Silly Panty cricket!

Here is an example of a chastity experience. Forgive the weird spacing, things come through My email strangely.

Dear Mistress Rachel,

Your cow hopes you had a wonderful weekend. Some time ago, you requested that your pet email you with his feelings and emotions concerning being back in chastity. As you know, all to well, your pet has difficulty expressing his feelings adequately when it comes to the subject of being locked. Your whore is working on a chastity journal and will share those entries with you shortly, but per your request here are my feelings concerning being relocked.

Our call on September 3 had a very unexpected, but welcome outcome. It goes without saying and should be of no surprise that when you asked me to retrieve my chastity device your pet was overcome with emotions. Again, expressing those feelings is a different story, however your whore knows that you enjoy the emotional side of chastity as much as knowing that your pet is locked. In addition to your pleasure, your whore understands that it is important for you to know how he is coping from a physical and mental standpoint.

Back to the flood of emotions, fear was definitely first and foremost. The fear of loss, loss of freedom, loss of pleasure, loss of the ability to stand to urinate (that seems silly) but elicits a very real, emotional, fear deep within me. The loss of feeling like a human let alone a male. Chastity is immediately emasculating and the emotions seem to come in waves.

Unlike the first time, the novelty of being chastised wore off overnight. When your pet awoke Wednesday morning; pulling at his device while dreaming (fantasizing) about being in chastity, the realization that your pet would not be getting off as he had done most mornings prior was a difficult realization. Somewhat comical in a frustrating sort of way, but difficult nonetheless, it as at this point that one of the emotional waves came over your bitch.

Until your cow taps into these feelings further he will describe them as a type of sadness or depression. It sounds weird (very weird), but to me it feels like a break up, not the way you feel the day after, but more like the way you feel a day or two later. Yes, that sounded weird in my head and looks even more so in type and no the break up part is not some sort of pun. However,
it is a start, your pet is not emotionally detached (otherwise, what would be the point) and will continue to explore these feelings and emotions.

In addition to the feelings of loss, my submissive tendencies seem to be heightened while also experiencing weird feelings of hyper sexuality. This makes for a rather interesting cocktail of emotions. Due to these emotions your pet has an overwhelming urge to serve while also wanting to hump everything. As if these feelings were not enough, there are no less than a half a dozen reminders a day that sitting to pee is not optional.

Your panty cricket is very grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. More (lots more) to come (in the way of email, not emissions)…promise!



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