the newest Hooter’s Girl~

i could not leave tonight without gushing to everyone about my evening yesterday. i have a new sexy friend named Pamela . shes a cross-dresser and we want everyone to know about it! she makes a very lovely girl and a very cute hooters girl. we ran with this fantasy of outing herself as a cross-dresser to the bartender at hooters when she asks for a uniform for herself. c:

this is all good good good. anyway (; the best is yet to come..
after Pamela picks up this new outfit and makes her way back to us, then the fun starts. my super cute friend Chloe and i got to watch for over half an hour while this little lady put on a fabulous show for us in her new outfit!!

i think i can speak for Chloe and i both when i say we absolutely loved it! pretty soon everyone is going to know about Pamela and her cross-dresser ways.. and thats just the way we want it.

be good now~


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