Hello, Everyone!

I’m the new girl here at YD. I’m loving it!

I’m so thrilled about having the chance to hear your voice! It makes me hot and bothered to think about, so in the meantime I’m familiarizing myself with the company. I’m attentive and eager to learn more!

You know what I’m feeling grateful for? The warm atmosphere of this place! No surprise, these ladies are HOT mamas! I’m going to learn a lot about sexiness from them. What a privilege to mingle in the cornucopia of erotic delights. I hope I’ll add a nice, succulent flavor to the mix and prove to be an asset to Your Desires!


heehee. sounds like “ass hat”

*awkward silence*

Anyone?  ……Hello?….  


Really, I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone at YD. You all have been so welcoming and supportive! It’s my pleasure to satisfy your exxxpectations….

My goal is to make you feel good. I have to learn these things. If there’s something that you see I’m not quite understanding, feel free to punish me! (Gently- No dislocations or broken teeth, please.)





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