Another Update

hello my lovelies,

I wanted to get everyone caught up once again on the progress of my little Hooter’s Girl. since my last posting, I have spoken with my Pamela twice. the first time and possibly the most fun, was getting to show Pamela off. we embarked on a 2-girl call with Ms. Rachel and expose just how far we have gotten in turning Pamela GAY!

like the little cam slut she is, we watched Pamela stroking and slapping around that cock, needing so badly to have one buried in her ass.. and like a good little cock-sucker, Pamela swallowed her load for us. keeping it classy, she shot into a little cup and took every drop. so proud of her.

furthermore, tonight Pamela contacted me again and we discussed how fun it would be to addict her to my scent. Mmmmm to get her so turned on and not be allowed to cum until she was breathing me in. yes. how fun it would be to have this little Fag addicted like that. so needy. *happy sigh*
and naturally, when Pamela came for me, she drank it down again. further impressing me with how much her training has paid off.

until next time~



2 comments to Another Update

  • Rachel

    That was so fun! Thank you for including me!

  • oh Goddess Tori…Your little pathetic whore toy can so testify to Your power, control, and allure…nearly a month out in chastity under Your perfect hand with no hope of release You have Your little whore toy so addicted and needy thanks to Your exacting and unrelenting training regimen.

    You continue to RULE and REIGN over Your pathetic lowly addicted whore toy at every turn!

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