Hooter’s Girl update~

My Pamela got in touch with me tonight!! it has been far too long! I missed an update last time so there is much to discuss!

Pamela is alllllll about being “used” in some fashion these days. last time we spoke, we were going to use her and her cock to show girls how to edge cocks the best. teaching them different ways to have their little sluts stroke and touch. we know that my little jack-off loves an audience (;

tonight, it went a step further. she tells me that she wants people to get to explore her… this is inside and out, of course. seeing her shopping. looking at her clothes. feeling her body in those blouses and skirts. feeling up her pantyhose… Mmmmm, I told Pamela how I would just looove to fill an auditorium full of people to take turns touching and feeling her. starting with her clothes.. and then underneath. feeling her cock excited from all the attention. telling everyone how much she likes turning gay. all the gay blowjobs she has given and how she just eats up all the applause she gets from her gay sex. even there on stage, all the cocks entering and backing up on my little jack-off.

finally, everyone would get to see exactly what it looks like for a little jack-off to shoot a load into their pretty little panties. fueled by all those gay thoughts and cock sucking.

Never a dull moment with My Hooter’s girl (;

xxx oxox

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