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Age: 19
Cup Size: 36dd.26.36
Trillian: Kisses4Kennedy
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Likes: Receiving oral, shower play, being spoiled, hair pulling, nipple sucking, Role playing, and giving you what you deserve.
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Hey there my name is Kennedy and I am the youngest girl here at YD, but that doesn't mean I don't have all the experience I need to show you a good time.

I love to be spoiled like the princess that I know I am, I want you to shower me with compliments and buy me whatever my heart desires. If you can treat me like a princess I'll let you fuck me like a whore.

Sometimes I get out of line and need to be taught a lesson, a firm hand to put me back in my place. Will you be my teacher? Being so young I have so much to learn and I know someone like you has so much to show me. I'll be your naughty little school girl that you have to keep after class and give her extra help. I want you to take control and teach me to be the little slut I know I am deep down inside of me. Let's try something new, I'm always up for an adventure and just about anything once. Handcuff me, pull my hair and spank me like the bad little girl I am.

I am Submissive, obedient, and love to take orders. Sometimes I will talk back and you will need to be a bit more forceful, but thats okay I can take it.

I am Dominant, strict, and love to give orders. You want to disobey and get out of line? I will be sure to show you where your place is.

There are days that I refuse to submit to anyone, when I have to be the one in control. Those days I will not be refereed to as Kennedy, or anything like that. I will be called Goddess, Mistress, or Master. I might have to be a bit harsher on the ones that try and disobey, but I don't mind it is almost better to make those who resist submit.

Being so sweet and innocent I like to role play and act like someone different. My favorite thing to do is dress up, I love my sexy and skimpy outfits just as much as I love my cute little panties and a T-shirt. If it gets me noticed, I wear it, nothing is better than being the center of attention. It is always hot getting to pretend you're someone else and the outfit always is like a cherry on top.

I want to be thrown on the bed, my panties ripped off and my legs spread wide open. Thrust your tongue deep inside me and make me moan. I love the tingles it sends up my body and the way it makes my toes curl. Lick and suck until I tense up and my moans turn into more sounds of pure pleasure as I orgasm and you lick the cum out of me.

There is nothing more thrilling than the chance of being caught, I get so hot and wet just thinking about it. I love spending the day sitting in the living room playing with myself while my roommate is gone. I leave the door unlocked and that extra thrill that I might get caught gets me off. Sometimes I hope that I can get caught, I've always been curious about playing with a girl; maybe you can make that fantasy come true?

I love when I am at my moms house and am feeling kind of frisky, you and I can sneak away for a little bit and have our fun. I want you to bend me over the bathroom counter and pull my panties to the side, slide your cock in to me and fill me up! I want you to fuck my tight little pussy and try to keep my moans under control. I'm sure she knows what we are doing, maybe she is even right outside the door listening to us.

I'd love to talk about your experiences and listen to your stories, tell me to send you my panties so you can keep a part of me close to you, I can leave them on while we play.

I can't wait to listen to you moaning my name and crying out with pleasure. So what are you waiting for, take your hand off your cock and give me a call.

If you want to talk more, you can send me an email at or instant message me at Kisses4Kennedy on Trillian or Aim.

XOXO Kennedy