Have your cake and eat it too

So, I’m normally pretty quiet about birthdays but mine is coming up. As some of you may know I am a giver… so for my birthday I want nothing more than to help make your wishes come true. MUAH!

3 comments to Have your cake and eat it too

  • gt

    Forever Satisfied

    If I looked out far beyond the most distant stars
    And quietly whispered a few words from my heart
    I would wish for a deeper love than what I now know
    Hoping someone would hear the faint sound of echoes
    And if it took a lifetime for my love to touch you inside
    Then know that I would somehow be forever satisfied
    ~ wind whisperer

    • Serena

      My soul vibrates from the echos of your whispered words.
      Love touching the depths of my heart as we gaze at the stars.
      Making wishes as stars fall from the sky blanketing us in wonder.
      Wish away my love, I will try to fulfill them all.

      • gt

        Each Night

        So many times I wanted to watch you as you walked away
        Just so I could watch you walk where the wild flowers play
        I’m sure every blossom would quietly bow as you walked by
        Promptly move with the wind to catch a glimpse of your eye
        A moment forever etched in the deepest part of my memory
        So that each night I could watch you walk through my dreams
        ~ wind whisperer

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