Pamela Update~!*

I was fortunate enough to get to speak to our favorite little cross-dresser last night!

We have a lovely new plan as well… now that we have turned Pamela into a good little cock sucker and her ass is nice and ready for play, we’re going to use her like a surrogate. we’re going to let ladies hire her to be used by their boyfriends or husbands to do all the things they don’t want to do. how some women are not into anal, deep throating, or some hardcore teasing, they would hire Pamela to be their go-to little “Fuck Hole For Hire”..

One of my favorite parts was when Pamela included that I would be there with the hiring woman and we would watch together.. I, of course, took it a step further and said we would film it so the couple could look back on it together.. and naturally the thought of a camera in the room made me want to film my Pamela being used and have it stream live online! hehehe..

all this talk got Pamela all worked up and she admitted to me that she is so gay for me; so taken and committed to being my gay little cock lover!



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