Hi! I’m one of the new girls.

I am one of the newest girls here, and cant wait to get to know everyone.  Coming in at this time of year is great too, because we are running great specials.  Check out my bio and let me know what you think and lets play.

2 comments to Hi! I’m one of the new girls.

  • gt

    All of My Dreams

    I think of you often, and every chance I get
    And though we have only spoken for a moment
    It is indeed a moment I will absolutely never forget
    It was not anything that was said or even not said
    Yet the sound of your voice still runs through my head
    I find I am being drawn to your eyes for a closer look
    Back to the very moment when my heart first shook
    The thoughts reflected the image of what I could see
    And it is that moment I will carry into all of my dreams

  • Sherry

    Well, hello hottie! Very nice to meet you… I’d like to get to know your booty!

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