Little Dick

Spanking call went awesomely, he was slow to respond to my message to call me, so he ended up with an hour instead of 30 minutes. I had him show his dick cage to me, show me the lock, that it was closed and clicked, I noticed how he doesn’t even fill out the device, his poor little thing is just too small.

Starting with a rug beater, moving though his toys, literally spanking the bristles off a back scrubber. The handle of this, the flat side of that, now use the paddle with the holes. Higher, lower, slower, faster, harder. He grew out of breath a few times, panting in his pantyhose, the bruises and welts starting to show through the reinforced panty. He took it so well.

Now, because he is in chastity for not being able to stop playing with his little peepee, I have suggested to his Mistress that he continue the next 3 months in his cage. Lessons need to be learned. Think with your big head, not your wee one.

I’m so looking forward to next week’s lesson!

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