I love getting so wet, my pussy just drips down my thighs. I love making big wet stains on the bed and making you suck out the moisture with that pretty pink mouth of yours. I just want to slide my pussy down on your hard cock, getting it all nice and wet. I want you to cum, buried balls deep inside my tight little hole and then I want to suck you clean… tasting your cum and my cum dripping off your cock.

8 comments to Dripping…

  • Jeremy

    I want you too get all wet over me

  • SexySubsterRich

    Hmmm babe, I’m debating whether to call…. I love you’re dripping, and would turn you’re pink puss into a goooy sticky lovely meess lapping n teasin with my multi-talented tongue…xo I’m just worried as I’m 30yrs into BDSM like I see you’re into the same, but we’re both sub …you’ve gotta take the lead babe n tease the HELL outta my hard cock, that would be after get all femmed up !!


    • Oh sweetie, I’m only sub to the right person these. I would much rather tease you until you were the one dripping into my panties. I think that paints a much prettier picture! ;)

  • josh

    hey robin, may I say u look fucking hot and I want to be right by you everyday. I think your the most beautiful girl ever, plz reply so that I know that your real. I am 22 and I am very shy. and I want to say bad and dirty things to you but I am just scared that you will get creeped out and plus I am shy. you have the best boobs ever. stay cool robin bye :)

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