last late night

hey all you sexies tonight is my very last late night shift ill be here from 10pm-10am. catch this sexy phone slut while you can. i also have the lovely miss robin with me tonight. who wants to keep us company?


bidding farewell

With going back to school and day to day living I've been getting more and
more busy and have been realizing that I can't spend as much time and
energy with all of the sweet men and ladies here as I would like so I have
made a choice to focus on a few new parts of my life, and enjoy some new
adventures while I can. However, don't count me out! I may always come
back to visit when you least expect me. but in the mean time lets 
really enjoy the time i have left here with some great phone sex 

My schedule is as follows for my time left here at YD.
Monday April 7th 6am-4pm
Tuesday April 8th 6am-1pm
Friday April 11th 9:30am-7pm
Monday April 14th 6am-4pm
Tuesday April 15th 6am-1pm
Wednesday April 16th 10pm-10am
Friday April 18th 9:30am-7pm


Your collar doesn’t trap you, it doesn’t confine you. It serves only to remind you that you are bound to me. Its also good to hold on too while I fuck you senseless


that new pussy smell ;)

mmm there is a sexy new lady walking around here today. from the looks of her i can guarantee she has a sweet pussy. why don’t you give this naughty phone sluts a call so you can be in on the fun while i find out just what that tastes like ;)


Guess what!

Guess what this naughty little phone slut learned today! Next week is Rachel’s birthday! I would be more then willing to take some spankings for her ;) maybe we can even let you be in on it while she dishes her own set out to me ;)


Four leaf clover

Good morning all. Guess what day today is… that’s right. Are you wearing green? You should be. I don’t pinch I spank. .. then again maybe you need it anyway and should present me with that ass topped with a nice green bow. that is certainly how I am presenting my ass today to those who deserve it.

6am-4pm PST


Freaky Friday

Its Friday again and you know how much I like to get kinky and freaky ;) call me and lets play. We can even get one of my sexy phone slut friends to join in on the freaky fun.

9:30am-7pm PST


Valentines day

mmmm i do so love valentines day. and this year i get to have so many valentines … all the lovely phone slut s here at YourDesires and all of you… so lets exchange our gifts now. what do you have for me? ;) ill give you a hint about what i have for you. its pink, its hot, its wet, and its tight…. your choice what you want to do with it ;)

ill be here all day until 8:30 PST


Valentines Day!

hello! guess what!?! this sexy phone girl is going to be here on valentines day! 9:30am-8:30pm PST time… thats right .. all day long. who wants to be my main squeeze? I can think of a few things we can squeeze … and a few things I can squeeze around you ;)


A Young Beautiful Goddess

Never underestimate the power and erotic control a young beautiful Goddess
such as Herself wields! Goddess Kimberly inevitably ROCKS YOUR WORLD and inextricably takes You down low, low, low before Her supremacy and keeps You there endlessly captivated and paralyzed perfectly still waiting with
baited breathe aching to serve Her and please Her. Goddess Kimberly, thank
You for OWNING Your slut!