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Nikki’s Thoughts

My thoughts have been so naughty every time we talk on the phone. I let my
hands glide along my bare skin, cupping my tits, squeezing my nipples.
Does he know how wet I get just from hearing his voice? I cannot keep my
hands away from that wetness. I need to finger that wetness while he talks
to me. Sometimes I fuck myself while we talk, imagining that the huge
dildo sliding in and out of my pussy is his cock.
Before he hangs up, he always says good night in a way that makes me cum
so hard. I know the next time he calls me, it’ll be even more fun.
I love sharing. Should we share a huge, rock hard cock? Let’s have a phone
chat about all the things we can do with his cock!

I would love to see your pretty lips wrapped around his cock, grabbing a
fistful of hair to guide your head, feeding his cock to you while he fucks
your face, watching you choke on it, taking my turn to shove that cock
down my throat, bending you over and looking into your eyes while he fucks

If you’re good, I’ll let you bury your face in my juicy pussy while he
fucks your tight little hole…

If you’re bad, I might just fuck myself inches away from your face until I
soak you with cum…

Call me at Your Desires phone sex line. I would love to share his huge,
hard cock with you!
The World Series has inspired me to create naughty games for my sluts and
slaves. Pick your team, and I’ll give you naughty assignments to complete
whenever your team gets a hit or scores. Be careful, because errors and
wild pitches will be punished! And if your team loses the Series, you’ll
be bound and suspended from the ceiling while I torture you until the cum
is dripping from your dangling legs. But if your team wins the Series,
I’ll chain you to the bench and fuck you until you’re coming into extra

Call me at Your Desires adult phone chat line. Let’s create our own
naughty games to play with each other!
I’ve been thinking about my naughty play room. A nice spreader chair would
be the perfect addition. I can imagine your arms and legs spread wide and
bound to the chair. Your juicy pussy exposed, quivering, waiting for my
soft caresses. My little slut begging to cum. Moaning and screaming as you
squirt again and again. Not tonight though.

Tonight Sir has rewarded me with a special task. First get you ready, then
He will bind you to me. I look into your eyes, smile, then kiss you
gently. Sir comes in, and we both immediately kneel.

“Is she ready?”

“Yes, Sir. She’s wet and ready for you,” I respond.

“Good. Get your mouth over here and get me hard, bitch.”

He taunts you while my mouth devours His cock. I feel His cock getting
harder in my throat. Relaxing and taking a deep breath, I make sure not to
gag or choke as He thrusts his hard cock as deep as He can down my throat.

“Look at my bitch swallow my cock!”

He lifts me to my feet and positions us so that I am standing behind you.
Sir works quickly binding your right arm to mine, then your left arm to
mine. Pulling the chains from the ceiling, He hooks our wrists up to the
chains. Looking directly at me, He says,

“I know how naughty your hands get, and you need to behave tonight.”

He binds your right ankle to mine, then the left. Looking up between our
legs, He smiles fiendishly and reaches up to tease both of our dripping
wet pussies. Within minutes we are bound together, suspended from the
ceiling, and tingling with excited desire. Slapping his hard cock against
your clit, he taunts you.

“You want to cum tonight, don’t you?” Your head nods vigorously, and I
move mine out of the way. He continues, “And my bitch is gonna be really
good and hold her slut spread open for me, isn’t she?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied. I know Sir will be rough tonight. He’s gonna fuck
you so hard, it’s gonna hurt for days. And if I’m a really good, He’ll do
the same to me.

Call me at Your Desires phone sex line and tell me your thoughts,
experiences, and fantasies about being human furniture.

I like to remember…
That time I came so hard my body trembled for 20 minutes afterwards…
Or the time I pranced around wearing just my panties, while you were tied
to a spreader bar kneeling in the corner…
Or the time I spanked you until you came…
Or the other day when you called me just for a little phone chat. More
like phone foreplay. Talking on the phone about all the things you wanted
to do to me, with me, have me do to you…
The first time you came home with me. How shy and nervous you were at
first. Until I had you tied up, begging me to let you cum…
The first time we shared a cock together and how luscious your lips are
gliding up and down a rock hard cock…

What do you like to remember? Call me. Tell me. Let me listen to your
ragged breathing as you explode.
Dear Phone Slut,

Yes, you. You know who you are. My little whore that calls me for sex on
the phone. Let’s see those cheeks burn red for me! I love hearing your
moans, your breathing quicken, those satisfying grunts. The sloppy juices
flowing from you. I can’t wait to fill your greedy holes. My pussy in your
hungry mouth, and a cock in your tight ass. Next time you call me, you’d
better be ready. Cause we’re gonna tease and tantalize that little pucker
of yours until you’re begging me to let you fuck your ass for me. Mmmm.
Yes. We. Are.

Your Phone Sex Girl,
Naughty thoughts from your naughty nympho. I love sharing my dirty
thoughts while we chat on the phone. Hot scenes that get my pussy dripping
and make you cum sooooo hard.

I have chosen two good sluts to please me tonight. She waits patiently as
I have him delivered to her, hogtied with a ribbon. A naughty gift for my
naughty slut. Giggling to myself, I watch from my perch upon a table above
my sluts. My hands fondle my bare breasts as she unties the ribbon and
brings it to me. I smile and look down and my good slut.

“Show me how a good slut gets fucked. Make me proud, and I’ll let you suck
my cum soaked panties,” I tell my good slut as I take the ribbon and tie
up her hair with it. “Then if you’re really good, you’ll get to show me
how a good slut fucks,” I continue with a smile. I reach behind me, and
grab my strap on with a thick ten inch dildo. As I dangle it in my sluts’
faces, I stare at him while I whisper, “You’re gonna show me how a good
slut gets fucked, too.” I giggle as I watch his cock grow even harder and
start pulsing.

“Suck his cock. Make him harder.”

Obediently my slut wraps her lips around his cock, making sure she’s
kneeling with her knees wide so I can watch her hungry cunt get wetter. I
lean off the table and tease her clit with one finger, and her moans tell
me she knows I appreciate the view.

“Now who’s gonna make me proud first? I want to see how a good slut gets

Give me a call at Your Desires phone sex line and tell me how good you are.
Are you curious about what this xxx phone sex girl has been contemplating?
I have been thinking about how I would design a sex jungle gym and play
room! Sex swings, bungees hanging from the ceiling, and toys galore. Fuck
machines, water hoses, and the craziest sex beds. What are your desires
for the ultimate sex play room? Give me a call at Your Desires phone chat
line and tell me all about your play room. What naughty things will we do
I enjoy having fun as a xxx phone sex girl at Your Desires. I love to
re-write stories and songs. Here’s a little song I came up with in the
shower this morning. Wanna hear me sing to you? Give me a call at Your
Desires phone chat line, and I’ll sing a naughty song for you!

(Please sing to the tune of “I’m a little teapot”)

I’m a little naughty, short and Domme
I want to spank you with my palm
When you’re a good slut, you can drink my cum
Lick my clit and make me squirt

I’m a Dominatrix with my flogger out
I’m gonna beat you and make you shout
Better be a good slave from here on out
I’ll flog your ass, have no doubt
Naughty thoughts are roaming through this nympho’s mind. I love sharing
naughty thoughts while we have sex on the phone together. Wouldn’t it be
awesome if there was an adult amusement park where all the rides have sex
incorporated? I would love to feel the rush of a roller coaster ride while
I’m riding your huge, hard cock! I wonder how far you could make me squirt
while we’re spinning around in teacups? We can take a break on the ferris
wheel, and I’ll give you a quick blowjob at the top! What naughty things
would you like to do on an amusement park ride? Call the Your Desires
phone sex line, and tell me all about it!
So many naughty thoughts run through this xxx phone sex girl’s mind.
Lately I’ve been thinking about sex games, and I don’t mean strip poker or
rolling some naughty dice. I’ve been thinking about little slut games like
the lipstick game. I want to see your pretty red lips marking my cock as I
shove it down your throat. And I’ll only fuck your greedy slut hole as far
as you marked my cock. How about a Truth or Dare inspired game like Suck
or Fuck? Which will you pick? Suck or fuck? What will I make you do? You
can suck my ass, fuck a bag of frozen peas, suck my twelve inch dildo, or
fuck yourself with a wine bottle. If you’re a good little slut maybe you
can suck my clit or get fucked by a fuck machine. Give me a call at Your
Desires phone sex line. Let’s play a game called sex on the phone!
I enjoy sex as a hobby and sport. Recently, I have been thinking about
extreme sports combined with sex. Wouldn’t bungee jumping while having sex
be fun? How about sky diving or hang gliding? Maybe a good water skiing
fuck? How many other sports would be more fun with sex incorporated? Give
me a call at Your Desires phone sex line, and let’s talk about all your
crazy and wild fantasies!
I was recently thinking about a skirt I would like to have: a strap on
skirt. It would have a rainbow of dildos all around me in different
sizes. I could have all my cocksuckers on their knees around me. I could
fuck my sluts in oh so many ways. Would you like to know more about my
strap on skirt? Call me on Your Desires phone sex line. Let’s chat on the
phone about all the naughty possibilities!
Found sex toys have been clouding my thoughts. I saw a blood pressure
cuff, a little one for a baby. I thought that it would be amazing to use
on your hard cock. Can you feel the pressure on your shaft as I pump up
the little cuff? Tell me how yummy that precum oozing out of your hard
cock’s head tastes. How much pressure can your cock handle before it
explodes? Call me on Your Desires’ phone sex line. Let’s make that hard
cock explode!
July is here, and it’s fireworks time! I love having hot sex on the
phone that makes my body feel like a firework! Get that cock hard and
let’s enjoy some xxx phone sex together! Let’s explode in the
sky…again and again. I think I’ll be a roman candle so I can
explode several times! What kind of firework are you? Give the Your
Desires phone sex girls a call and celebrate fireworks with us in a
new way.
Again, while shopping, my thoughts stray to the sexual side quickly.
I was walking through the store, and while looking down an aisle, I
noticed someone had dropped a jar of something creamy and white.
There was a splatter of creamy, white goo that looked like someone
had just spit a load right there on the floor in the grocery store.
I’m sure most people would think about cleaning it up, but not like I
did. Everyone hears or thinks, “Clean up, aisle 7.” But not me. No.
My first thought was, “Where are my naughty little cum sluts? You need
to lick the cum up off that floor until it shines!” So my little
cum sluts, let’s have a little phone chat about how much you love
licking up cum! Maybe you have a secret fantasy about cum that we
can talk about when you call Your Desires phone sex line at
Again, this naughty nympho can’t help but think of sex while
shopping. This time I was shoe shopping, looking for some nice new
heels. I tried on lots of different heels and enjoyed looking at my
cute feet in all of them. While admiring a pair of boots, I notice
you are watching me. Unable to help myself, I smile my naughty grin
at you while I place a slender leg in one of the thigh high boots
that I had been looking at. Putting my foot on the stool in front of
me, I adjust my skirt to give you just the right view of my
glistening wet pussy. I lean forward and slowly zip the boot from
ankle to thigh, letting my fingers linger at the edge of my skirt.
Next time we have some hot phone sex, let’s talk about all the things
I can do to tease you while I’m trying on sexy heels.
Lately my thoughts have been extremely sexual while shopping. I went
lingerie shopping recently, and it was such a turn on. I loved
looking at all the pretty, lacy matching sets, and imagining wearing
them for you. Wondering what it would be like if I let you take that
matching set off…with just your teeth? Hmmmmm. Call my phone chat
line and tell me all about exactly what you would do with me and my
new, lacy, teal matching bra and panties! For a special price, I’ll
even let you buy the set when we’re all done with our hot session of
xxx phone sex.
Working Out

My mind turned sexual during my trip to the gym yesterday. I love working
out, and especially lifting weights. And I LOVE leg day! I used to think
that there’s nothing like the feeling of doing a pyramid set until your
muscles fail. You try to walk, but your legs crumble beneath you.
There’s another way to get this feeling. How is that you ask? A good,
hard pussy pounding. Make me cum so hard that I can’t walk! Now that’s
some good phone sex!
I never knew that phone sex could be so exciting, so enlightening, so
much FUN! During the past couple months, I have met some really
awesome people here at YD and on the phone. I have tried new kinks,
explored new experiences, been inspired to learn new kinks, found my
inner devil, rediscovered romance, and had tons and tons of fun. Sex
and kink have become my new hobby, my own version of an extreme sport
mixed with a little fine art and entertainment. I am looking forward
to many more new experiences, lots of fun, tons of laughter, learning
more kinks, getting freaky, refreshing romance, strengthening my inner
devil, discovering new gems, and deepening friendships.
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome to YD!
Your nocturnal nympho,
Again, grocery shopping takes an erotic turn in the produce section.
Looking at all the nice citrus fruits, I was reminded of how yummy a pussy
tastes. I stood there staring at oranges and grapefruits, daydreaming
about licking a nice, wet pussy.
Spring time fun is here! I was shopping for groceries and noticed how nice
and large the cucumbers are. I wonder if you would fuck a donut or pastry
for me? Wouldn’t that be fun? I wonder what other foods we can fuck on
the phone together?

Whispers in the wind embrace the flower
Petals kissed by the early morning dew
The air is charged with a sensual power
An enchantment brewing anew

Echos of memory from a previous hour
Rumbles in the distance building desire
The scent of rain as it threatens to shower
Quivers and quakes spread like fire

Lightning strikes illuminate transcendence
As explosions dissolve the world from sight
Only energy remains electrifying the dance
Gentle sparks fly tingling the descending flight
Deeper connections with each and every night
A touch that lingers ever so slight
A dream that remembers every delight
A beautiful dance in the silver moonlight
Since I began working nights, I thought it would be fun to rewrite bedtime
stories with a naughty twist. So here’s one for my sissies and slaves:

“Good night poon”

In my sexy play room
There was a telephone
And a leather wrapped broom
And a picture of a domme with a dripping wet poon
And there was a giant hard cock drooling for sex talk
And a big wooden paddle
And a crop and a saddle
And a silicone cock ring
And a yoga sex swing
And a whip for your bum and a bowl full of cum
And a thirsty little cumslut who was whispering “Yum”
Good night room
Good night broom
Good night domme and her dripping wet poon
Good night ball gag
And the clothes all strewn
Good night cock
Good night sex talk
Good night paddle
And good night saddle
Good night nipples
And good night tickles
Good night cock ring
And good night sex swing
Good night whips
And good night fun
Good night tits
Good night cum
And good night to my little slave whispering “Yum”
Good night screams
Good night moans
Good night callers on my phone
My first week here at YD has been AAHHHmazing! I cannot believe how hot
and wet I get just hearing your breathing quicken, a little gasp, a soft