stockings and nipples galore

My flirty little skirt falls to my black stocking-covered midthigh. You can see my pretty painted toenails through the sheer black fabric and my braless nipples through my tight black top. They’re so hard and just begging you to cum play!

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  • gt

    The Picture You Paint

    Just to see the image you so gently etch in my mind
    Would leave me breathless beneath sounds of sighs
    Every detailed description demands a closer look
    And each piece of fabric longs to be understood
    Captivated by the thought of my eyes holding you
    As a stunned silence seems to overtake the room
    Come closer so my vision can no longer be impaired
    Allow the air of my breath to touch you everywhere
    Slow and methodical I conceal the hunger in my voice
    Gentle yet deliberate I find my way to the edge of joy
    Exposing the nakedness of my deepest sensual desires
    The picture you paint provokes hope and quietly inspires
    ~ wind whisperer

  • Serena

    unravel the threads and expose my bare skin. It warms with every breathy word that pours from your lips.

    • gt


      If you will quietly prepare a place for every word I long to express
      I will gently lay the whispers of my lips upon the curve of your breast
      If you will release from confinement that which keeps you from me
      I will slowly trace the contours of every deepened breath you breathe
      If within my eyes you capture the very essence of every thought I have
      Then together we will climb to the highest point beyond even the climax

      • Serena

        Lay your words upon me,
        blanket me in your breath.
        Cover my lips in the softest whispers of your heart.
        My body swells as I inhale your essence
        and feel your carress.
        Hand in hand we climb.

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