Tessa teasingly tempts…

You know that look…you know what is expected of you. Down on your knees, worshiping your Mistress. If you do not obey me, you know there will be a punishment. Spanking, bound, denial from release…all those and more. Call me tonight if you don’t care to be punished, or call tonight if you do.

3 comments to Tessa teasingly tempts…

  • Thank You again for letting pet out of his cage for release … so thankful to be under Your perfect guiding hand.

  • Oh Goddess Tessa … no time at all has passed since last evening’s release and immediately You re-caged Your lowly fuck pet before bed and then You have him edge unto You in cage 5 times at work before day’s end the very next day! You said You demand much from Your pets and i so experience it now at every turn being back under Your hand again … You have me aching and throbbing perpetually within my confines!!!

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