bidding farewell

With going back to school and day to day living I've been getting more and
more busy and have been realizing that I can't spend as much time and
energy with all of the sweet men and ladies here as I would like so I have
made a choice to focus on a few new parts of my life, and enjoy some new
adventures while I can. However, don't count me out! I may always come
back to visit when you least expect me. but in the mean time lets 
really enjoy the time i have left here with some great phone sex 

My schedule is as follows for my time left here at YD.
Monday April 7th 6am-4pm
Tuesday April 8th 6am-1pm
Friday April 11th 9:30am-7pm
Monday April 14th 6am-4pm
Tuesday April 15th 6am-1pm
Wednesday April 16th 10pm-10am
Friday April 18th 9:30am-7pm

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