Just like the Easter Bunny…

I love to bounce! Just imagine my perfect tits “boing, boing, boing” as I hop towards you. Or maybe you’d like to imagine my petite, tan body bouncing up and down on top of you… Oh! What’s that popping up? A yummy treat for your little phone sex bunny to enjoy? Yes, please!

6 comments to Just like the Easter Bunny…

  • gt

    Intimate Secrets

    From a floral printed sundress to next to nothing at all
    Reflections once seen now has me perplexed and in awe
    And as my wanting eyes quietly wander from head to toe
    I clearly begin to see the flawless beauty I so long to hold
    The way strands of her auburn hair lay upon her shoulders
    Somehow knowingly persuades me to slowly approach her
    Wanting to touch her; to calmly trace every visible curve
    And measure the depths where two hearts gently merge
    Come with me; let us explore the deepest intimate secrets
    Leaving nothing untouched of the others perfect uniqueness

    • Serena

      Let my eyes draw you closer. You can smell my lilac scented hair and it awakens a warmth inside of you. Follow my curves with the tips of your fingers and slowly undress me. Confess your secrets and I will confess mine as we dive deep into the emerald pool of passion.

  • gt

    Your Perfume

    If when I lit the wick of a lavender scented candle
    And the flame begins to dance and quietly wander
    Would the silhouettes somehow light up the room
    And secretly capture the essence of your perfume

  • Amber

    what a beautiful sight! I love to watch you bounce on a hard cock!!

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