallion engraved, “Nikki’s”. He silently motions for
me to have a seat in the greeting room. I nod and return his smile as I
walk past him into the large room.

The expansive room is welcoming and warm despite the dungeon themed decor.
Plush black leather couches with red velvet throws. Red velvet chairs with
purple lace pillows. And dark silk everywhere teasing my senses as I hear
the subtle click of high heels in the distance. When I realize the sound
of those heels are approaching, I begin to perspire.

The house boy opens the parlor doors for her and immediately kneels as she
walks by him. Her hand briefly rests on his cheek as she enters the room
with her eyes focused on me. Nervously, I extend the flowers towards her.
Black lace artfully wraps her body in a seductive floor length gown. I am
caught staring at her lace covered breasts, but she smiles graciously at
me and takes the flowers with one hand and snaps the fingers of the other.
Immediately her house boy is kneeling at her side.

“Stand.” He stands and takes the red roses as she hands them to him. She
reaches in and pulls out the long thick peppermint candy stick. Smiling at
me with mock innocence, she slides the candy stick into her house boy’s
right pocket. Her hands stroking the candy naughtily, she continues to
smile at me and slowly lick her lips.

“Arrange the flowers with white irises in a crystal vase and put them in
my bedroom,” her voice is firm but soothingly erotic as her hands continue
stroking the candy stick in her house boy’s pocket, “And this goes on the
table with the rest of my toys for tonight.” She dismisses her house boy
and turns towards me. The soft candlelight dancing in her eyes as she
glides closer to me.

“Mr. Di’Ass, I am looking forward to our evening together,” she says with
a polite smile.

“Madam, it is my honor,” I reply, bowing nervously in front of her, unsure
what to do. She moves even closer to me. I can smell her luxurious scent,
her lotion, her hair, her perfume. Her lips whisper near my ear quietly.

“Relax, Cann, I won’t bite till later.”

She holds her hand out for me patiently. I wrap her hand in the crook of
my elbow and lead her to the coat stand. It reminds me of a guillotine
without the blade. I reach up and grab her leather and fur wrap and place
it upon her bare shoulders. Opening the door for her, I follow her to the
porch and offer my hand at the stairs.

“Thank you, Mr. Di’Ass.”

Her hand squeezes mine in acknowledgement, and I lead her to my car. I
open the passenger door for her, and as she gets in, I notice that her
heels are her thigh high leather boots. My heart begins racing. The sight
of those boots arouse the memories. I quickly stand and adjust my growing
hard on, pretending that I didn’t notice her boots. Taking a deep breath,
I walk around the car and climb into the driver’s seat.
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I reached up and turned the water off, watching the hot water dwindle to
cold drips. Turning in the shower, your arm is holding my towel just
inside the curtain. I grab the towel and wrap it around me as you slowly
open the shower curtain. I step out onto another towel, and you quickly
kneel before me with a third towel.

Presenting you with my right leg, you pat it dry with your towel. Then my
left leg. You wait patiently as I dry the rest of my body with my towel. I
hand you my bottle of lavender lotion. You look up at me with a smile as
you pump lotion into your hand. I present you with my right leg. Your
hands work the lotion into my foot, up my calf, and around my thigh. I
switch legs, and your hands continue working the lotion into my skin.
After my legs are moisturized, I turn around. Your hands take a little
longer working the lavender lotion into my ass cheeks before drifting up
my back and down my arms. I turn to face you again.

Your eyes follow your hands as they move around my tits, spreading lotion.
You cup them and work lotion into my hard nipples with your thumbs. Your
hands drift down my stomach, massaging and rubbing the lotion into my
skin. Suddenly you are back on your knees, looking up at me with a
pleading twinkle in your eyes.

“Mistress, please, may I rub lotion on your pussy?”

Smiling down at you, I respond, “Yes, you may, but first you must please me.”

Your eyes light up as I lift my right leg and rest it on your right
shoulder, putting my wet pussy inches from your face. Grabbing your head
with my hands, I pull you close. Your tongue swirls around my clit, and
your fingers tease my tight hole. Like a good little cumslut, your lips
and tongue coax the cum into your mouth as your fingers massage my G spot.
My fingers clutch your hair as the moans escape my lips.

“Lick me clean and finish with the lotion.”

Your hands massage my pussy lips with the lavender lotion, and your thumbs
graze my clit gently. Your hands fall to your lap, before reaching over
and handing me back the bottle of lotion. I put the lotion away, and turn
back to you, still on your knees.

“Ready for bed?” I ask. Your eyes light up again, knowing that I have no
intention of sleeping.
I love talking about my fantasies while we have sex on the phone. Nothing
gets me wetter than letting my naughty mind get dirty!

You were already in the shower, and the steam was starting to spill out
above the clear shower curtain. I led her into the bathroom by the hand
and stood her in front of the shower. I watched you as I pulled her
sweater off and let my hands caress her shoulders, down over the front of
her bra, down her belly, and around her sides. I unhooked her bra and let
my hands wander back up to her shoulders. My fingers caught her bra straps
and slid down her arms, letting her bra fall to the floor at her bare
feet. I watched your desire grow as her breasts were exposed to your view.

Reaching around, I cupped her tits and let my thumbs play with her
nipples. They responded quickly to my touch, and she squirmed nervously.
Kissing the back of her neck gently, I let my hands move down to her
waist. I tugged at the waistband of her skirt, pulling her closer to me
before gliding my hands down the front of her thighs. As I let my hands
drift up her inner thighs, I nibbled at her neck. My hands rubbed over her
wet panties and teased her clit. I pulled my hands away, unzipped her
skirt, and let it fall to the floor as I pushed her panties down her
thighs. She stepped out of her clothes, closer to the shower.

You reached up, pulled the curtain open, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her
close to you. Spinning her around, you watched me as you let your hands
caress her naked body. Unzipping my dress with a naughty smile, I let it
fall to the floor. I navigated the clothes strewn bathroom, completely
naked. I could see you trying to look at me with disapproval for not
wearing panties or a bra, but that horny grin on your lips betrays you.
Pausing inches in front of the shower, I cupped my tits and pinched my
nipples. I looked at you and let my lips mouth slowly,

“Bend her over and fuck her.”

I reached down between my legs and caressed my wet pussy while I watched
you. Your hand pushing her over, while the other one grasped her hip. Your
hard cock pressed into her wet pussy, and I saw her eyes widen with lust.
I watched you fuck her slowly at first, then faster and harder, until she
was screaming, cumming, and bouncing on your cock. I reached up and opened
the curtain. I smiled as she reached out and pulled me into the shower.
Her lips found mine before wandering down the front of my neck and pausing
to visit each nipple. You moved to stand behind me, and I could feel your
hard cock pressing into me. You whispered in my ear,

“Your turn.”

I felt your hand pressing between my shoulder blades and the head of your
huge dick teasing my pussy. Sitting her in front of me on the bench in the
shower, I pushed her knees wide and rubbed her clit as I felt your cock
sliding into my tight cunt. I grabbed the huge dildo from the shelf next
to her and licked the length of it while watching her face. Your cock
slowly moving in and out of me, I slid the dildo into her tight pussy and
matched your pace. As you fucked me harder, I fucked her harder. My legs
shook as I came, and I could feel her squirt warm cum on my hand and arm
as she exploded again. You pulled out of me, smacked my ass playfully, and

“Where to next my naughty little slut?”

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I waited patiently on the couch. I heard the click of the lock and the
door open. Watching you as you enter, you move about unaware of my
presence. Quietly watching you, my skin tingles with excitement. Slowly
crossing my legs, I languish in the feeling of my bare legs gliding along
each other. Finally you notice me, and your second glance is hungry with
desire. I smile at you seductively, letting my fingers lazily trace the
edges of my lace bra.

“I didn’t know you were in town, but it is a pleasant surprise,” you say
politely as you walk towards me. Eagerly you disrobe, kneel at my feet,
fold your hands in your lap, and bow your head briefly awaiting my

“I came by to reward you for your good behavior,” I replied nonchalantly
while examining my nails, my heels, and anything but you. I still notice
your excitement when I mention rewarding you, even though you think you
are concealing it. Slowly I uncross my legs and slide over so that you are
kneeling between my knees. Swiftly I grab a handful of your hair, pull
your head between my knees, and hold it there with my legs forcing you to
stare at my black lace covered pussy.

“Wanna taste it? Or do you want to fuck it?” I ask you with a sly smile.
Your eyes look up at me, a pleading look of confusion. I know you want
both, and tonight you’ll be rewarded with both if you pick the correct
answer. Suddenly your eyes twinkle, and I know you’ve figured it out.

“I want to taste you, please,” you say with determination. My knees
release you head in acceptance, and you dive towards my pussy. Your mouth
teasing over my panties, your hot breath igniting my skin. You move the
black lace out of the way and let your tongue tease my clit until I can’t
hold it any longer. My cum drips off your chin and down your chest to your
stomach. Lifting your head with my hands, I wait for you to look me in the

“Pick a number,” I whisper. Your eyes light up as you look at me while
contemplating the choices. The number you pick will be the number of times
you must make me squirt before I let you cum. But if you cum too early,
then that number becomes the number of days until you’re allowed to cum
next. I watch your face move from excitement to anxiety and back again as
you decide your number.

“Seventeen,” you say still holding my gaze.

“How ambitious of you,” I say with a smile, “I pick positions one through
fifteen. Ready?” In response, you pull the black lace from my pussy and
let your tongue dive in, fucking my tight hole with eager excitement.

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As soon as we walked into the room, he stripped naked, placed his folded
clothes neatly in a pile, and knelt on the floor to wait for my

“Go lie on the cross.” I watched his eyes widen slightly as he stood and
walked over to the horizontal cross. Following him, I grabbed the plastic
wrap. Working quickly, he was soon bound to the cross with plastic wrap
ankle to hip, wrist to shoulder, and shoulder to waist.

Straddling his chest, I pulled my panties to one side. Watching his eyes,
I fingered my pussy until there was a pool of cum dripping down the
plastic wrap. I giggled as I watched his tongue try to reach my cum. I
pushed his head back and leaned down smiling in his face.

“You’re being impatient. I think you need to learn some patience my greedy
slut.” I stood up, dipped my finger in my cum, and dabbed the end of his
nose with my finger. I left him bound and hard, alone to contemplate the
value of patience.

After a few minutes, I will return, and he’ll be patient and obedient.
Then I’ll allow him to taste my sweet pussy juice. And if he’s really
good, I’ll suck his cock, watch him explode, and let him lick his cum off
my fingers.

Sharing fantasies on the phone is one of my favorites. I love hearing your
moans of pleasure as we talk about our naughty dreams and kinky desires.
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It’s been a long day, and as I turn the key in the front door, I hear it.
Moaning. Pleasure. Desire.
I carefully unlock the door and quietly turn the knob. Quickly removing my
heels, I tip toe towards the living room. I see the porn on the TV.

“Nice choice,” I think to myself as I admire the mostly naked women eating
each other out. I can see you leaning back in the recliner, lazily
stroking your hard cock. I decide to watch, but have a little fun too.
Turning my cell phone to silent, I quickly text you.

“Whatcha up to?” I hit send and watch you. Your phone buzzes and beeps.
With one hand still on your cock, you fish your phone out of your pants.
Looking down you smile.

“Stroking my cock,” you mutter as you start typing your reply. You drop
your phone on your lap and return your attention to the porn. I look down
at my phone and wait for your response. My phone lights up.

“Not much. Waiting for you. On your way yet?” I stifle my laughter and
quickly type my reply.

“Be there soon. ” Send. I look up and wait. As your phone beeps, you look
at, but return to the porn without taking your hand off your hard cock.
The porn is on a threesome scene, and I can see the precum dripping from
your cock. I pick up my phone again.

“Can’t wait to wrap my lips around your cock.” Send. You moan as you read
my text, then send your reply.

“I want to cum all over your ass.” As I read your reply, I pull my wet
panties off and hitch up my skirt so my ass is bare.

“How about right now? ;)” Send. I crawl behind your chair. I hear your
phone, then your moan. I crawl out in front of you on my hands and knees
with my bare ass and dripping wet pussy ready for you. Looking over my
shoulder, I smile and ask,

“Are you gonna lick up all that cum?”

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Soon it will be time for bed, but first a phone call for a bedtime story
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I can hear the hesitation, the reluctance, the embarrassment.

“It’s ok,” I say soothingly, “Tell me.”

“I, um, was bad, and I need to be punished.” I looked down at my slut’s
blushing cheeks. Soon his ass cheeks will match.

“Present yourself for punishment.” My slut lifted his skirt and draped
himself over my left thigh. His bare ass ready for my hand.

“Your punishment will release you from your transgressions. Count them out
loud, please.”

Smack. “One.” Smack “Two.” Smack. “Three.” I can feel his cock harden
against my thigh.

Smack. “Four.” Smack. “Five.” Pink hand prints decorate his ass cheeks.

Smack. “Six.” Smack. “Seven.” Smack. “Eight.” I can feel the precum
dripping down my leg. Massaging his ass momentarily, I lean down to
whisper in his ear.

“Don’t you dare cum on my leg.” Smack. “Nine.” Smack. “Ten.” I rest my
hand on his pink ass. His skin is hot beneath my fingers.

Smack. “Eleven.” Smack. “Twelve.” Smack. “Thirteen.” Smack. “Fourteen.”
His voice wavers more and more, and I can feel the pulsing in his hard

Smack. “Fifteen.” Smack. “Sixteen.” Smack. “Seventeen.” His body shudders
as a long string of cum hangs from the head of his cock and pools on the
floor beneath him.

“Clean up,” I say softly. He takes a finger and wipes some cum from his
dick and spreads it onto his lips. Looking at me, he licks his lips

“This cum is so yummy,” he says scooping more up from the floor with his
fingers and sucking on them, “I love eating cum for you.” He licks up
every drop of cum from the floor and begs, “Please may I have more cum?”

I nod my head and smile. His tongue dives between my legs, and I grasp his
head. Licking and sucking until I cum, he doesn’t let a drop go to waste.

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things do you need to confess?

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