Zivia’s Fantasies

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Zivia’s Fantasies

The Mistress

I get a one on one phone sex call from you, and I ask what are you looking
for baby? You reply you want to be my phone sex slave. I have never done
this before as I am usually submissive. I step out of the box and try
this. You explain you want me stern and want me to make you worship me and
that I punish you. I am in a black leather outfit with a blood red lace
panty and bra set with my spiked boots and I tell you to strip down to
nothing. Go get a pair of panties on you sissy boy, something frilly with
some silky nylons. You try to argue and I refuse, one more chance, GET
YOUR PANTIES AND NYLONS ON NOW SLAVE! you whimper and reply yes master.
Kiss my boots, ask if your horny? Yes, you respond. Then earn this pussy
by doing as I say. take off my boots!! You begin to worship my feet,
caressing and massaging, sucking on my toes, do you want to see more? Take
off my shorts! Your hands work up my leg and take them off. Good boy…
You want to taste this pussy??? spanking your ass with a paddle, you start
begging, I cut you off. kiss me up my legs slave, no words just do
it!spread my legs, taste it, do you like ?You say yes and start to eat me
out! I push you off of me in the fantasy, get on your knees slave, you
listen to the command, my turn. I take out a toy box I have made out of an
old trunk with my 10″ dildo, I put it in front of you and make you spit on
it. You try to ask what I am going to do with it, and before you finish I
am playing with your ass with the tip. You are liking it. I start to shove
it in and I yell for you not to scream. I slide the dildo in and out of
your ass going harder and faster, and as you get louder I spank you for
every unauthorized scream. Do you enjoy this slave? you reply yes, master,
stuttering. I fuck you in the ass for the longest time and you are moaning
loudly on the phone, spank you again, then stop completely. I push you
down on the bed and start fucking you, I am moaning, putting your hands on
my tits, making you satisfy me but you are not allowed to cum slave and I
slap you in the face, pinching your nipples as I ride you harder and
faster and I begin to cum. You start crying I cant hold it any longer,
having trouble following my authority slave? I hop off, pussy dripping
with juice, take the paddle I tell you, on the phone you ask me what? TAKE
THE PADDLE NOW SLAVE! smack your dick 50 times and call me tomorrow,
click, the phone goes dead.

“Customer service, how may I help you?” I answer the phone as I am bored
out of my mind in my little cubicle. You call me with a very sexy voice.
You ask me if this is a phone sex line? I reply, “no sir, this is customer
service for the phone company, are you having trouble with your service?”
You are moaning a little to the sound of my voice and I can hear what you
are doing, jerking off as I am talking to you. I wiggle a bit in my chair
as I am frustrated yet aroused at the same time, my neighbor coworker
peeking around the corner asking if I am okay.In a shaky voice, I say
“sir, you have reached customer service, can I help you?” Your moaning
gets louder and you start talking dirty to me. “sir this is so
inappropriate,” as I am getting hotter, blushing and excited. You tell me
to touch myself and you want to hear when I get wet, “I cant” as my hands
slip into my blouse as I unbutton he front. You seduce me over the phone,
and ask me how tight that pussy is, one finger in and I moan a little
loud, and your panting on the phone, two OMFG, it feels so good, finger
fucking myself and listening to you just stroking your cock and I join you
in some hot, juicy sex on the phone. my coworker peeking as I finger this
tight, juicy pussy under my jacket, I clear my throat and say I am fine.
You tell me to cum loud and hard with you as your hand is just banging
against your balls. Such a sexy, welcoming voice, I cant help but get
louder and not even aware of where I am anymore, I yell fuck me, fuck me
baby!!! Make me cum, ohhhh begging you not to stop, you ask if I am ready?
I’m not ready yet, it feels so good, I am not ready to end it yet, You ask
my name, it is Zivia, and you start moaning my name and I say Omg, I’m
cumming, I’m cumming!!!! as I hear a click at the other end, asking hello,
hello? my panties soaked, I stand up and everyone is just shocked and in
awe at what they heard. I ask what? and sit back down and smile. Then the
supervisor yells for me to meet him in his office.


Our first date, we are teenagers and I am a virgin. You want to take me on
a first date to a little café where you slip something to relax me in my
drink. We have a nice, romantic dinner, and you say that next we are going
to the drive in to make the date perfect. As we sit there and the movie
starts, it is a porn. I begin to blush and cover my eyes, unsure on what
to do. You kiss me slowly on the lips, place your hand on my chin to watch
the screen. It starts to get hot as the relaxer is kicking in, and you
begin to put your hand down my shirt00and run your hand up between my
thighs. I clench my legs closed and start to shake, you pry them open with
both hands. you pull my panties down and continue to hold my head to face
the movie. You whisper in my ear “watch”. As I am watching you kiss up my
thighs to my bare, pink pussy and begin to caress my lips and clit with
your tongue. my body trembling as you still hold my head to face the
movie, my toes begin to curl and I get this feeling to burst, I cum in
your mouth, unaware of what my body is doing. Then you come up, gently
place your hand on my throat and I feel the pressure of your hard cock,
pushing against my unused swollen lips. You begin to thrust and I start to
tear up as you push deeper and deeper until you have popped my cherry. You
keep going and I feel hot and swollen as you fuck me harder and faster in
the front seat, holding my legs open. I yelp as your tearing my pussy up
with your huge, swollen throbbing cock which busts inside of me. You hold
it there for a moment and I feel your warm, thick cum just filling me up.
you kiss me afterwards and lay my head on your lap, and turn my head to
your cock and tell me to suck it. nervously I begin to take my lips as I
watch the movie, and run them up and down your shaft. You tell me to use
my tongue too. Then you push my head on you harder and faster, and say
your cumming, my mouth wide open, your salty, yet sweet cum fills my mouth
and runs down my throat. You moan, and push my head down all the way, to
rid your load in my mouth.


I am in a sexy, french maid outfit, black thigh highs and heels, with a
littler black lace thong, cleaning your condo on a regular basis. You come
home from work early as I am bending over and you come and slap my ass.
You say you have a surprise for me, and meet you in the master suite. You
tell me to strip down to my bra and panties and lay on the bed. You tie my
hands and legs apart and blind fold me. Then you take scissors and cut up
your goose down pillows and cover me with them. I hear the vacuum start,
and think to myself what the hell is going on. You take off the blind fold
and tell me to watch. You begin to tickle me with the feathers being
poured on me, my nipples getting hard and pussy getting wet to the suction
of the vacuum on my skin. You are paying me no mind, but watching as the
bag begins to fill up like it is about to burst and your dick is throbbing
at this point. You untie me and want me to make you beg to rub your hard
cock on that huge, engorged bag full of feathers. You get to a point it
almost hurts and you cannot stand it. You grovel at my feet begging to
fuck with my vacuum. After I make you kiss my feet and worship my feet and
legs, I tell you, take your dick and rub it on that nice, shiny bulging
bag. You have a little dribble of pre-cum on your cock. I tell you to take
your fingers, rub it off and taste it and make you do it, or you cannot
fuck my vacuum. Hesitantly, you do so, I pat you ion the head and say good
boy. Now, you are almost in tears, wanting the hose to the vacuum so bad
after humping the bag. I take the tip of the hose to head of your cock and
tease it. You grab it away and start fucking it real good. As I listen to
you moan and thrust hard in that hole and lay on the bed with my legs
open. I masturbate to you until you cum hard, pulling out and shooting cum
all over the bag


I am just coming home from school, after gym class. I am sweaty, in my boy
shorts and tank top that sows a little of my tummy. Go in the kitchen to
get a bottle of water and notice you are watching me daddy. I run upstairs
to get in the shower, and as im taking my clothes off, you are standing in
my doorway. You walk over to me and start kissing me on the lips and neck.
Lay me down and spread my legs, im begging no, but my body is saying yes.
Then, daddy starts to suck on my little clit and bare, pink pussy. MY very
first orgasm and I don not know how to respond to my body trembling and
shaking and my toes curling. I tell my daddy I feel so wet, and he says
good. Then he comes up and asks me if im hungry, I say yes. He takes his
big cock and starts tracing my lips with the head of his cock. He says to
me to start taking my tongue and lick it, and I do. He tells me I am a
good girl and start to suck it. My little mouth opens up and he starts to
push it in. He is thrusting as i am gagging and then tells me to lean over
the bed. He spreads my legs, and thrusts his cock up and down my little
wet pussy. He spreads me open and starts pushing in. I grit my teeth
because it hurts so much, grabbing the sheets. He tells me he will go
easy. He starts moaning and grunting as he is thrusting his huge cock into
my virgin pussy. I start to scream lightly, and he tells me to relax. It
hurts but feels good at the same time. He pulls my hair to one side and
starts kissing my neck, whispering how much of a good girl I am, and makes
me tell him he owns this pussy. He tells me to say it and it makes him
throb inside of me. He asks me if I want daddy to cum inside of me? At
this point the pain is pleasure, and I tell him yes. HE GRABS MY HIPS AND
YOU SOOOO FUCKING AROUSED. you start to cum and with ease hold it in after
that last hard thrust, and kiss me again on the neck you smile and tells
me im your baby girl, now go get in the shower.


I am a stranger to you , and we are both invited to this elegant cocktail
party. You are standing by the bar ordering a drink, and I walk
in the room hesitantly. I am wearing a long, champagne colored cocktail
gown, wit my hair up, silky stockings and heels. You walk over to me
nervously, and ask if I would like a drink. I accept, then I politely
thank you and shyly walk away. You notice my back is exposed, no bra, my
soft skin, my shoulders, and how low cut the front of my gown is, that
exposes the top of my cleavage. Throughout the night we flirt, listen to
some music played on the piano, but apart from each other. As I stand
there with some female coworkers, I am gently stroking the edge of the
champagne glass edge with my fingertips, and you watch as I take each sip
and how the glass touches my lips, and I slowly lick the droplets of
champagne that touches my lips. After a few drinks, and a few good
hours of socializing and both being shy, you ask me if I would like to
dance. I accept, so we walk hand in hand to the dance floor,and your hands
gently touch my skin. Running them down my arms and back, to my
waist line. You hold me so close, let my hair fall around my shoulders,
and you smell the scent of lavender and vanilla. As you take in all of my
scents, you ask if we could go somewhere quiet so we could talk. So we
walk out to the balcony overlooking the city. We talk and laugh for
hours.As the morning draws nearer, and the people disappear, you lean in
for a kiss, stroking my face, running your hands up and down my back and
arms and hold my hands.You kiss my neckline slowly,and slip my dress off
my shoulders.Kiss my shoulders, down my neckline, you caress my breasts
slowly and gently kiss my lips again. Cupping my breasts in you hands you
take your tongue and trace it around my breasts to my nipples, where you
carefully begin to suck.My light moans, I whisper to you, no one has ever
treated me like this before. You place your fingertips over my lips and
tell me how beautiful I look tonight.Unzipping my dress, you lay down your
jacket on the ground, lay me down,pull off my shoes, stockings and
panties slowly, and I get goosebumps. You spread my legs and start running
your tongue up and down my bald, pink pussy lips, and gently inside me. As
I caress my breasts and you have me so aroused, I reach down to pull you
up and into me. You unzip your slacks, pull out your hard, engorged
cock,and at a slow pace, gently work your way inside of me. I gulp quietly
and you take my breath away with the first push.
As we alternate positions and you enjoy every moment inside me, my pussy
wrapped so tight around your swollen cock. Your hands exploring every
inch of my body, your tongue tasting every part of me, making love,
overlooking the city and its lights until dawn, orally pleasing each
other, tasting every part of me. We enjoy hours of sensual please and
ecstasy. When we finish, you kiss me the way you first kissed me the night
before, then my forehead, and you walk away. we dress, and we never hear
from each other again.

She is beautiful inside and out. She is so close to me, she knows
everything about me. My heart was broken and I am just down and out,
cannot stop crying, am in my sweats and his old baggy sweatshirt, smelling
his cologne. She comes in with a box of kleenex and flowers, and sits
beside me. At this point, I am just broken down and soaking her shoulder
with my tears. She strokes my hair and says everything will be okay.
Rubbing my back, and running her hands on my arms.She tits my head up to
look at her, and says Im beautiful. She shocks me and leans down to kiss
me, and says “its gonna be okay.”she slips her hand in my shirt as she
kisses me gently, stroking my hair. She slips off my shirt gently and
starts sucking on my breast. She has me lying down on the couch on my
back, slipping her hand in my panties. I am still crying and moaning at
the same time. She kisses her way down my tummy as she is still playing
with my breasts, and starts rubbing her tongue on my pussy lips, and
sucking on my clit. She is so gentle, and attentive, to my every squirm,
or moan. She knows to push me just a little more on a certain spot as she
tongue fucks me. She slowly slips two fingers inside and I get louder. She
takes her free hand and gets inside her purse, and pulls out a large dildo
with balls. She starts to suck on it to get it wet, then she stats to push
it inside of me as she rubs my clit. I am already at a point I cant take
anymore, so Im begging her to stop and holding back, afraid to cum for my
friend. So she insists trying harder to make me cum for her. Steadily
pushing the dildo in and out of my tight, wet pussy, rubbing my clit and
sucking on my tits, I scream in agony and pleasure as I cum all over her
dick. She smiles at me, and says now you can return the favor.

You are my sexy doctor, and I am your assistant. We work in a very busy,
professional building with multiple floors. You are flirtatiuos with me at
moments, make casual comments about my hair or outfit. One day, we have a
few patients, and paperwork I need to do upstairs. So I take the elevator
and head right up there, and I see you joining on the second floor. You
keep glancing over at me but dont say a word. I ask you, “whats wrong?”
you say nothing, but you push the button to stop the elevator. You walk
over to me and kiss me hard on the mouth and run your hand in my blouse to
feel my tits. I am stunned and excited at the same time. You tell me how
much you have wanted to do this, and that you knew how much I wanted it
too. You slip your hand in my panties and start rubbing my clit, and
sliding a finger inside of me. Grab my hand and slip it in your pants and
tell me to stroke it. You whisper in my ear “it is sooo tight and sooo
fucking wet, but I want you to suck my cock.” I get on my knees as your
hand is still in my panties and finger fucking me, and start gliding my
tongue up and down your cock, caressing the tip with my tongue, you tell
me again “suck it”, so my mouth starts going up and down your cock, you,
grabbing my hair as you fuck my mouth. I deep throat your cock for a few
minutes and then you tell me, “beg me to fuck you, and call me doctor.” I
respond with (as your still finger fucking me and I am stroking your cock,
“fuck me doctor, please fuck me with that big, huge cock of yours.” You
moan as you just pound that nine and a half inch cock into my tight pussy,
and just start fucking me like crazy against the elevator wall. You make
me beg for more as you are pounding the shit out of this pussy until I say
“OMFG, Im cumming doctor, Im cumming.” It makes you thrust twice as hard
and twice as fast when you hear those words until you say you are about to
cum. You put your hand on my shoulder after turning me around and say “get
on your knees, suck my cock until I bust in your mouth.” I know your
almost there, so I start sucking aggressively, your hand in my shirt
playing with my tits as I suck you off. After several minutes of deep
throat, I finally hear those worse” Im about to cum baby, Im about to
cum.” you grab a fistful of hair, and push the button right as you cum in
my mouth. You pull your pants up very quickly, smiling as the door opens,
and you help me off my knees. I get this awkward stare as I am wiping my
mouth off. You walk out and go about your day, as I do mine.

I am your personal stripper, a dragon tattoo on my left calve, long hair,
beautiful body, and I entrance you with my movement. You come in every
night to watch me, as i worship and just glide on that pole, my hips
moving as a belly dancer. I dance your direction, take off your tie and
move it along your neck. You are hard instantly as I touch your face. I
start to straddle you as my hips are moving to the rhythm of the music. I
am dry humping you as I dance in your lap. My barely existing panties
rubbing against your rock hard cock. I whisper in your ear and nibble your
earlobe for a moment, I am so wet at this point, my cream is soaking my
panties right onto the crotch of your pants. Grabbing your hair I work my
hips harder, rolling them to the music. I turn around, and sit on your lap
again, working your dick and caressing my tits. At this point you want me
so badly, you are fucking me through my clothes. You are slightly
embarrassed but so into it, you have lost all self control. Still working
my hips, I manage to feel your bulge poking my panties, and it feels so
good, I work you until your bulge is poking my panties more. I am having
multiple orgasms with this foreplay, we are both soaked. You run your
hands up my naked back, bend me over more, as you thrust faster. I am
holding my breath as to not scream or make a sound as you continually get
me off. Your crotch soaked with your pre cum and my cum, one last thrust
which nearly penetrates through my panties you cum. Afraid to move as your
cum stained pants are so noticeable, you loosen your shirt from our pants
to untuck it, slip some money in my g string, kiss my cheek, and walk out
of the club.

Your in your shop, working on a ’71 Buick Riviera, have been out there for
hours working on the engine, covered in sweat and oil. I ask you if your
thirsty for some iced tea, so I go in the house, find my red, satin and
lace bra and panties and put on a pair of coveralls, zipping them just
below my bra line. slip on some heels, put on some make up and fix my
hair. I step into your shop again, as you wheel yourself out from under
the car, you see me and become very aroused. You come up and just stare at
me for a few moments, then you kiss me, and run your fingers through my
hair at the back of my neck. I tell you how sexy you look covered in
grease, you start to take off my clothes. In my bra and panties, you lay
me down on the hood, unhook my bra and play with my breasts with your
tongue. Slowly slipping off my panties, you kiss my feet and up my inner
thighs,relaxing me to a point I am moaning and my legs just fall to the
side. My hands running through my hair, you eat my bald, pink pussy nice
and slow. Looking up at me as I am so excited at this point, my head is
back and my hands clenched together. You roll your tongue around, slide it
in deep, I am saying your name and biting my lower lip as you make me
reach a point of nearly climaxing. The more I respond to you, the harder
and faster you work your tongue. My moans get louder, and I wrap my legs
around your neck, my toes curl and my body shakes as I begin to cum on
your tongue, sweet cum just drowning your tongue and mouth. You come up to
kiss me, turn me around, with my hands on the hood, your dick is so hard
at this point, pull my hips back, and start fucking me against the car.
Moving my hair off my shoulder, you pull it back and kiss and suck my
neck. Both dripping with sweat, you bite my earlobe gently as your
thrusting so hard inside my tight, hot, wet pussy. Holding your cock
inside me for moments at a time, swelling up inside of me, before you
bust. You say my name and say your about to cum, you pull out sand finger
fuck me to make me cum again as you pull out to cum on my lower back.

I am a college student, house sitting for the next door neighbor of yours.
It is late at night, the moon and stars are out, and I decide to go skinny
dipping in the pool. You hear me outside, and just watch me for awhile
from your bedroom window. Suddenly, I hear a voice, and I am startled. You
ask if you can join me. I am so nervous because we have only spoken a
couple of times and you are so sexy. I say yes, you pour us a drink and we
talk for a little while. it starts to get warm, I am fanning my face, you
lean in and kiss me softly on the lips. Take me in your arms and start
caressing my body, sliding a finger in my tight, wet, bald pink pussy. It
takes my breath away for a moment, then I kiss you harder. I reach down
and you are rock hard. So I start stroking your cock. You push me against
the side of the pool, my legs wrap around you tight, and here you are,
fucking me underneath the moon. I moan as you go deeper and harder. I
still can’t believe that you have wanted me this whole time. Your lips
rarely leave mine as you thrust deeper inside of me. Slowly turn me around
and place my hands on the side of the pool. You pull me back towards you,
and fuck me from behind. You let out this sound almost a sound like agony
and ecstasy combined.Thoroughly excited, you slide your cock inside my
pussy nice and slow, just the head, then grind pushing yourself deeper
inside of me. You are sucking and biting on my shoulder and neck as we
fuck. I beg for more, harder and faster because I am already at a point I
feel like I am going to explode. You torment me more, before allowing me
to cum. You reach around and grab my breasts, massaging and holding them
as your balls are smacking against my ass as you fuck me. Suddenly, we
both explode with pleasure and cum together, dripping with sweat, bodies
soaked, you hold your throbbing cock steadily inside of me until I have
every drop of your cum inside of me. I am still holding g the side of the
pool, you brush my hair to the side and kiss my shoulder. You climb out,
grab your clothes and walk away. And I am left with nothing but the
satisfying memory of us in the pool.

I have you in the bathroom. I bend you over the counter and looking at
those long, hot, sexy legs in black stocking and high heels. Legs running up
under that short tight dress. I take my foot and push your legs apart,
spreading them wide. I push your dress up to view that sexy ass, nice tone
cheeks. I take my hands and pull those cheeks open and buries my face
between them. Start licking and eating your sweet young pussy. Tasting
your hot juices. I now stand behind you seeing you looking at me in the
mirror, knowing that soon my cock will be deep inside you. You reach back
grab you ass cheeks and pulling them apart. Letting me know how much you
want me. As I start to push my cock in I look in the mirror to see the
pleasure on your face as I slide in deep. I am pumping into that tight
cunt deep over and over. You open your eyes and look at your reflection in
the mirror. You see this beautiful young lady, looking sweet and innocent.
Knowing that’s what people see everyday. They do not know that right now
you are bent over having my cock pounding you hard making you my dirty
young slut. If they could see you right now taking this cock. As I start
to cum I pull out and shoot my cum all over your pretty pussy. Then I push
my cock threw that cum pushing it into your pussy, pulling out and push
more into you. Coating the inside of that pussy with both of our cum.
By S.P.
We are out in the open water, sailing, watching a vibrant sunset. We have
a sweet, Italian wine to sip on, and waiting for our moonlight picnic. You
grab a blanket and drape it over my shoulders, holding me, and kissing my
neck . you Turn me to face you and kiss my forehead, then my lips. Running
your fingers through my hair, you kiss my neck. As the sun goes does, we
lay down under the stars. you Lay the blanket down, kiss me down to the
deck. kiss me as you slip my top off, unbutton my jeans, pull them down,
my panties…. Spread my legs and start to work your tongue on my wet,
pussy, nice and slow. I reach down and start to stroke you as you are
pleasing me so much, making my toes curl. In return, I kiss your lips,
down your chest, take my tongue and run it up and down the shaft, tease
the tip and start sucking slowly while I stroke also. I climb on top of
you and start to ride you, under the moonlight.Leaning back with my hands
on your chest, and you feel so good, deep inside of me. We moan in
ecstacy, as you lean up to suck and lick my breasts as I am on top of you.
Turning around, I sit on your rock hard dick again, grabbing your ankles,
you grab my hips and start pulling me down hard and fast. It feels so good
Derek, you thrust deeper inside my tight, wet pussy. I lean back towards
your chest and roll my hips. I feel you throbbing, and I moan your name,
begging you to cum inside me Derek. You lay me down and spread my legs,
put my legs on your shoulders, and you say when your cumming. Deep hard
thrusts, you moan my name as you cum inside me. Thrust harder so I get
every drop of you. Kiss my forehead, roll right next to me and hold me
close under the stars, with my head on your chest and my hand in yours. we
fall asleep.
We sneak into the neighbors pool while they are out of town, tear each
others clothes off and dive in. I tease you a little by coming close like
I want to kiss you, then swim away. You swim faster towards me, catch me
and corner me. You kiss me long and hard on the lips as you have me
pinned in a corner of the pool, pick me up and start sucking and licking
my breasts. You push me up, open my legs and start caressing my pussy with
your tongue, long deep strokes as I stroke your cock.I get you hard,and
you have me so wet, you kiss me again and slip me down to your level, wrap
my legs around you and start fucking me hard and fast kissing me on the
lips. My legs get tighter, the wetter I get, your kissing my lips and
sliding your tongue in my mouth and on my neck, and sucking. Nobody is
around, so we moan louder,I say your name and I can feel you throbbing
inside me. So, I say it a few more times as I am ready to climax as your
thrusts are hard and deep. I whisper “I want you to cum inside me”, and you
do. Your last few thrusts are cum shots right inside me. I wrap my arms
around you, hugging you and kissing your neck until we catch our breath
At a crowded beach on the fourth of July, your holding me tight while we
look up at the fire lit sky. The loud booms as they go up in the air, are
starting to get us both aroused. As you stand behind me, I can feel your
cock getting bigger against my ass, your hands start to caress my breasts,
slide into my shirt and play with my nipples as you kiss and suck hard on
my neck. I turn my head and we start kissing, I reach behind me and start
stroking you as yur hand slides down my shorts into my panties and you
start rubbing on my clit. As we play with each other, and we start kissing
harder, our tongues intertwining, we get so caught up in the moment that
everyone else seems to disappear. In the middle of the crown, I kiss your
lips, bite your lower lip, and run my hands and lips down your chest as I
slip your shirt off. My fingertips run lightly over your boxer line, I
pull out your huge cock, and start caressing it gently with my soft, warm
hands. Taking my tongue and circling the head,ad sucking, popping just the
head out of my mouth and stroking at the same time, taking more of you in
me at a time. You whisper my name as you lightly push my mouth on you
taking more of you in my mouth until you are sliding up and down my throat
and my hands are rubbing your balls. As I get you to a point where you can
almost no longer take anymore, You lay me down on your jacket, run your
tongue up my thighs, spread my legs, and thrust inside me. I am so tight
and wet around you, you start moaning and thrusting, sliding your hands in
min, and holding them above my head. You kiss me gently, slipping your
tongue in my mouth, then going harder. Your lips and tongue teasing my neck
and titties. You start to suck harder, as I muscles contact as I am close
to cumming, you push harder and faster inside me, running your hands up
the back of my legs, holding me by the ankles, at this point I’m caressing
my breasts, you are rubbing my clit and pounding , and finally we both
start moaning in ecstasy as we cum at the same time, your last few long,
hard thrusts extending my orgasm.You kiss my legs softly and lay them in
the sand, on your hands and knees your over me, kissing me on the lips,
putting your hands behind my neck, fall in the sad next to me. You lay
your head on my chest looking upward to watch the rest of the fireworks.
You and I are up at a log cabin in the mountains, snow falling outside. A
fireplace is burning bright, a white bear skin rug lying on the hardwood
floor. candles burning around the room, some soft, sensual music playing.
A bottle of sweet champagne and strawberries, and we start sipping. The
room starts getting warm, and we both start getting aroused with the
atmosphere and each others company. You dip a strawberry in the champagne,
and start to wet my lips with it, and lick the champagne off slowly ad
start to kiss me. you slowly slip my top off, undo my bra, take a wet
strawberry, and caress my body as you lick off the champagne. slowly take
off my skirt and stockings, lay me down, and pour champagne on my tummy.
Kiss me long and hard on the lips, sip your way down to my belly button,
Start rubbing my pussy nice and slow as your tongue explores my body. Kiss
your way down and start licking my swollen opening nice and slow, fingers
easing their way in, run your hands up my inner thighs and make my toes
curl. Sip your way up to my neck, whisper in my ear, and slide your
throbbing cock inside my tight,wet opening. Kiss my feet and run your
hands up my legs while your inside of me, hold them up, as you thrust. I am
so aroused, and caressing my breasts and erect nipples as you pump harder
and faster.Turn me over, and kiss my neck, as you push inside me from the
back, kissing and sucking on my neck, my hips rotating and grinding and
pushing you deeper inside of me. Moaning in ecstasy as you take your time
and hit every hot spot to keep me wet, run your hands down my back, grab
my hips and thrust harder and faster. Grab my hair as you make, long, hard
thrusts inside me, with my back arched, you go faster and harder until we
both cum. Sip our champagne, curl up on the bare skin rug and go to sleep.
I strip down to my bra and panties, grab a glass of Chardonnay, and slip
into the hot tub. I am massaging my neck, and body,getting relaxed. I start
touching myself, and listening to music. You walk up behind me and start
kissing the back of my neck, and rubbing my breasts. I am surprised , yet
sooo aroused at the same time, that I do not stop you. you strip down to
nothing, and slide into the hot tub behind me. your pulsating member is
rubbing against my behind. you turn me around to face you, and you start
kissing me, long and hard. your hands slide between my legs and up my
thighs, into my swollen lips. you start massaging my clitoris, and sliding
your fingers inside, as you suck on my breasts. My body starts responding,
and I am so wet, you are throbbing and huge at this point and you ease
yourself inside me. Wrap my legs around your waist and press me against
the side of the hot tub. In a slow and steady motion, your thrusting inside
of me. I am moaning so quietly in your ear, as the neighbors cannot hear.
We get to a point we cannot hold back, you are thrusting harder and
faster, kissing and licking my breasts and sucking my neck. you grab my
hips and pull me on you harder and we both scream as we climax. You hold
your throbbing member inside me, and you moan my name as you cum deep
inside of me, holding me oh so close til we are both nearly breathless.
One of my ultimate fantasies is a queen sized, wooden four poster bed with
white satin sheets. Red rose petals scattered on the bed, with a trail
from the bed to the doorway. the room is lit with lightly scented red and
white candles, and a bottle of sweet Italian Moscato and two crystal
goblets occupy the nightstand.Some warming massage oil, so I can rub your
body down from head to to, and blow gently as i work my way down your
back.long, A long, sensual kiss from our wet lips from the wine, to my
neck. take your tongue down my tummy to my pussy. Caress my feet, run your
hands slowly up my legs and between my thighs and spread them. Watch as I
moan and squirm, as you touch me in all the right places. massage my clit
with your tongue, and start tasting the inside of my pussy.
Get me dripping wet, juice rolling off your tongue, and ease
your big, hard throbbing cock inside of me. Put my legs up on my
shoulders, and watch as you fuck me at a slow and steady pace. turn me
over and kiss down my back, start fucking me from behind. Make me moan in
ecstasy . pull my hair and smack my ass as you pound harder and faster
until we both cum. our bodies dripping with sweat, I lay my head on my
chest to feel your heartbeat, and we lay there. you kiss my forehead and
we fall asleep.