Mz. Asia

Saturday Night…

He’d waited all evening, kneeling face down in my pump, ass high in the air… waiting to hear the sound of my keys in the door and the click of My heels on the hardwood floor.  As I entered the house I could feel his anticipation, smell his desire, and it sent an electrical charge right to my clit.

He was just as I’d left him.  Without saying a word I leaned over, raking my long nails over his ass cheeks before wrapping my hand tightly around his balls and squeezing.  As I pulled his balls harder, letting my nails dig into his sack,  I leaned in and whispered into his ear “Aren’t you glad I’m home honey?”

And as My atomicsub readied himself to please his Mistress, I readied Myself to put him through his paces, and in doing so please us both!


1 comment to Saturday Night…

  • DarkEyedVixensPet

    Just reading this makes my heart race. Mz. Asia, I cannot wait until the next time I am privileged to be at Your Feet, in the position. Looking forward to our next call.

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