Happy day!

Today I’ve been able to talk to one of my favorite afternoon delights, all dressed up for the impromptu office visit with stockings, my pretty green dress, and high, high heels. Gloves all the better for sliding down firm chests. /nods happily.

Then a sweet boy accompanying me to the bathroom with lots of questions about what happens.

Then a man got caught watching the neighbor’s daughter, home from college gardening in short shorts and a bikini top. She came into the house and gave him quite the show before her sister joined in…

Later, an appointment with one of my tease and denial boys. How much I love hearing him sweat and beg, promising me the moon and stars if only I’ll let him come tonight. I won’t, but I’ll love the promises as I whisper back to him why he wants to keep me happy and the come in his balls! He’s nothing without me.

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