Feeling ultra SEXY today

Hi everybody! Having one of those unsatiable days where I just cant cum enough… Wanna help me? Give me a call – we can cum all day together!

3 comments to Feeling ultra SEXY today

  • gt

    A Majestic Scene

    Held captive by the vibrant colors of my lofty dreams
    Comfortably nestled in the middle of a majestic scene
    My thoughts wander through the delights of my heart
    And the breathless moments when your lips quietly part
    Perfection pressed against peach blossoms and fuchsia rose
    Enhanced by the beauty that suddenly stills my restless soul
    I did not think such splendor could ever truly be captured
    But my eyes have seen the visions of elegance answered

    The Morning Sun

    If you would allow me to whisper of my desires
    Quietly confess my intentions once you inquire
    I would find pleasure hidden inside each moment
    As the soft, sensual sighs gently fall from your lips
    Listen to my heart pound with the sound of a drum
    The closer we come to the edge of the morning sun

    • Serena

      Your words tantalize my mind and tingle my senses. The electricity that builds inside me as your words flow through my body is like the force of the sea surging against the shoreline.

      • gt

        The Ascending Crescendo

        Through the loving embrace of soft whispered words
        Every thought; every movement I make can be heard
        It is like a quiet awakening of deep longing sensations
        Breathtaking moments within every wave of the ocean
        I too have the same electricity flowing deep within me
        Waiting for a perfect union in every breath we breathe
        Like bolts of lightning quickly racing across the open sky
        And the sound of thunder rising from beneath every sigh
        It’s making love out of nothing at all but with all we have
        Soft and gentle; the ascending crescendo builds to collapse

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