It’s warming up…

As the weather gets warmer I wear less and less… feeling the warm sun kiss my skin evokes urges from deep within me. I want so badly to cum but I need your help, your voice, the sound of your excitement – I need you to help get me there. Call me – lets cum together!

2 comments to It’s warming up…

  • gt

    Sun Kissed

    The warmer it gets the more I long to see
    So undress the thoughts deep within me
    If the sun kisses your skin then so too will I
    Just so I can listen to pleasant-sounding sighs

  • gt

    No One

    Oh, how I can still feel the vapor of your breath
    When you drew closer to wipe the tears I’d wept
    I was swept away in a moment; overcome by you
    As stars in the sky reflected memories I’d pursued
    A million voices echoing into a night of desperation
    Kept me company while disrupting my concentration
    Had it not been for the overwhelming flood of light
    I’m sure today would not have come before my eyes
    Had morning’s dew not glistened upon dawn’s arrival
    Uncertainties would have lingered and remained idle
    But each petal of every flower felt your unfailing love
    That alone has given me reason to explore your touch
    Nothing could ever compare to the love you have shown
    And no one will ever understand how far our love has gone
    ~ wind whisperer

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