Mz. Asia

Asia in August

Happy Wednesday!

I’m going to be around more than usual next week.   I’m  hoping to have a chance to catch up with those of you I haven’t talked to in awhile, those of you I haven’t talked to in forever, and those of you I’ve never talked to! :)  I will be available the following nights:

Tues. 8/20  5pm-10pm

Thurs. 8/22  6:30pm-10pm

Fri. 8/23  5pm-10pm

I can’t wait to hear from you!

1 comment to Asia in August

  • Bob

    May the sun never set on you. May Blessings warm your soul, and keep the worries away. May the simple things remind you of life, family, and friends. Gain strength in sharing and loving. Never be empty when you are filled with love, purpose, and kindness. I was poor till I met you. Now I have wealth in purpose and love beyond this life and our journey. There is no fear in love, but only in what we are selfish with. Thank you Thank you for everything…..

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