I’ve Arrived

Just spent all of this time being told what to do, now I can’t wait to tell you what to do….

3 comments to I’ve Arrived

  • gt

    I am not sure I am into the tags
    but I do like what it is I see


    Vividly I often dream of nature’s breathless beauty
    And the gentle glow that captures your mystique
    The taut cushions of a chair that bears no weight
    Makes me aware of the one who holds my gaze
    And with every glance I have a momentary lapse
    As my breath quietly escapes and calmly I collapse

  • gt

    Autumn’s Allure

    I cannot see what lies upon the edge of an aging armoire
    Or beyond the years spent quietly etching love’s memoir
    Nor beneath the time that uncovers old weathered wood
    But I can see the beauty in your eyes and it is understood
    That there is something far more breathtaking to explore
    If only I could glimpse the moment following forevermore
    Then I’m sure you’d allow me to influence autumn’s allure
    As I wander through the thoughts that immerse your heart

    It is my quest to lay my soft whispers gently upon your ears

  • gt

    Hidden Treasure

    Every time I look in to your eyes I picture new dreams
    And feelings that materialize from a mixture of things
    I cannot reveal the depths my mind quietly wanders
    Nor begin to express the thoughts I so often ponder
    I can however isolate the burning desire I now feel
    To blend together soft whispers that seems so real
    Take me to a deeper place in a moment of pleasure
    Until we have told the secrets of the hidden treasure

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