Meeting At The Cross Road

Time For Change!
Have you been waiting for me!
I have been longing for you!
Meet me at the place where we belong!


Divulging Your Masculinity!

Let’s Play Dress Up!

I Love how you are made.

Looking hot in my panties.

Do you like how I look in this strap on?

Let’s Trade Places For Today!


Swimming In My Ocean

I am wet do you want to come in?
I am warm and fresh do you want to come in?
I am full of hidden treasures do you want to come in?
I am the Goddess of the Ocean Please Do Cum In!


Riding Dallas!

Saddle up Boys it’s time to play!
Hop on if you dare!
Won’t to ride on the wild side I’m waiting!
Anything thing goes when I am running the show!


Making Love At The End Of The Rainbow

Entice me with your Kisses and I will embrace your love.
Salaciousness is the plan at hand!
Don’t you want to taste my inner delights?
We move as One, One body, One mind as One Flesh!


Dancing In The Night

I wanted to take you into my bosom and keep you there.
For those long dark lonesomely nights.
The look in your eyes pulls me into a place I have never been.
I am now your slave mesmerized by your devilish ways.


Open up Pandora’s Box

I got a treat for you can’t wait to play!
Let’s play a game.
Do you want to know what is behind door number 1,2,3?
When we play just say I want to open up Pandora’s Box.
Then tell me what door you want to walk though!
The door to my mind is very enlightening!


Can’t wait to play

Hello I’m the new girl here at YourDesires! Come find me.

My Schedule for this week is:

Tuesday  5:00pm to 2:00am

Wednesday  5:00pm to 2:00am

Thursday  5:00pm to 2:00am

Friday  10:00am to 3:00pm

Looking forward to playing with you!