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Zivia’s Thoughts

Day Dreaming Sunday Afternoon

Sitting here putting on my make up, slipping on some heels, putting on
some lacy bra and panties as my mind drifts off. I see myself doing
exactly as I am doing now but you sneak in through my window quietly. You
come up behind me and start gently kissing my neck. I moan quietly as your
hands wander my breasts, the most erotic sex talk whispered in my ear of
everything your going to do to me. Grabbing a piece of cloth, you tie my
hands behind my back and grab a flower from the vase in my room. Running
the flower over my body, giving me goose bumps and following with your
finger tips and tongue as you kiss me and I get more aroused and my
moaning gets just a little louder, watching as my toes curl, you making me
cum just by touch this Sunday afternoon. As I cum, you strip and with that
rock hard cock, you start making love to me, and you keep going making me
scream as it hurts yet feels so good, giving me the most orgasmic
afternoon of my life.
Cabin In the Woods

Sitting in a cabin, getting away from reality, watching the snow fall
outside the window, sipping on some red wine. Wearing an off the shoulder
sweater and panties, thinking to myself how exciting it would be to have
someone with me and satisfy my sexual cravings. I pick up the phone and
call an adult phone line, going through the names and listening to what
they are looking for. all of a sudden, there is this deep soothing voice
looking for a no strings attached evening with some company. We exchange
messages for a few minutes and connect. As we talk, I am just wanting you
there so bad with me. I want one night with you. A sensual evening
exploring each others bodies with our fingertips, our lips, and tongues,
and amazing sex on my bear skin rug all night long.sipping and dripping
wine on each other, chocolate covered strawberries, I do not even want you
to say goodbye, just a kiss on the forehead and you leave in the morning.
You ask where do I go, and I will be there soon. All night long, we cum
over and over again every position we can think of, drinking wine all
night long, holding me naked by the fire. I hear you whisper thank you in
my ear as you kiss my forehead and head for the door without a goodbye and
all I can do is just curl back up and go back to sleep, relaxed and
completely satisfied.

I am sitting there quietly, listening to the music.I see you all dressed
up in your tuxedo, watching me. I am tipsy, sipping on Chardonnay, and you
walk over to me. Whisper in my ear to go to a quieter place, as your hand
slips under my dress, on my thigh, going up to my thigh highs, to my
panties. You are standing so close to me, and start to finger fuck me
right there at the bar, rubbing lightly on my clit. You slip my panties
off and leave them on the floor, and you start to kiss me hard. We go over
to the coat room and you start to bend me over. Moaning as you caress my
curves and grab my ass. You start to thrust hard in my tight pussy. You’ve
picked up my panties by that point and shove them in my mouth as you fuck
me hard and fast. You cum quickly, thank me, and suck hard on my neck,
leaving a hickey as your marker for that night
She says she loves me

My best friend comes over to pick me up to take her to her place. She is
talking about her boyfriend and how they are having problems. She makes us
some Margaritas, and as we sit there he comes in drunk. They are arguing
and he comes over, grabs me, and starts to kiss me. Puts his hands down
his pants as he starts stroking and the other hands in my panties. He is
rubbing on my clit hard and slides a finger in my tight, wet pussy. He
tells her to take her pants off and spread her legs, as she pleads he does
not do anything. Says she loves me and not to dare hurt me. He leans me
over and starts ramming his cock in my pussy, and it hurts like hell. tell
her to come here or he will go harder. she is calling him a son of a bitch
as he rapes me. he tells her lay in front of me so I can eat her pussy.
She is crying, lays down, opens her legs and I start to suck that bald,
pink pussy. Her tears and sobs turn to moans, she starts to enjoy my
tongue fucking her pussy, and sucking that hard little clit as I start to
finger bang her too. He hands me her dildo and tells me to fuck her. It is
9 or 10 inches and thick. I beg him no and tell him its too big. He makes
me force it inside of her. As he cums inside of me, about to pass out, I
tell her how sorry I am and start to go slower, and make it more
enjoyable. She says shes sorry and she loves me so much as she grabs the
sheets, clenching her fists as she squirms and her back arches and she is
ready to cum. I pull it out slowly and put my mouth on her pussy so I can
taste her sweet cum. So I torment her clit and make her cum even harder.
As she screams in ecstasy
he wakes up for a moment and passes out again. We take the dildo and slap
his face a little, make him suck her cock for what he did.
She is beautiful inside and out. She is so close to me, she knows
everything about me. My heart was broken and I am just down and out,
cannot stop crying, am in my sweats and his old baggy sweatshirt, smelling
his cologne. She comes in with a box of kleenex and flowers, and sits
beside me. At this point, I am just broken down and soaking her shoulder
with my tears. She strokes my hair and says everything will be okay.
Rubbing my back, and running her hands on my arms.She tits my head up to
look at her, and says Im beautiful. She shocks me and leans down to kiss
me, and says “its gonna be okay.”she slips her hand in my shirt as she
kisses me gently, stroking my hair. She slips off my shirt gently and
starts sucking on my breast. She has me lying down on the couch on my
back, slipping her hand in my panties. I am still crying and moaning at
the same time. She kisses her way down my tummy as she is still playing
with my breasts, and starts rubbing her tongue on my pussy lips, and
sucking on my clit. She is so gentle, and attentive, to my every squirm,
or moan. She knows to push me just a little more on a certain spot as she
tongue fucks me. She slowly slips two fingers inside and I get louder. She
takes her free hand and gets inside her purse, and pulls out a large dildo
with balls. She starts to suck on it to get it wet, then she stats to push
it inside of me as she rubs my clit. I am already at a point I cant take
anymore, so Im begging her to stop and holding back, afraid to cum for my
friend. So she insists trying harder to make me cum for her. Steadily
pushing the dildo in and out of my tight, wet pussy, rubbing my clit and
sucking on my tits, I scream in agony and pleasure as I cum all over her
dick. She smiles at me, and says now you can return the favor.
Hey sexy. I would strip for you. Turn the lights down
low, wear some black, seamed stockings and black high heels to dance in
for you. Play some sexy, low key music and start teasing you a bit. drink
champagne out of my heels, unbutton your shirt and lick it off. pour it
on me, and have your lips and tongue lick it off. as im dancing for you,
hold myself above your lap, and grind until I start to feel your dick
getting rock hard, smell my hair, and sweep it to the side, as I give you
a hot, sensual lap dance. Turn around and straddle you, grab your face ad
start licking your lips, breath lightly by your ear and gently bite your
earlobe as im grinding on your big, throbbing cock. Have you gently start
pulling down my lingerie from the shoulders and kiss them nice and
slow,stand me in front of you, and pull it all the way off. droplets of
Champagne on my breasts and neck, your tongue and lips follow the trail,
pour some down my tummy and in my belly button, and you drink it off of
me. kiss my feet, slowly put my heels back on, spread my legs as your
hands slowly work their way in between my thighs and your lips, and you
spread my legs. Rub my clit with your tongue and start kissing my
pussy. I start to moan as your tongue goes deep inside me, and I am getting
so wet, My pussy is dripping on your tongue. Turn me over and kiss down
the back of my neck, down my ass, slowly unbutton and unzip your pants,
and start rubbing my pussy with the head of your dick. Ease it in nice and
slow as you have me bent over, with only my heels on, and start making
love to me. Slow, steady thrusts, and you are caressing my hips, and gently
hanging onto them as you slide in and out of my hot, tight , wet, pussy.
Kissing and sucking on the back of my neck as your thrusting and grabbing
my breasts. turn me around so you can face me, kiss me and start teasing
my nipples with your mouth, wrap my legs around you, your pants still
partially on, and your fucking me on your desk,. Our kisses are long and
deep, tongue and all as you thrust deep inside and hold it a few seconds
before thrusting again. Lay me down, run your hands up my legs ad thighs,
hold them up as you start going harder and faster, sweat dripping on my
body. Im caressing my breasts and my nipples are hard, as you have your
arms wrapped around my legs and pounding harder and faster. We go for
hours, and you say your about to cum. I get on my knees and you
start stroking your cock, licking the tip and sucking hard and fast until
you cum in my mouth and down my throat.
We are at a drive in movie in a 57 Chevy. You put your arm around me, and
the other on my leg. Run your hand down my shirt and play with my
breasts.we start to kiss you try putting your hand in my panties and I say
no, not here. I want to do it under the starts. We drive,and as you drive,
I start rubbing your crotch,to get you hard. I lean over and start to suck
and stroke your big dick. I watch as you thrust in my mouth and play with
my pussy to get me wet. We find a beautiful spot under the stars and I
tell you”I want you to fuck me”. you kiss me hard, tear off my panties
under the stars, lift up my skirt and bend me over the car. Hands on the
hood, you thrusting your big cock inside of my hot wet pussy. Making me
scream your name as you are just pounding away, I make you pull out. I
tell you that you can cum anywhere. I suck your dick hard and fast and you
say you want to cum on my face. As I am sucking, you are throbbing in my
mouth. You pull out and cum all over my face and tits.You drive me
home,and drive away. A beautiful night and the best sex ever!
I am your housekeeper for you and your wife. I wear short, shorts small
tank tops because its summer time and heels. Your wife starts watching me
as I work, finds reasons to stay near me. one day I am cleaning the
bathroom, she comes behind me, slips her arms around my waist and looks at
us in the mirror. She kisses my neck, turns me around and gives me a long,
hard kiss on the mouth. She slips off my shirt and starts caressing and
sucking on my breasts and takes my shorts and panties off hard and fast.
She is rubbing my pussy as she is sucking, I am in shock, yet aroused at
the same time, I cannot hold back any longer. She is finger fucking me,
and it feels so good I don’t want us to stop. You hear moaning after you
get home from work,and it is coming from the master bathroom. You open the
door and she is on her knees and between my legs with me leaned back on
the counter. My hands are on her head pushing her into my sweet, tight
dripping pussy. You undo your pants and start stroking your cock as you
walk towards me. You kiss me, then run the tip of your cock on my soft
lips. I grab it, start stroking it with my tongue, and sucking as she has
me moaning in ecstasy. She is going harder, I take you deeper in my mouth.
My body starts trembling as her tongue is deep inside me, I am about to
cum right in her mouth and on here face. You thrust harder in my mouth so
you can cum in my mouth and on my tits. My toes are curling, OMG!!! she
feels so fucking good, my toes curl and I shake and scream in pleasure, as
she tastes my sweet cream in her mouth and she has been playing with her
pussy, she is cumming, and you are fucking my mouth so good and hard, I
feel you swelling up in my mouth. Cum on baby, stroking and sucking,
harder and faster. Let me taste you and feel your warm jizz on my body.YOu
are moaning and going hard, and finally I get a taste of you, then you
pull out and cum all over my tits. Her hands work their way up and she
licks up every drop. An awesome fucking afternoon ;)
If I was with you right now, say in the living room, I would come up to
you and kiss you slow and long. Slip my tongue in your mouth and run my
hands down your chest. I would rub on the front of your pants nice and
slow and get your cock hard, slide my hand in and start stroking. Kiss you
over to the couch and kiss you down to a laying position. Unzip your pants
with my teeth and unbutton them. Take your big throbbing cock out and
caress it with my tongue and lips. Run my lips from your balls to your
head then start sucking and stroking. taking the head in and out of my
mouth and slowly take in more until I felt and had your entire cock in my
mouth.Kiss my way up and have you slide my panties off, and sit on your
cock. Slowly rotate my hips and rock them working it into this tight, wet
pussy. hold your hands in mine and on your chest and start pushing myself
up and down on you, moaning and putting your hands on my breasts, making
you caress them, come up and start sucking and licking them as I make love
to you. Going harder and faster until I am about to cum. Then get on my
knees, with my hands on the side of the couch and have you do me from
behind, going hard and fast, kissing my neck and rolling my nipples in
your fingers and grasping my breasts as you thrust hard and fast until we
both cum hard and more than once.
I am in the kitchen, preparing a romantic Italian dinner, candle lit and
roses, wearing nothing but an apron on and high heels. You come home early
from work, sneak in behind me, startle me squeezing my ass and kissing my
neck. You turn me around, kiss me long and hard. I push myself up, you
pick me up and set me on the counter in the heat of the moment. Kiss my
feet and suck my toes, take your tongue up between my legs and bury your
face between my legs. Your talented tongue exploring every part of my
pussy. Licking and sucking my clit and pussy. your tongue worshiping my
warm, wet opening while you stroke your dick. Getting you so hard and
excited your at a point you have to have me fast and now. You kiss me hard
and slide your tongue in my mouth as you grab my ass cheeks and pull me to
the edge of the counter and thrust hard inside my. With your hands
grabbing my hips and pulling me hard on your rock hard, throbbing member,
and sucking and fondling my breasts. I am getting so close to cumming as
you lick and suck my neck, my legs and high heels wrap around your waist
as you thrust hard a few more times, kiss me on the lips and bite my lower
lip as you cum deep inside me. You moan so loud each time your cum shoots
inside me, kiss me again, hold me close until your done and I finish what
I was doing.
Driving down a country road with you for an afternoon drive. it starts
pouring down rain. I am rubbing your leg as you are driving, then to your
crotch. I start stroking nice and slow to get your cock nice and hard, I
kiss your neck, then start to go down on you. I run my lips up and down
your shaft, caress it with my tongue, then start suckng nice and slow. I
slowly take it all in, and have you grabbiing my hair. You start rubbing
my ass, and running your hand up my skirt. We finally pull over, you
caress my body with your hands, pull up my skirt, slip off my panties. You
run your hands down my arms, to my hands and place my handson the car, and
start fucking me from behind on this old country road. We are both
dripping wet from the rain, and it is wide open and no holding back,. we
are both moaning and screaming loudly as your thrust deep and hard inside
me. Turn me around set me on the car as we are about to climax, a long
deeep kiss, and one last deep, hard thrust and we both cum at the same
time. holding each other tight against each other after making love in the