Hoe, Hoe, Hoe, Merry Christmas <3

The holidays have been keeping us all busy, running around and making sure things are just right for the new year, everybody hustling and bustling around. As I walk around shopping for the new year, seeing husbands and boyfriends curiously sneaking a peek at my hard little nipples poking through my t-shirt, with their cocks swell becoming visibly hard through their pants. Of course Santa already knows I’m a naughty girl, and that will never change, so what’s the harm in having a little fun and making these men squirm? Giving them a wink, I let them sneak a glance of my pretty brown erect nipples, the excitement of getting caught only makes my pussy grow warm and wet. I boldly lean over ask “do you want a taste of some of some of my hot chocolate?” seeing their jaws drop as I  lift up my skirt and slowly rub my swollen pussy lips through my tights. Pulling my skirt back down, I excuse myself stating I need to use the restroom, I give them a wink as I leave the store. Let’s see how many men will be on the naughty list with me this year, who knows… I may have already convinced your wife to be on there ;)


Bow Down Bitches

Hmmm, not sure if I’m more in the mood to tell you how I’m going to dominate you and peg your tight little asshole, or if I want to watch you sissy sluts spank yourselves over Skype and tell you how worthless you are. Give me a call, who knows… maybe I’ll let you have the privilege of helping your Goddess decide, looking to hear from you soon bitches ;)


Hey <3

I’ve been having a great time here with the girls of Your Desires, these past couple weeks have been mind blowing. I look forward to meeting you all and making your deepest darkest fantasies come alive!! I’m open-minded, ready to learn, and eager to please!! Give me a call for an unforgettable time that’ll leave you moaning for Simone ;)

Feel free to check out my Bio, there are some sexy pics included!!

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